Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Meredith Kercher Murder Investigation

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These are the faces of the people involved in this twisted horrific crime. Top left is American, Amanda Knox, right beside her is her Italian boyfriend Raffale Sollecito, below left is Rudy Hermann Guede and finally the victim Meredith Kercher.

Meredith was found dead in the house she shared with Amanda and several other students in Italy. Her room was in disarray and there was blood everywhere. Her throat slashed and she was raped. Amanda and her boyfriend discovered her after Amanda found the house unlocked. This was Amanda's first version and her last version of the story. Her second version of the story involved her accusing another man of being there and witnessing the crime. She later retracted.

I am going to outline the current evidence below according the accused:

Rudy Hermann Guede

  • Bloody palm and finger print on pillow case was a match.

  • Bodily waste/fecal matter in toilette was a match.

  • Evidence that he had sex with the deceased.

  • He ran to Milan immediately after the murder.

  • He says he and Meredith slept together and he had a stomach ache and while he was in the toilette, he heard someone enter and kill Meredith, he then confronted the Italian murderer and was told by him that "A black man found is a black man guilty".

  • He says Meredith repeated the sound "af af af" as she died

  • He was scared and ran.

Amanda Knox

  • Amanda first states she slept at her boyfriends house and only discovered Meredith the next day when she and her boyfriend went to investigate why the door was left open.

  • Amanda then changes that story and says she was drunk and high in the kitchen while her boss was murdering Meredith in the room and was too afraid to help.

  • Amanda then reverts to her first claim.

  • A knife is found at her boyfriend's house that matches her DNA on the hilt and Meredith's on the tip.

  • There are no finger prints in the house where the murder took place, bleach was used to clean everything, even Amanda's room. Amanda's fingerprints were not found anywhere, even in her own room.

  • Her boyfriend claims she did not spend the night.

Raffale Sollecito

  • Denies Amanda was at his apartment all night.
  • His apartment also smelled of bleach.
  • Cleaning rags were found at his home.
  • The knife found was his knife and found at his home.
  • A bloody shoe print left at the crime scene matched his shoe.
  • He has no alibi.

Other evidence

  • Bloody stiletto foot print left at scene unclaimed.
  • Unidentified DNA found.
  • Crushed cell phone left in garden.
  • Neighbor heard screams and several running footsteps.

My thoughts on this crime:

Obviously these three individuals are all involved somehow, each of them leaving a piece of evidence behind and taking some with them. A good detective always knows a murderer always leaves something and takes something away from the crime scene. However what I don't quite understand is how each of these people have completely different stories and none are pointing the finger at each other. Why? Also, if there were others involved as police suggest, then why haven't these three thrown that person under the bus? I absolutely do NOT believe Meredith had consensual sex with Rudy, he is the town drug dealer and most likely went there to supply the guests with drugs. I truly believe Meredith was in her room alone while the others were carrying on in the living room or when they all arrived high out of their minds and at some point the party spilled into her room and things got out of hand. Perhaps, Rudy killed her and then fled, leaving a drunk Amanda to clean up the mess thinking somehow she was involved as her memory was poor. Maybe they all went into Meredith room to teach "miss goodie goodie" a lesson.

The question remains..why is everyone lying? Why has not one of these fools told the truth and revealed the real murderer? The one who actually slashed her throat?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eric Volz

*Update: January 2, 2008 - Eric has been released from prison! I am so happy to report that Eric has been freed and is currently in hiding due to some crazies that want him dead. Come home Eric! *

*Update: Eric has been moved from the hospital back to jail. Why has he not been released?

The prosecutor who tried his case and won has filed for an appeal to his release, if her appeal is heard, it can be YEARS before it is looked at. It seems this was judge Yvette Toruno Blanco's plan when she ignored the legal request for her to sign his release papers and which caused a delay which then allowed the prosecutor to get her papers filed.


Eric Volz has had my heart broken for a while now.

I have written him some emails and have been deeply affected by his story. I wonder if he is still boyishly good looking and as young as he looks in this picture, but in my heart I know he must look like death walked over him....because it did.

Eric was 25 in 2005 and was offered a high paying real estate job by Century 21 in Nicaragua. It was any single man's dream job. He moved from San Diego to the foreign country in pursuit of success and happiness. Eric was determined to carve out his own piece of paradise in Nicaragua and after meeting Doris Ivania Jimenez, a native of Nicaragua, he did just that. He started a bilingual finance magazine that became extremely successful and Doris took notice of his drive and opened her own local store which was also successful. The couple moved in together and ran their businesses with a new found love of life.

