Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update: Maria Lauterbach Case

Grand Jury has now indicted Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean, 21 for the murder of Maria Lauterbach. It is suspected that he fled to his native Mexico, like a coward, like a vile snake and a disgusting murderer and rapist.

A few weeks ago Maria's body was found buried and burned behind Cesar's home, she was eight months pregnant and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. Maria accused Cesar of raping her which resulted in her pregnancy, a charge I am sure he didn't want to face since he is a married man. The obvious choice for a selfish psychopath? Kill her and the baby.

His wife found a note from her husband stating that Maria came to see him and slit her throat in front of him, he then became "frightened" and decided to burn her and bury her in his backyard (that makes total sense you idiot). It was a lie since the cause of death was NOT a slit throat. He also tried to repaint walls that contained blood splatter, but was unable to cover it up.

He then fled and I am sure there were many people who helped him along the way. Shame on them for that!. Unfortunately, North Carolina does not recognize an 8 month old baby within the womb as a human being. Therefore, he can't be charged with a double murder. They are going to check the baby's lungs for oxygen and if they find it, then it will then and only then qualify as an actual living human being and only then can he be charged with the baby's murder.

If he had not killed the mother, the baby would have lived. That to me is a double murder.

I really hope they find this man, he must pay for what he has done to this young girl and that unborn baby. If I were his friends and or family I would NOT protect him. He is disgusting and evil and deserves to be punished.

I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taken from her bed..

UPDATE: DNA MATCH. Scroll down for update.

You would think falling asleep at a friend's house, surrounded by friends, would be relatively safe right? Well, no, not if the house is unlocked and you are 5 foot nothin and 98 pounds. A stranger can come in and pick you up and drag you away, in silence, in shadow and without awakening anyone. Scary, but this is what her friends want us to believe.

Brianna Denison, 19 is missing. She was a college student from Santa Barbara California and was home in Reno for weekend celebrations tied to Martin Luther King day, it was an annual thing she and her friends did. She and her friends arrived at the house shared by many students at about 4AM after some partying, her friend gave her a pillow and a huge teddy bear to use as an additional pillow. They all fell asleep, it has been reported that none of the girls were intoxicated (really??).

At about 10:30 am the next day her friends awaken to an empty bed and a somewhat bloody pillowcase, the huge bear missing along with Brianna. She was missing, but her shoes, purse and cell phone remained. The house was left unlocked (really??) and so the perp had no need to bother with breaking and entering (lucky break).

Currently law enforcement are looking into 100 sex offenders in the area, they have set up a tip line and the parents are offering a $100,000 reward for her whereabouts. I pray that they find this girl, but it looks grim.

My two cents:

1. Someone is lying. The teddy bear that is missing is 2 feet tall. The blood on the pillowcase has been described as "drops". This tells me that the bear wherever it may be has large amounts of blood/evidence on it and needed to be removed along with Brianna. Otherwise there is NO reason for a kidnapper to carry a 5 foot 98 pound girl and her 2 foot tall teddy bear out of the house.

2. How do you make someone bleed quietly and such a small amount and why risk a scream? If you are a perp and you want to kidnap a young girl, you are very lucky to find the door open, you are very lucky that between 4AM and 10:30AM most of the house was in a coma. You then attack this young girl enough to make her bleed a little, but not scream and you carry her out without being seen. This tells me, you know the house and are able to make your way in the dark, you took your chances that everyone was asleep (maybe you knew this ahead of time) and you also had some type of weapon that was silent. Maybe, chloroform? Can that cause nosebleeds?

3. My hunch is someone in that house did something to Brianna or maybe someone that was at the party followed them home. But someone is lying.

UPDATE: 1.28.08
DNA found at the scene matched DNA found at another crime scene early in December. A college student in the same neighborhood was sexually assaulted in December and the same perp is consider to be the guy at the scene of Brianna's disappearance. They are interviewing the victim in the December attack and are looking for a pick up truck seen in the area. Now, they just have to find the actual person who left his DNA at both crime scenes. I find it most perplexing that the December victim is alive, when did this perp move to kidnapping and not releasing the victim after the assault? Or is there a chance Brianna is still alive?

I will keep you updated.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Crimes Against Women & Children

The world is a cruel place and I have been told my blog can be really depressing, but my blog is real, these are not fictional tales, they are real stories and real pain and real evil. How can we be human when we are capable of such selfish violence?

Marine Maria Lauterbach

In the first photo we have 19 year old Marine Maria Lauterbach, she was reported missing on December 19th by her mother. She was also 8 months pregnant. Maria was about to testify against superior officer Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, she accused him of rape, and you can guess that alleged rape took place about 8 months ago.

Originally when Maria was first reported missing, the report shockingly came with negative remarks about her. Her stepmother said Maria was a pathological liar and maybe ran away. A source claimed Maria was going to drop the charges because evidence showed she continued to be friendly with the accused after the initial rape. It was also reported she had complained that her case was not being looked at seriously. There were reports that she was BIPOLAR and had emotional issues. I found this all very unsettling. I couldn't understand why such negativity was being released to the media regarding this missing girl. I thought, "oh well, maybe she ran away."

