Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rest In Peace Baby Girl

It has now been confirmed that DNA matching Caylee Anthony was found in the trunk of her mother's abandoned car.

FBI test results show hair and a stain in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car belong to her daughter, 3-year-old Caylee Anthony. Eyewitness News was also told the evidence found proves that she is dead.

"Just putting the hair under the microscope one can tell the difference between a normal hair root and one that's been infected with bacteria after death." stated forensic expert Michael Baden.

Now it is time to bring her home and I really hope this poor excuse for a human finds it in her cold heart to bring her daughter's body home, but I think a monster like this will not do so, she will continue to lie and I wait patiently for the new story that will escape her vile mouth, but this time I hope her family chooses to stand on Caylee's side and not on the murderer's.

A deal had been offered in exchange for the body and she has until this afternoon I believe to accept.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Message to George and Cynthia Anthony

Look at this face long and hard and please find it in your hearts to stand by her now, step over from Casey's side and align yourself with your granddaughter, to find her justice and bring her killer to face the consequences.

I have some questions for you:

Now that it has been scientifically proven that rotting pizza does not produce the smell of a dead body and that in your daughters trunk at one time there was a dead body, now will you stop the charade?

Now that it has been proven that cadaver dogs who are trained to alert on the smell of death DO NOT mistake the smell of human death with that of a dead squirrel, now will you stop the charade?

Now that a 400 page document was released detailing every single lie your daughter has spewed since her daughter went missing, now will you stop the charade?

Now that we know you cleaned a knife and a pair of pants that were both potential evidence before handing it over to police, now will you stop the charade?

Now that you know the babysitter does not exist, that her job at Universal does not exist, that people she has offered as witnesses do not exist, now will you stop the charade?

Now that you know that we know there are no people watching people who have Caylee and that there is no covert mission to rescue her, now will you stop the charade?

Now that we have read that you refer to your daughter as a sociopath, now will you stop the charade.

My heart is breaking today.

Body Farm Results....

The Body Farm results are in and confirms that the air samples taken from Casey Anthony's car are indeed those polluted by decomposition. It confirms that a dead body was in that trunk.

Sources close to the investigation also exclusively told WESH 2 that time is running out on a deal offered by the state to give Casey Anthony limited immunity for statements she makes, if it would help investigators find Caylee. The State Attorney's office confirms an offer was made on Wednesday afternoon. According to WESH 2's source, that deal will run out at the end of the business day on Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Key Information - Casey Anthony Case

I have finally finished reading through the released discovery documents, it was 400 pages.

Below is a breakdown of new information that stood out to me.

The abandoned car:
  • The car was noticed by an Amscot employee on June 28, she made a note of the car being abandoned by a dumpster and called her boss, who told her to report it to the police to see if the car was stolen, if it was not stolen, he said to wait two days and then call a tow truck. On June 30th, the Amscot employee called the tow truck.

*This is a very interesting time, as it means Casey was without the car from June 28th until July 15th.

  • Cindy Anthony received a letter on July 15th which told her the car was abandoned and towed.

  • George and Cindy went to the towing lot to pick up the vehicle.

  • George told the manager there that his daughter was missing for a month and that it was her car and that his granddaughter was still missing.

  • The manager of the towing company and George opened the car together and an extremely foul odor escaped the car, they opened the trunk and flies came out, in the trunk they found a garbage bag full of papers, an EMPTY pizza box and maggots.

  • The bag was tossed over the fence into a garbage pit, but later it was taken as evidence.

  • The manager of the towing company mentioned the scent to George and George had no reply.

*George and Cindy have often claimed that the rotting pizza left in the car was the reason for the foul odor, however it is in the towing manager's sworn statement he said that it was an EMPTY pizza box. The maggot and flies are strange as an empty pizza box would not produce maggots and flies in a locked trunk.

Also found in the car:

  • Caylee's baby doll without clothing

  • Caylee's Dora the Explorer backpack

  • Shoes

  • A bag and belt

  • A dinner knife (Cindy admits to removing the knife and cleaning it before giving it to police).

  • A child's toothbrush

  • Casey's clothing which Cindy also washed before giving to police.

  • A piece of paper with Amy's (Casey's friend) telephone number, it was on the passenger seat.