For a while the arrangement worked, but in order to run the magazine properly Eric had to move to the capital of Managua, a two and half hour drive from his current residence in San Juan. Unfortunately, Doris and him parted ways on good terms and he left to pursue his dream while she stayed to pursue her own.

Everything change on November 21, 2006 when a friend called Eric and informed him that Doris had been raped and killed in her store. He soon learned that two surfers were arrested for the crimes, when Eric heard the names Julion Martin Chamorro and Nelson Lopez-Danglas, he immediately recognized them as the local trouble makers of San Juan.

Eric rented a car and drove the 2 and 1/2 hour drive back to San Juan to comfort Doris' family and to show support for a woman he once cared for. Two days later, much to Eric's surprise the police came to arrest him as well.

The police claimed, Eric, along with the two surfers a friend and a fourth man, Doris' current boyfriend Armando Llanes, had all worked together to rape and murder Doris.

Nelson Lopez-Danglas then allegedly confessed that he saw Eric inside the store with an unidentified man the day of the murder. In exchange for his confession and testimony, all charges were dropped against Nelson, charges were also dropped against Armando Llanes when he showed paperwork that he said proved he was at the local college registering for classes.

To the horror of Eric's family and Eric himself, he was thrown in a Nicaraguan jail to await trial.

Unfortunately, Eric was NOT in America and unfortunately he WAS an American accused of killing a native. His case was assigned to the most cowardly, evil and unlawful judge imaginable, Ivette Toruno Blanco.

The evidence against Eric was almost all hearsay, only one witness which was the surfer originally accused, stated he saw Eric at the store. While ont he stand he seemed under the influence of drugs, once questioned about it, he admitted he was a drug user, but NOT a liar. Doris' mother came forward and said Eric's family offered them $1 million dollars to drop the charges. Eric's family denies this, nor do they even have $1million dollars.

The court hired medical and forensic examiners to nail Eric, but to the court's dismay and seemingly to the embarrassment of Ivette Toruno Blanco, they found evidence that Eric was NOT involved. The hairs, blood and other evidence found at the scene did NOT match Eric.

There was absolutely no physical evidence linking Eric to the crime.

The prosecution was able to call an endless list of lying individuals to the stand with minimal evidence. The defense was only allowed four witnesses, one of which was Eric.

Eric was 2 hours and a half away attending a business lunch meeting with two industry professionals, he was also on a conference call with another during the time of the murders. He then went to get a haircut at the precise time of the murder taking place miles away. He also signed for the rental car he took to drive to San Juan after he found out about Doris murder, all of these witnesses testified on Eric's behalf.

Then came the cellphone tower evidence, there was substantial and undisputed proof that Eric was in Managua the day of the murder and when the call came in that Doris had been killed, the signal was picked up in Managua NOT San Juan, so basically Eric was no where near the murder scene that day until late that night when he drove there to comfort her family.

On the day of sentencing, judge Ivette Turino Blanco did not make an appearance in court, instead the coward sent a court clerk to relay her decision.

The clerk walked into the packed court room and announced that judge Ivette Turino Blanco has rejected the defense's witness testimony, she also rejected the forensic report as well as the cellphone tracking evidence. She only chose to keep the witness statements the prosecution put on the stand. She gave no reason for this. She also found Eric guilty and sentenced him to 30 years behind Nicaragua's steel bars.

Strong evidence rejected in favor of hearsay? No reason given? How is this possible?

Deafening cheers erupted from the court and shouts of joy erupted outside of the court room as stunned family members watched young Eric being taken away.

They immediately appealed, but the judge ignored their very legal right to get copies of certain documents and tapes that they eventually had to pay for. The struggle began against this country and this judge, his family never gave up.

Finally after all these struggles, Eric's family got the case overturned, he was to be released yesterday.

He is still behind bars.

He is being held ILLEGALLY because judge Ivette Turino Blanco has not gotten around to signing the release papers. She has left work early, has been too busy and several other horrendous reasons. Every second that Eric remains in jail, he is in danger. The people of Nicaragua and this joke of a judge have this unwarranted hate toward him.

Currently, Eric sits in the hospital jail sick from the following illnesses due to the hellish conditions in the prison. Here is a message from Eric taken from (

"First off, at the moment I am not in prison, I am in the hospital. My body has taken quite a beating from the conditions I've been living in and the food I've been living on. Here is a summary of the illnesses I've experienced since being locked-up. I tested positive for Giardia and intestinal parasites... I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers by the prison doctor who put me on heavy meds. After two weeks, I wasn't feeling better, so a private specialist came to see me and discovered it wasn't ulcers but gastritis... I've had two bladder infections and frequent inflammation of the colon... They just found a kidney stone in my right kidney. I guess it's a small stone but if it becomes dislodged I'm screwed.

