Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beautiful Irina is dead.

*Irina's brother reveals that police believe there was indeed someone else in the car with Irina.  He has not said how police know this, but someone was with her on her way to Mount Holly.

Irina, 20 year old North Carolina student was found dead next to her vehicle.  She was strangled, it is unknown whether she was strangled by hand or by a ligature, it is also unknown if she was sexually assaulted, that information is being kept close to the detective vest.

She was last seen at a credit union and then a coffee shop all before 11AM, by 1:15PM her car was found crashed along with her dead body miles away from campus at the banks of the Catawba River.  It looked as though she ran off the road.  The police chief said it was strange for anyone to be in that area.

Greta Van Susteren interviewed her friend and brother, she asked the following question:

Van Susteren: "Did she say anything about whether anyone was giving her a difficult time, whether she was being stalked or had any trouble?"

Wilkerson: " I'm not at liberty to say or discuss that kind of thing."

This tells me that YES there was someone giving her a hard time and maybe that person followed her, ran her off the road and killed her.

I will keep you posted on any developments.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Daddy Dearest

Doesn't he look very loving?  I wasn't going to write about this monster, but I read today about his claim to have loved and cared for the people he hurt.

This is Josef Fritzi from Austria.   When his daughter was 11 years old he had already allegedly been molesting and raping her, but by that time she was getting rebellious and she wasn't making it easy.  Josef while making additions to his home made the decision to build a secret dungeon beneath his home, protected by several (at least 7) 500 lbs steel doors, that could only be open electronically.  It took him almost 8 years to finish.   

His daughter Elisabeth at 18 years old suddenly went missing one day while riding her bike.   There was barely a search and she was assumed a runaway.   What the world didn't know was that Josef locked her in his new dungeon where he knew her screams would  not be heard and he could rape her as much as he wanted and no one would come and she could never get away. This dungeon was very small with no windows or light, it was sound proof and she had no way of escape.

She remained there for 24 years and he fathered 7 children with his daughter, one of which was a twin that died and he burned in a furnace.  

I have to stop for a moment and just try to understand how this woman gave birth six times , alone, with no drugs or doctors to help her.  How did she live through this?  

Josef had a problem, his dungeon was a bit too small to house all of these children and so after he made some additions that did not solve the over crowding, he had to come up with a plan to alleviate the overwhelming situation below. 

Josef decided to leave the babies on his doorstep and tell his wife that his runaway daughter had abandoned them there.  He forced Elisabeth to write letters telling the family that she was OK, but could not take care of her children.   He did this three times and his wife believed him and these children were raised upstairs while his mother lived in the dark below with her other three children.

Then one day one of his children an 18 year old girl who shared her mother's prison, became sick with a serious infection, he had no choice but to abandon her at the steps of a hospital.  While treating this unidentified woman the authorities pleaded over the local television station for the mother of the child to come forward, they also found an S.O.S note inside her jeans that her mother placed there.  They could find no record of this girl, she didn't exist. 

Finally Josef released Elisabeth from her prison and brought her to the hospital, he made up some story about her returning home after 24 years, but it was obvious that Elisabeth had not seen the sun or people in decades and was strangely awkward and placid.  Soon enough the tale was told and her remaining children were released from the dungeon.  The sun hurt their eyes, their skin a pale white and their minds rotten and damaged.

The youngest of the bunch a 5 year old boy was both overjoyed and scared to see the outside world.   

Josef claims he loved them and took care of them, bringing them food, toys and books.

Please pray for these children and Elisabeth who authorities say is very disturbed and will need years of therapy.  Kerstin 19, Stefan 18 and Felix, 5 will need years of therapy and education as well.  Apparently they speak in coos and growls to one another, they are all hunched over and the 5 year old can only crawl and does not walk.

Josef has not been charged with any crime yet.  What are they waiting for?

Friday, May 2, 2008

The abuse and murder of Children..WTF!

Now that I am a mother for the second time to a beautiful baby boy and I know yet again how in love a parent can be with this new life, I then come across stories like these and I just can't imagine and I just don't understand.

My son is going to be 3 months and my first son just turned 15 and they are my joy and life line.  How can anyone hurt their flesh and blood?

Richard Barlett age 20:  Admits to breaking his 7 week old baby's bones, squeezing him and bashing his tiny head.  

Richard claimed his baby son awoke crying in the middle of the night apparently this pissed him off because on his way to the changing table to change the baby's diaper he said he squeezed his son to make him shut up.   Of course the baby cried louder because that hurts you asshole!  So he squeezed him tighter.  He then threw the baby down on the changing table and banged the baby's head and when that didn't shut him up he took the poor baby's legs and pushed them back until they popped.   He has pleaded not guilty.

Michael Daniels age 20:  Accused of abusing a two month old baby.  The baby's 27 fractures and bruises were discovered during a routine doctor's visit.  The mother claimed not to know anything, even though the baby had a bruised eye and bottom and had rips in his gum and lip area which indicated he had been brutally forced fed.

Virkisha Warren age 21: Drowns her three month old son.  She drowns her baby puts him in a garbage bag, gets in her car picks up his father then goes to his house, she sits down on the sofa with the bag on her lap.  He opens the bag and finds his baby.  She told police she found her son was not breathing and since she didn't have a phone to call 911 she went to find her boyfriend (the baby's father)  and as she was driving she met up with him and proceeded to his home where they called police.  That has to be the best story especially since she chose to transport her sweet baby in a trash bag!!! 

There is an entire website dedicated to these types of crimes, it is so scary to know that there are people like this out there.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kidnap for Ransom?

*Update - seems Robert's parents PAID the ransom, but Robert was NOT returned.  THe FBI is making this a top priority.  The family is offering $250,000 reward.  I hope Robert didn't kidnap himself and is putting his family through this, then again the alternative is worse, so let us hope he is alive and well somewhere.

A young man is missing.  There was a ransom note to his parents.  The specifics have not been shared with the public, but it is said that the signature name was "unique and specific".  

Robert Wiles age 26 went missing from his parent's flight maintenance facility.  Originally, the parents offered a $10,000 reward for his safe return, but now after receiving the ransom note two days after his disappearance, they have increased that reward to $250,000.

I have some questions.

1. How much do the kidnappers want?  Is it more than $250,000?
2. These types of kidnappings are really rare and most likely has been orchestrated by someone they know, because the kidnappers have to know the parents A) Pay the Ransom and B) They have the money.
3. Has there been proof of life?

I bet the FBI has this under control, but don't they know the kidnappers know they are asking for $250,000 for someone to betray them?

Robert was single and working for his parents who have several businesses.  I hope Robert is ok, but I can help thinking this is a huge illusion.

I will keep you posted.