The friends:

  • Anthony Lazzaro is Casey's boyfriend, he says he saw Caylee on June 2nd, she and her mother came over for a swim at his complex. He says beginning on June 9th Casey began telling him Caylee was with her nanny at various places.

*This date of June 9th is extremely important because it is the same date Casey originally gives for the last time she saw her daughter, this is the date she says she left her daughter with the nanny. Anthony Lazzaro claims that beginning on JUNE 9 Casey basically moved in with him and spent every night with him without Caylee.

  • Casey Anthony's ex-fiance Jesse Grund discovered she had deleted more than 200 photos of her and her with Caylee that were online and over a months worth of comments and posts.

  • Jesse Grund states he experienced two strange encounters with Casey from 6/22 to 7/3. He is not sure of the date but insists Casey called him and asked him if she could take a shower at his house, she said she was not living with her parents because of a fight they had and her boyfriend Tony was out of town. He also says on July 3 Casey texted him and told him not to pick up calls from her parents and she will explain why later and to stay out of it. He called her the next day and she told him the story was too long and maybe she will tell him one day when she is drunk.
*This adds to my theory that when she was not at her boyfriend's house, she was living out of that car with Caylee.

  • Longtime friend Ryan Pasley got a call from Cindy Anthony earlier this summer. He said she warned him against talking to Casey because "she's been lying about a lot of stuff and . . . stole money from her and her grandmother." Cindy Anthony called her daughter a "sociopath." When asked what would make Casey Anthony open up to detectives, Pasley replied, "the fear of God."

  • Anthony Lazzaro said Casey would often abruptly state that Caylee was with ZANNY the NANNY at Disney or that they were at Cocoa Beach for the week and each time she would say, "Oh, they are staying another day". He began to feel strange about the nanny being with Caylee more than the mother and Casey soon after began to mention how during the day while he was at school, she had visited with Caylee.

*Zanny the Nanny is a character from a children's book.

Other information she gave Anthony Lazzaro:

  • She told him she hated her father and wished her mother would leave him.

  • She said she had her Associates degree and was currently enrolled in Valencia College. FALSE: Law Enforcement confirmed she was not nor ever enrolled in any classes at Valencia College.

  • She said she had a lot of money saved, about $15,000 - FALSE: She had no such account.

  • She often boasted about being a single young mother and having a nanny and good job and making it all work. FALSE: She claimed to be an event planner for Universal Studios, Law Enforcement discovered she was not currently employed at Universal.

  • She would take all her calls outside the apartment and never let Lazzaro hear what she was talking about, when he asked her about it, she said she didn't want him to hear her fight with her mother.

*I think Caylee may have had a cellphone and would call her mother from the car where she was alone. I think also Casey would tell her mother that Caylee was with her asleep and such and she did not want Anthony Lazzaro to hear her lies.

  • She claimed her parents were going to leave her the house, but because her mother found her father had cheated, they no longer were leaving her the house. Several of her friends repeated this story to detectives.

Phone Calls, Emails & text Messages:

  • Casey Anthony sent a mass text to her friends on July 16th, this was after her mother found her and police were called in. In her text she said Caylee was missing and had been missing for 32 days and if anyone had information they should call her. This text message sent a shock wave through her circle of friends, these friends thought it was a joke since they had been hearing for weeks that Caylee was with the nanny at Disney World, Sea World, Universal, Cocoa Beach, Sandford Florida and various other places.

  • One of her childhood friends replied in disbelief to the text message and asked Casey what she should be looking for, Casey told her a "Silver Ford Focus 4 door".
    *Please note, she did indeed provide Law Enforcement with a description of Zanny the Nanny and this Ford, but she did this through her family and NOT in the initial interview.

  • Casey claims that on July 12th Zenaida the Nanny called her but she had no opportunity to ask where she and Caylee were and she spent everyday after that searching malls, parks and any other place she thought she may see them, she also had gone to popular bars and clubs looking for information. She claims that she lied and stole money from friends and family in order to search for Caylee.

  • Casey also claims she spoke to Caylee on July 15th around noon. She says the call came into her cellphone from a private number and that Caylee was fine and talking about a book she was reading, she said she asked Caylee to put an adult on the phone, but then the phone went dead. FALSE: According to cellphone records Casey did not receive a call from a private number around noon time on this date, actually she did not receive a call at all anywhere near this time of day.