Maria did NOT run away and I believe the negative reports were purposely thrown out there to deflect the focus off of how badly the Marine Corps. dealt with Maria's complaint.

Maria was found buried along with her baby still inside her in the backyard of her accused rapist and because no one acted quickly enough, he has escaped and is currently at large. I am sure there are many people helping him and SHAME on them for doing so.

Cesar's wife, that's right HIS WIFE, went to the police after her husband went missing and she found a note that said that Maria killed herself and so he buried her in the backyard.

Cesar that makes a lot of sense. Someone dies in front of me, I think I will bury them in my backyard just because it is easier than calling the police.

The police quickly figured out his stupid lie, there was blood splatter all over his house, which he vainly tried to cover up with a coat of paint....too bad he does not know the power of LUMINOL. Maria's body was burned and this quote from the detective on scene just says it all:

Brown described the scene authorities found in Laurean's back yard over the weekend -- a charred body with a fetus.
The fetus was developed enough that the "little hand was about the size of my thumb. The little fingers were rolled up," he said.

"One of the things that will probably stick with me for a long time, and forever, is that little hand, the way those fingers were turned, that had been burned off the arm. That is bizarre. That is tragic. And it's disgusting."

Maria did NOT have a friendly relationship with Cesar after the rape, that was false according to her uncle. Shame on her stepmother for calling Maria a liar in public for no reason.

Cesar staged her disappearance to look like she ran away, dumping her ATM card at bus station, he didn't count on the surveillance video though.

I hope they find this animal before he puts a bullet in his head, which I am sure he is thinking about. I rather see him suffer.

Kieu Phan

Kieu Phan age 23, had a fight with her husband. Reports have not revealed the nature of the fight, but it did end with her asking for a divorce. Kieu Phan and Lam Luong had 4 children, 3-year-old Ryan Phan, 2 -year-old Hannah Luong, 1 - year old Lindsey Luong and 4-month-old Danny Luong.

On January 7th after his fight with his wife, Lam took all for children and drove to a two lane bridge up to the highest point of the bridge and knowing full well that his wife loved her children more than she loved him, he picked each one of those innocent babies up and tossed them like garbage over the side on the bridge into the cold waters below.

Imagine for a moment being 3 years old and daddy picking you up in his arms of course you trust this man, he is your father and then suddenly nearing the edge of a bridge, maybe you cry beacause you are scared of the height, noise and water, or maybe you have no idea what is about to happen and daddy just throws you over the side of a bridge. I can't imagine what went through the mind of this child. Child after child he tosses and then the most unknowing and innocent of all, the 4 month old baby that absolutely did not stand a chance. How is this man considered human?

Lam then tells his wife someone took the children, but his story fails when police get a hold of him. He confesses and says he did it because he was angry at his wife.

They have found the tiny bodies of 2 of the children and currently looking for the other two.

Tell me that this man deserves anything less than being tossed over the rail of the Empire State building. I volunteer to do the tossing.

When will violence against women and children end? Every time I read a story it involves a missing woman or child killed by some man in their life. How do we end this?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The face of evil..

Look at this face. This is the face of Gary Michael Hilton. To me, it is pure evil and maybe that of a serial killer. He is 61 years old, the age of many Grandpas in this world and yet he is very dangerous. I would think that I, as a 29 year old woman, would be able to fight off a 61 year old man, but I would be wrong and so was Meredith Emerson 24.

Meredith left her house on January 1st to go hiking with her dog Ella. Witnesses state that they saw Meredith speaking with an old man who also had a dog on the day she went missing. She and Gary Hilton were talking and walking while their two dogs played up ahead. Seeing this as a passerby would not make me suspicious....ok maybe it would, because I am crazy and always assume old men or strange men in general who ask me questions may be murderers. Anyway, to a NORMAL person this was not a strange sight. To Meredith it may have been friendly conversation with an older man and his dog.

When and how this pleasant hike turned into murder and torture is the big question. While they were walking did he suddenly say something inappropriate? Did he suddenly attack her and overpower her? How did he manage to kidnap her?

Kidnap her he did. He took her to his van where they are reporting she was alive for 3 days! He then hit her over the head and decapitated her when he was done with her. He drove 50 miles away and dumped her in the forest.

What leads me to believe he may not be a serial murderer is the fact that he left her wallet and her dog at a convenience store where he made a call from a public phone and then tried to take money out of her ATM card. I don't think a serial killer would risk being caught, unless he was done killing and ready for the attention.

Other evidence was found in his van, physical evidence which will confirm his fate. He made a deal with the DA and in exchange for them not seeking the death penalty, he lead them to Meredith's body.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. DA,

I think it is ok to agree to his exchange and then change your mind later and fry him anyway.


This man does not deserve any leniency! Next time you meet a nice old man in the park who wants to talk, remember that even if you think you can overpower him, EVIL is very strong, stronger and more determined than you can ever imagine.

I seriously assume every weird stranger is a killer and that hopefully will keep me safe.