"I've had my 1st asthma attacks in 10 years. Tests have revealed damage to my small bronchioles most likely caused by the toxic smoke from cardboard and plastic cooking fires in the prison. The same smoke caused a sinus infection that evolved into walking pneumonia. I was sick for three months and still have not fully recovered my sense of smell...

"They have done their best to make the hospital as stressful and prison-like as possible. It's almost more pressure than in jail (great for healing, huh). My family didn't hear from me for the first 12 days. Now I'm allowed a 10-15 minute call once a week...

"The guards have orders to discourage the nurses from talking to me which has made them all nervous and basically scared to attend to me (who knows what they told them, but it's definitely affected their ability to give me the needed medical attention). They often don't even bring me my medicine because they are intimidated by the guard's AK-47...

"I want to thank all of those who have continued to show support in the many different ways you all do. As I have said before this is not my story. This is OUR STORY! Many people have been greatly affected and are emotionally invested in a way that has them in prison alongside me. Thank you all for the many prayers and ceremonies. They have been answered in ways I will never be able to describe... May each one of you be blessed with God's love, Eric V."

Judge Ivette Turino Blanco is trying to kill time in order to get the paperwork filed for her appeal to his overturned conviction, why this woman feels the need to destroy Eric is beyond words. His family is waiting for his release in order to fly him immediately out of Nicaragua. Once he is in America it will be very difficult to have him extradited on the minimal evidence they had to convict him in the first place. Judge Turino knows this.

I pray for Eric and his family and I can't imagine what it feels like to be treated this way, the anger, the fear, the helplessness.

RELEASE HIM! This is ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!

I wait for the day Eric can come home and try to heal and forget this horrible nightmare.

For more info on Eric please visit
I will update this post as new information arrives.

Don't hurt my mother!

For those of us who have children and know the love for and of a child, this story is deeply sad.

7-year-old Alexis Goggins was not going to let her mother be hurt by the man pointing the gun at them, so right before the shots rang out, Alexis jumped on top of her mother to shield her and screamed out, "Don't hurt my mother!". Calvin Tillie, a 29-year-old ex-convict on parole and ex boyfriend of Alexis' mother fired 9 shots into the embracing mother and daughter, six of these shots hit Alexis, one in her eye and the rest in her tiny chest. Two bullets hit her mother. Seliethia Parker said she dated the ex convict for 3 months and then tried to break off the relationship, but Calvin would not take no for an answer, instead he harassed her and her daughter and followed them around, often showing up at her home in the middle of the night.

On December 2, he followed her to a party and forced himself into her vehicle, he made her drive around for a while at gunpoint, then had to stop for gas, this was when the shots were fired.

Alexis lost her right eye and was already suffering from epilepsy and a mild learning disability, her new injuries, if she survives will add to her daily struggle. Her mother has healed and has remained at her daughter's bedside ever since.

Hopefully Calvin will get life in prison for this terrible crime.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Mother, her son and the people he killed.

"everyone will remember me as some sort of monster but please understand that I just don't want to be a burden on the ones that I care for my entire life," 19-year-old Robert Hawkins wrote. "I just want to take a few pieces of shit with me."
"I was a piece of shit, now I will be fucking famous"

I know as a mother and a daughter that there is nothing greater or more important than a mother's love. The love of family unconditionally is something a child needs and as he grows into a man this love is like a backbone, this love and these people around him who would do anything to help him become his strength. He is able to seek shelter and refuge from the cruel world and as he is spinning into that hole of despair these people are there to drag him back up. I have a 14 year old son and I love him to the point of hysteria, I know he feels my love and that makes him feel like he is important and wanted, but more than that, it makes him feel safe.

Robert Hawkins, 19 did not have this kind of love. This is not an excuse for what he has done, as his actions are UNREASONABLE and dramatic.

He walked into a mall in Omaha and killed 9 people including himself. The people he killed were innocent and had absolutely nothing to do with Robert's pain, but to Robert they had much more than he and for that he hated them.