*Interesting point: Very interesting, during the police interview at Universal Studios when detectives figure out she did not work there, she tells them she got a call from Caylee the day before but was unable to get her daughter to tell her where she was, she says Caylee kept talking about a book, however when the detective asks her why her daughter did not seem upset considering she had NOT seen her mother in almost 5 weeks, Casey says that she never got upset about not seeing her, that Caylee could go days without seeing her, but HAD IT BEEN HER MOTHER (CINDY) that Caylee would have been upset.

This is a direct link to when she states to Cindy when Cindy is asking to speak to Caylee during the those weeks of not seeing her that CASEY says NO because Cindy will upset her. Which means Caylee often missed her grandmother and would cry to see her, but not so with her own mother.

Fake Emails:

Starting in April and May of 2008 Casey seemed busy with her job at Universal as an event planner. On her computer many emails were found from her boss Thomas Francks and many other associates, Cheryl, Gabe, Manny and so many other names its hard to keep track. There were emails with schedules for events and many people were copied. Most emails were telling Casey to meet at a certain time and prepare to work the night. Law enforcement tried to contact these people and the email addresses failed, the human resources department told detectives that those individuals, including Casey had never worked at Universal and even the name of the department and the titles of the individuals were incorrect on the emails.

This means that Casey was sending these fake emails to herself and having conversations with herself using fake names and events. WHY?

I believe Casey was faking employment so that her parents would get off her back and she would be able to go out at night to party while her mother took care of Caylee thinking Casey was off at work. Now how does she fake a paycheck? She steals from friends, but that is not enough as mom and dad are smart, so she fakes an email from the payroll department at Universal, this email explains they made a mistake with her paycheck, but that the department is closed and nothing could be done until the following week and that she will be compensated immediately.

That email was generated to keep mom and dad at bay. But for how long? Come June Cindy was catching on as she told one of Casey's childhood friends NOT to TRUST her because she was a Sociopath and a liar.

Casey's lies were catching up with her. Now she had a new boyfriend, mom found out her job was fake and they had a huge fight, she takes Caylee and leaves ...and then what? The new boyfriend thinks she is a big shot, with a great job and wonderful Nanny. What does she do now? No job, no Nanny, no mom and dad?

but I digress..there is a lot more in the documents from her friends, all of which can't believe the level of her lying. The interrogation at Universal Studios was very interesting and amazing in that Casey would not back down from her lies, although she admitted she lied, she never drifted away from her story about the Nanny. She kept saying that in a backward sort of way she was trying to help by lying.

I believe this case is very simple. It is about a girl who lied about almost every aspect of her life and now those lies were crashing down on her and not only did she have to care for herself, but she also had to care for a 2 year old and she could not have the boyfriend, the job, the fun with the child.

I seriously believe that on June 9th, Casey began leaving Caylee alone asleep in that car overnight, either by drugging her on leaving her in a remote area. I believe she checked on her during the day and brought her food and such. On June 15th she is with her grandmother visiting her great grandfather and in those pictures, there is something dark in her eyes and I believe by that time she was familiar with the car.

I think an accident occurred while that child was alone and that Casey then covered it up, but I don't think she did it alone.

I hope this saga ends soon. I need my sleep.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 63 and Mom Walks out of Jail...

Day 63. Caylee Anthony has been missing for 63 days and her mother will now walk out of the jail that has been keeping her.

It seems that Bounty Hunter has managed to pay her bond and get her released.

She just literally walked out of the prison. She has been fitted with an tracking device on her ankle and was sent home.

I just don't understand this anymore.

I feel sick today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

61 days..

It has now been 61 days since little Casey was last seen alive by her grandparents. It is very sad for me to see this case turn into a reality show for entertainment purposes, while a little girl's lifeless body possibly lies somewhere to rot, or perhaps in my most sweet dreams she is alive and lost somewhere.

I have read the reports about the Bounty Hunters from California coming to Orlando to possibly pay Casey's bond and get her freed, so that THEY could find Caylee.

I think it is really disgusting that these idiots are interfering with a police investigation and think that they can do a better job than the FBI.

