Monday, February 4, 2008

I am a liar..

We all know the original story. Girl goes on a trip to Aruba with her school, there are chaperones, but are they really sure everyone got back to the hotel safely? No.

Natalie Holloway meets a boy at a bar, his name is Joran van der Sloot, she likes him, he thinks she's "ok". They drink all night and then he and his friends dumb and dumber convince Natalie to go with them alone to a beach to see SHARKS, Joran says this was totally Natalie's idea. Her friends let her leave in a car with three guys she just met. The chaperones are god knows where not doing a great job.

Natalie drives away with the three amigos and is never to be seen alive again.

Aruba fumbles the entire investigation and Joran's daddy is a huge help, since he is a lawyer and in line to become a judge.

Joran says he took Natalie to the beach and his friends left to go home, he says he wanted to leave the beach as well, but Natalie did not want to leave, so he just left her there and he has no idea what happened to her.

Of course he doesn't.

Aruba authorities have arrested these three idiots about 4 times since Natalie went missing, there has been no trace of her. The suspects have been released each time due to insufficient evidence.

Now it seems, a reporter, a DUTCH reporter, took matters into his own hands. He talked a friend of Joran's into wearing a hidden camera during one of his many visits with Joran.
Joran is recorded clearly admitting that he took Natalie to the beach and had sex with her, he then says while they were having sex she began to shake and then just died. He panicked and called a friend of his from a pay phone, his friend had a boat nearby and Joran thought it better to get rid of her body, than lets say, call an ambulance??? Scream for help??

Yes, it makes more sense to awake a friend with a boat and have him deal with the problem.
His friend shows up and tells Joran to head home. What a great friend!!

He then takes Natalie out on his boat about a mile off the shore and he dumps her body. Joran then tells his friend on this secret recording, that he didn't care about Natalie and that he didn't lose a wink of sleep because of what happened. That his friend threw her off the side of the boat like an old rag.

Now that you have read this and you know it was recorded and it WAS Joran saying it, I want you to read and think about his response to this entire situation coming to light on TV.

Van der Sloot has acknowledged making the remarks, but told an interviewer last week that he was lying.

"That is what he wanted to hear, so I told him what he wanted to hear," Van der Sloot said. He said he held no ill will toward the reporter, Peter R. de Vries, who worked with the informant to record his conversations."He is just doing his job," he said.

We at least know one thing about this stupid waste of a kid. He is a liar and not only is he a liar, but he is a cold and calculated liar, who even if he was lying about what happened, he added in the fact that she was thrown over like an "old rag" and that he has not lost a "wink" of sleep over it. Seems like a bit too much flavor and emotion to add to a simple lie to appease a friend who wants to hear that you are a murderer.

Now, what is going to happen? I bet Aruba and their stupid courts will not accept this as evidence and Van der slut bag will again face no charges.

I want to know the name of this friend with the boat.

RIP Natalie.