Robert had a troubled childhood, he was on Ritalin by 3 years old, then Zoloft, his parents divorced and he was then bounced from Foster home to Foster home. His mother was single and overwhelmed and it seems could not handle her son, who later became a ward of the state at 15 and by 19 was taken in by a friend's mother where he lived and spoke to his now remarried mother and sisters. Why didn't he live with his mother? I don't want to blame her, but the night before the shooting she had dinner with her son, he was depressed and then on a hunch after he had kissed them goodbye, she checked her husband's gun cabinet and found there was a rifle missing, but assumed he took it to pawn.

That night his friend's mother who had taken him in off the streets (again why not his mother, I am sure Robert asked this same question) saw him with the gun and assumed he and her sons were going hunting. The day of the shootings Robert made several calls and sent several text messages to these people in his life as I will imagine was a cry for help, he left letters in his room as well. No one seemed to assume anything was out of the ordinary, even after Robert called his friend's mother and apologized for being a burden on her and thanked her for taking him in.

Imagine living your entire life feeling like you are a burden to everyone around you? Why then would you turn around and hurt innocent people? Because you want them to suffer like you? Because you want to be famous? Because you think its cool? Because you hate the world? I ask you, do you think Robert would have felt this way if someone in his life cared enough to stick with him and love him to the point of hysteria? Where is his father? Why did his mother remarry have more children and NOT bring Robert into that circle of family? Instead she let him fall into that hole of despair and to his shock no one tried to pull him up.

His mother is now going on television apologizing to the victims and their families for what her son did. Not a tear shed for him as she speaks.

I think more than anything she needs to apologize to ROBERT first. I know most want to hate this kid and he deserves hate and I am not saying I understand his choice, taking the lives of others was evil,cruel and selfish, but is there no one else to stand up and say I failed this kid?

If the media stops sensationalizing these school, mall and now church shootings, will these young kids then lose interest is "becoming famous"?

Another lesson to be learned, don't ASSUME everything is ok. If you have guns in your home DON'T act like they are golf clubs, lock them up!.

Rest in peace to all the dead.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If only Megan knew the truth...

This beautiful 13 year old girl didn't believe she was beautiful at all. Megan was very emotional about her weight and her looks and overall acceptance of her peers. She was the classic pre-teen coming into the emotional roller coaster of high school and being a teenager, but her issues with her image added much fire to that already lit flame.

Megan's parents, aware of how fragile their daughter was were very protective and did not allow her to have a myspace page. After Megan begged and begged, they caved and let her have one, ONLY with their monitoring. Megan didn't even have the password to log on, she had to ask her parents to log her on and they saw and knew everything.

Megan had a close friend who was a neighbor, we will call her "Little Miss Drew". Little Miss Drew and Megan had a love hate relationship, but their parents remained very close and often helped each other out at times. One day when Megan and Little Miss Drew were not the best of friends and things in Megan's circle of friends were at a stand still, this seemingly dreamy boy asked to be her friend on myspace.

Megan begged her mother to please accept him as a friend. After looking at his profile, which was pretty much full and looked decent enough, Megan's mom allowed it. Megan and dream boy would speak over myspace and shared the same circle of friends online. Megan was thrilled to have a boy like her so much, he was smart, funny and sensitive and they had a lot in common.

After a while dream boy began to change, he started sending nasty hateful messages to Megan. He told her he didn't want to be her friend because he heard SHE WAS A BAD FRIEND. Megan was crushed.

Dream boy didn't stop there. He began posting bulletins to all of heir friends, calling Megan a slut and fat pig. It was humorous to all. Megan was destroyed and after her parents spoke to her about ignoring him and forgetting the entire thing, Megan agreed and then walked up to her room and hung herself from her bedroom closet.

Her parents were overwhelmed with grief. The story of Megan's death spread through the neighborhood and school. Soon Little Miss Drew and her parents were comforting Megan's parents.

Then...a child came forward, a friend of Megan's and Little Miss Drew went to her mother and confessed that she had witnessed LORI DREW (Little Miss Drew's mother) create the fake myspace dream boy in order to tease Megan and humor her daughter and her friends after Megan and her precious daughter stopped being friends.

That's right this grown ass woman, decided it would be fun and good payback to tease Megan into believing this fake boy liked her and then crush her at the height of their friendship.

Imagine this for a minute. A mother with her teen daughter and her stupid little friends huddled around a computer sending messages to Megan and laughing their asses off.

Then imagine Megan hanging from her bedroom closet.

Lori Drew and her spawn are a disgrace. There has been no apology from Lori Drew or her daughter as they feel they did nothing wrong. They believe Megan was the cause of her own suicide and the fire and push they inflicted was not a factor.

I hope she is haunted by her behavior forever.

Rest in Peace Beautiful Megan.