I think this case is a disturbing mess and I am losing hope that this child will be found alive or even dead. I am getting really tired of the circus and everyone focusing their energy on Casey.
The Bounty Hunter actually said he was planning on eating every meal with Casey and sleeping in the same room with her so as to build a relationship where she would WANT to talk to them.

He misunderstands the situation.

Casey is a liar and has lied to her flesh and blood relatives, she has lied to investigators to their faces and you think she is going to have trouble lying to you, you ignorant bounty hunter?

I really hope something that remotely resembles justice will show and make itself known soon, because I am losing faith in justice, the law and human decency.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Devil Duncan

I will take a break from the Casey Anthony case, to bring you news in the sentencing phase of the Edward Duncan III case.

Edward Duncan III was and is a career pedophile and and murderer. He even had a web blog that touched on his many demons. I spent many months sifting through his postings and trying to understand the evil that is Duncan, but I didn't have all the facts until now.

Duncan has pleaded guilty to kidnapping of two young children in Idaho, little Dylan (age 9) and little Shasta Groene (age 8). This story is important, because Shasta was saved by a regular citizen, a citizen who watches the news and reads about these stories and although I am often asked, "Why do you have a crime blog?" - I never really give the true answer, which is that I care so much, I want to spread awareness about the evil and the lengths that these monsters will go to in order to satisfy themselves. Maybe because of my postings someone will remember to lock their doors at night and talk to their kids about safety, or maybe they will see a missing child and report it as in this case of Shasta.

In 2005 Duncan had found his family, the Groene family, he stalked them and he planned to live out a fantasy and get back at the society which he claims failed him, he claimed he was abused as a child an no one cared, so in turn he would abuse.

He bought some tennis shoes a size too big so that his bloody footprints would not be traced back to him as he knew there would be blood and lots of it. He loaded his gun first with BB bullets so that he could shoot the Groene family dogs as he did not want to kill the dogs as he approached the house.

He approached the house wearing fatigues and crawled on his belly toward the home. He made a deal with himself that if the back door of the home was locked, then he would give up the plan and go home. Unfortunately, for the Groene family, they had left that back door open and so his plan was in play. He tied the family up and with a framing hammer he killed a thirteen year old boy, the boy's mother and stepfather and then kidnapped the two youngest Groene children, Shasta and Dylan.

He had programed in his GPS system various campsites he would visit with them to molest them while hidden in the woods. For six weeks he repeatedly molested and tortured the children in front of one another and when he was not with them, he left them tied to trees like dogs. The nation was desperately looking for Shasta and Dylan, true crime blogs were on fire, the story was everywhere.

On June 22, Duncan left Shasta alone tied to a tree, while he took Dylan into a cabin and molested and tortured him while videotaping the entire ordeal. He then return with Dylan to the camp where he had Shasta waiting and he played the tape for her to watch, he then turned and shot and killed her brother, then wrapped him in a tarp and threw him into the camp fire before them.

I can't imagine what was happening in the mind of 8 year old Shasta, but she was brave and strong and followed his rules.

Duncan decides to stop in at a Denny's restaurant at around 2:00am to feed Shasta, he had plans to keep her or kill her, he wasn't sure yet.

A waitress at Denny's noticed the strange pair sitting in her section and she was very familiar with the case, almost obsessed with it, she immediately looked at the time and thought of the Groene children. She walked over to a wall in the restaurant where flyers are hung to look for Shasta's missing poster to get a clear image of her face, but it was missing and she made mention to her manager that they really need to do more about these cases and keep better track of the posters.

She walked over to the table to take their order and got a good look at the little girl with the older man, she wasn't sure it was Shasta as the little girl kept her head down, she then asked if the little girl wanted a milk shake and the little girl looked up at the older man for approval, he gave her the okay and then she looked up into Amber the waitress' face.

Amber had a strong feeling it was Shasta. She told her manager and they both called the Sheriff, while the police were on their way, they delayed the milkshake as long as they could. Duncan was getting antsy, he wanted to leave, just as he was heading out the door, the police were coming in and asked to speak to him.

Amber was told to watch the little girl and here is what happened next in Amber's own words:

And I went and kneeled down by her side of the booth, and said, "Hi, sweetie. How are you?" And she didn't say anything. I said, "Honey, what's your name?" She said, "Shasta Groene," and started crying.

And I couldn't help myself. I picked her straight up and just held her.

