Friday, August 1, 2008

She sounds so chipper!

Casey Anthony is sitting in jail for child neglect and obstruction of justice as well as interfering with a police investigation. Police have been trying to find her 2 year-old daughter who will be 3 on August 9th. Her mother is a sociopathic liar and finding Caylee has been extremely difficult for Law Enforcement, the FBI is now involved and I hope they put an end to this charade soon.

Casey meanwhile seems quite chipper every time she calls her brother. I almost have a vision of her sitting there chewing gum or eating a bowl of fruit loops as she talks with her brother about how he is doing. For a woman who claims to love her child, she sure doesn't talk about her, or even ask about her, or even seem a little sad, or tired or scared. She is absent of emotion.

Am I wrong to say her brother seems broken and maybe is starting to despise his lying sister? He asked her to write a letter, we are all assuming it is a document with everything she can remember about where her daughter may be, dates, names, locations and telephone numbers.

Lee, I don't think you are going to get this letter, you keep asking for it and she keeps saying she is working on it, or doesn't have time to write it. Lee this is a lie as well since she is sitting in jail all she has is time.

Law enforcement has 17 days to file charges or else she may have to be released. I am hoping they are holding on to some evidence.

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