I hopeone day the people will understand the need for the DEATH PENALTY. I often hear that the death penalty has been put in place turn criminals off of crime and that in that respect it is not working and therefore should not be in place. I disagree, the death penalty is put in place to rid the world of these evil people and give us a just end to our nightmares.

Close your doors and keep your eyes open, you may avoid harm and save a life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Closed Door Meeting with the Media

Today, August 13 is the 57th day that Caylee Anthony has been missing.

Law Enforcement called a closed door meeting with the media today to clear up some statements that George Anthony (the grandfather) has been releasing to the public on air and live.

Before I go into George's statement it is important to note that Casey Anthony has been refusing her visits with her parents and the reason she is giving for refusing these visits as per her mother Cindy, is because she is aware that these meetings are recorded and therefore she does not want to say something that will cause harm to her missing daughter. She believes her daughter is being held by kidnappers and is in danger.

Here are some comments made by George Anthony, he claims Caylee was taken by kidnappers:

"These people know they are being watched. They know it," George Anthony told Orlando television station WFTV. "Yeah, you would think that the people who have my granddaughter right now would be smart enough to turn this girl back in to her family. I don't want anymore of this going on," said Anthony, who is a former deputy.


"I'm not going to speculate on who I think has my granddaughter," Anthony said. "These people know they are being watched. They know it."

"All I can tell you is that I have people that are assisting me and that's all I'm going to say," Anthony said.
Anthony also said he has met with people who will help him go outside "the normal scope of things."

He also had this to say about people who believe his daughter is responsible for whatever happened to Caylee.

"Evidence out there is circumstantial being growing up in someone's mind," Anthony said. "They are narrow-minded; they don't have a lot of intelligence in their head. If they want to be negative, they want to have a one track mind, that’s on them not on me."

The purpose of the closed door meeting with the media was to notify the public and media that they believe there are NO KIDNAPPERS and to ask that any Private Investigation companies hired by the Anthony's cease their investigation. Law Enforcement also met with Cindy Anthony this morning and I am thinking she got a nice a talking to by Police.

I have a message for poor George Anthony - I don't think it is productive to go on TV and announce to millions of people including the "kidnappers" that you have a surveillance team on the people who have your granddaughter. I also don't think that it makes much sense for you to say the kidnappers know they are being watched, that would make them kidnappers without INTELLIGENCE IN THEIR HEADS.

I suggest you go to your daughter's prison cell and wallpaper the walls in her cell with the missing persons flyer of Caylee, because she is the ONLY person that knows where she is.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. 

 I hope that you are feeling no pain today.

Come home soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Inside the mind of Casey Anthony

I just finished reading the search warrant and arrest affidavit. I have also just watched a video of George Anthony, Casey's father, finally having a meltdown and screaming at reporters in front of his home. All of this new information has to be hard on this father and grandfather.

Here is a full recap and the facts of the case as it stands today.

- June 16th - Was the last reported confirmed sighting of little Caylee Anthony age 2 (she will be 3 on Saturday August 9th). On this date Caylee visited her great grandfather at his senior living facility with her grandmother, there is a video tape to prove this. By this time Casey is no longer living at home with her parents. George is the last to see the pair leave the house with backpacks.

- June 20th - Casey is pictured pole dancing at a club in Orlando, none of her friends or family are asked to babysit Caylee, she tells them all that Caylee is with the nanny at the beach for the weekend.

- June 24th - Casey arrives at her parents home and finds her dad, George Anthony watching television. She is there to pick up some clothes. He asks for Caylee and is told she is with the Nanny. He then asks to retrieve something from Casey's car and while she fights him on this, he insists and finds two stolen gas cans in the trunk of her car. He had just reported a theft on June 22nd from his home which included the gas cans.

- July 3rd - Cindy Anthony makes a blog posts on her myspace account alluding to a disagreement with her daughter which lead to her moving out of the home and taking Caylee with her. Cindy writes that she has been refused visits with Caylee and has not been allowed to see the little girl she raised, she also states that her daughter stole money from her and that love is blind.

- July 15th - Cindy Anthony places three 911 calls after finally locating her missing daughter at a friend's house. Her daughter, Casey Anthony had avoided her calls for nearly 31 days. Upon finding her daughter's car abandoned at an Amscot parking lot, she places the last 911 call and tells the dispatcher that her granddaughter, Caylee Anthony is missing and that she just found her daughter's car and that the "damn car smells like a dead body".

- July 15th - Casey tells Lee Anthony, her brother, that she left Caylee with the nanny Zeinada Gonzalez on June 9th while she was working at Universal Studios as an Event Planner, she says upon returning to pick her up, she found the nanny gone and upon calling the nanny's cell, she found the number disconnected.

- July 15th - Casey tells the dispatcher that her daughter has been taken by the nanny and that she has been missing for 31 days (her timeline is incorrect as it does not match the last sighting of her daughter). The dispatcher then asks WHY she had not reported the child missing earlier, she then states she tried to find her on her own and that she knows that was STUPID. She quickly tells the dispatcher that she spoke to Caylee that very day at noon from a private number and knows that Caylee is unharmed. Detectives state that her phone records show NO SUCH CALL.

- July 15h - Casey is unable to point out the correct apartment of Zeinada Gonzalez, she also is unable to produce a cell phone number.

During the investigation:

Investigators where unable to verify the existence of the nanny Zeinada Gonzalez. Casey gave them the names of her associates at Universal Studios who also knew Zeinada.

Universal Studios:

Law enforcement drove Casey to Universal Studios, she claimed to have lost her ID to enter the building an told detectives and the security guard that her manager's name is Tom. Manley.

She was told the Event Supervisor at Universal was named Tom Mattson not Tom Manley. She was let into the building with detectives and was unable to find her office.

Tom Mattson told detectives he never employed or worked with a Casey Anthony or Jeff Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.

Casey was arrested for child neglect and obstruction of justice for lying to investigators.

Search Warrant Revelations:

It was revealed today that Cindy Anthony removed a pair of dress slacks from Casey's car BEFORE it was confiscated by police. She said she removed the pants and washed them because they carried the same foul scent as the car. It was also confirmed in the warrant that George Anthony claimed those were the very same pants his daughter was wearing when last he saw Caylee.

July 25th - Casey talks to her family. She gives them several ways to get information that Zeinada Gonzalez does exist. She claimed that while working at Kodak her manager was Mike Cozak, she now claimed the Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis also worked at Kodak. She insisted these two people knew Zeinada. Detectives contact Mike Cozak who worked at Kodak back in 2005, he and human resources says that Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis never worked at Kodak, Tom says he doesn't even know any of these people.

July 25th - Casey tells her family that Zeinada's roommate Raquel Farrell is a hostess at TGI Fridays. Detectives contact human resources for TGI and were told there was no Raquel Farrell and there was NEVER a Raquel Farrell working there.

July 29th - Lee Anthony, Casey's brother sent an email he found on his sister's computer that he thought proved she worked as event planner for Universal Studios. The email was from Thomas Francks, it was an email informing Casey about an event she was working on and what time she should be there, the email was from Thoms.francks@. Detectives emailed Thomas and immediately received an email stating the address did not exist. Detectives then spoke to the tech department at Universal as well as human resources, Thomas Francks did not work for Universal and the email extension does not even exist.

August 8th - Casey refuses a visit from Lee Anthony.

Caylee is still missing.

The pants and the Lies..

Just when I flip back to giving Cindy the benefit of the doubt, she forces me back to wanting her arrested.

Some details from the search warrant were released:

On Monday, detectives spoke to Cindy Anthony and learned she took some pants out of Casey Anthony's car before investigators seized it last month. The document also shows Cindy Anthony washed them because the pants had the odor of the foul-smelling car.

George Anthony told investigators that he saw Casey Anthony wear those pants on June 16 when Casey Anthony supposedly left for work. That was the last time George Anthony saw his granddaughter.

Sigh....I am at a loss for words...

The search warrant apparently debunks a story about Casey Anthony getting a call during which she overheard Caylee.

Casey Anthony claimed she got that call around noon on July 15 - the day she reported the child missing. Her phone records show no call was made to her cell phone at that time, according to the search warrant.

Detectives also could not track down any of the people Casey Anthony told her family could prove the babysitter - Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez - existed.

Casey Anthony said she left Caylee with the babysitter and has not seen her since June.

They also found several messages including one about an event at
Universal Studios - in Casey Anthony's e-mail from e-mail addresses that don't exist, the search warrant said.

I just don't know what to say about this. Cindy destroyed potential evidence and has now been given proof that her daughter never worked for Universal and she never spoke to Caylee after June 16, she also knows that Zeinada does not exist.

The "she is a poor grandmother hoping for the best outcome and choosing not to believe the worse" excuse is over.

She knew what she was doing when she washed those pants.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zeinada Fernandez-Gonzalez Officially DOES NOT EXIST.

*Update: August 6, 2008

CSI vans are again visiting the Anthony home, this time it was a surprise visit. Lee Anthony answers the door, he is all smiles, he is asked out of the home as CSI enters with gloves, tape and toolbox.

They put some black tarp over the windows to block out the sun and maybe media cameras.

They have officially said, a Zeinada Fernandez - Gonzalez did indeed fill out paperwork at the Sawgrass apartments where Casey says she left her daughter on June 17th. However, officials are now stating publicly that there IS NO ZEINADA. Which means Casey Anthony is the only Zeinada Fernandez Gonzalez left.

I hope to have more news shortly.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charges to be filed within the hour..

*Criminal charges were formally filed:

1 count willful negligence, a Class 3 felony

One charge of providing false information to a Police officer.

It is my understanding that now that she will be arraigned on these charges they will be able to keep her in jail longer and the 33 day rule will not apply. Casey will not see or feel freedom until she tells the world what she did with her daughter.

*My people on the street in Orlando tell me there is a massive search going on for Caylee. There are helicopters involved and search dogs.

We know DNA evidence was found, but we don't know in what respect.

Cindy Anthony was scheduled to meet with her daughter Casey at 1PM, it is now 1:26PM and Cindy is a no show and the doors from the jail have been sealed.

My heart is breaking. Caylee, I didn't know you, but I love you sweetie.

I will come back to confirm all of this when I have news.

Friday, August 1, 2008

CSI visit the Anthony Home

*A CSI van is parked in front of the Anthony home. George Anthony is in an unmarked police car. He is leading them into the home.

I will update shortly.

At approximately 9:00am this morning, Lee Anthony (Casey's brother), George Anthony (Casey's father and Caylee's grandfather) and Cindy Anthony (Casey's mother and Caylee's Grandmother) arrived at the police station.

This is after spending more than 6 hours yesterday with investigators. What made the Anthony family visit investigators again this morning?

Whatever it was, it then lead authorities back to the Anthony home. Shortly after their meeting two unmarked police cars and one CSI van (crime scene investigators) arrived at the Anthony home along with ONLY George Anthony. There was another woman with him, she was described as having long brown hair and dressed as a civilian, maybe a family friend or possibly an undercover agent.

The two crime scene investigators put on gloves and followed George into the home with two very large empty brown bags, a short time later they left the home with the bags full.

This may be nothing, this may be George letting them in to gather Casey's clothing or bags or whatever, but it is very interesting that it was GEORGE not Cindy or Lee who took authorities back to the home.

Where is Cindy Anthony?
- I am hoping this family is being honest and is not planting false evidence.

I will keep you posted.

She sounds so chipper!

Casey Anthony is sitting in jail for child neglect and obstruction of justice as well as interfering with a police investigation. Police have been trying to find her 2 year-old daughter who will be 3 on August 9th. Her mother is a sociopathic liar and finding Caylee has been extremely difficult for Law Enforcement, the FBI is now involved and I hope they put an end to this charade soon.

Casey meanwhile seems quite chipper every time she calls her brother. I almost have a vision of her sitting there chewing gum or eating a bowl of fruit loops as she talks with her brother about how he is doing. For a woman who claims to love her child, she sure doesn't talk about her, or even ask about her, or even seem a little sad, or tired or scared. She is absent of emotion.

Am I wrong to say her brother seems broken and maybe is starting to despise his lying sister? He asked her to write a letter, we are all assuming it is a document with everything she can remember about where her daughter may be, dates, names, locations and telephone numbers.

Lee, I don't think you are going to get this letter, you keep asking for it and she keeps saying she is working on it, or doesn't have time to write it. Lee this is a lie as well since she is sitting in jail all she has is time.

Law enforcement has 17 days to file charges or else she may have to be released. I am hoping they are holding on to some evidence.