Friday, November 20, 2009

Casey Anthony’s Defense Team is Desperate

It seems Casey Anthony’s defense team has finally jumped the shark and named the real killer of beautiful Caylee Anthony as Roy Kronk, the meter reader responsible for finding Caylee.

I guess I saw this coming, I honestly knew that there was just no way they were going to continue and go to trial with the fictitious Nanny as the suspect. Their suspect is Roy Kronk? I never thought they would go that far.

Casey’s lawyers filed a motion in court yesterday to ask permission to dig deeper into Roy’s past and pick it a part by bringing to light any of his past aggressions in order to use him as a tool to raise reasonable doubt for the jury.

The defense claims they have information that Roy may have had inappropriate contact with children and that one of his ex’s claims she was held against her will for two weeks bound with duct tape. Note: Caylee Marie’s little skeleton was found in the woods just feet from her mother’s home with duct tape attached to her skull.

Roy Kronk who worked in the area watched the investigation into the disappearance of young Caylee with the rest of the world, he was concerned and one day during his route saw a bag in the woods he found suspicious. He alerted the police, but it seems the officer who responded to the call didn’t really want to look and thought it was nothing but garbage, but Roy wasn’t as easily convinced and he contact police two more times about the bag, finally forcing them to actually go digging for this bag. Sure enough it was indeed Caylee. The officer that responded to Roy’s calls was later fired for lying about his encounter with Kronk and making it all seem like it wasn’t a big deal. Roy gave his name several times, unafraid to be linked to the case, he wanted Caylee found and in the end he succeeded.

It is a real coincidence to me that the same officer called out to look for the bag in the woods was the officer who early in the investigation was seen taking a theft report from George Anthony regarding some stolen property at his home. It continues to be suspicious that others connected to the Anthony’s were seen very close to the area Roy Kronk described to the officer poking around and looking for something themselves.

I have always believed the Anthony’s were told Caylee’s body was in those woods in that area and were trying to beat Law Enforcement in finding her. I recall several times when Tim Miller was trying to search for Caylee, the Anthony’s would show up and cause a disturbance and tried desperately to stop the searches and interfere. I think they are really angry with Roy Kronk’s persistence in getting that bag fully investigated.

Roy Kronk is responsible for hammering the final nail in Casey Anthony’s coffin. He found the body before her people could.

The Anthony’s and Casey’s defense lawyers had secretly hired a private detective to investigate Roy Kronk’s past, I can only imagine the instructions he received, and I think it went something like this:

“Find any dirt you can on this guy, his family, anything you can get on him that we can use against him to make him look like the real killer.”

Am I worried? No. Why?

Because Casey Anthony did not report her daughter missing and never would have reported her missing, if her mother didn’t end up catching her red handed with no Caylee hanging out with her new man.

Because Casey Anthony was the last person seen with Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony will have to explain how a perfectly alive Caylee disappeared and why she Casey did not immediately seek help in finding her, but instead went on lying to family and friends about Caylee being just fine and dandy with her loving Nanny.

How will they reconcile the lies she told about a Nanny kidnapping Caylee? How will they get Caylee from Casey’s arms into Kronk’s arms and then into the woods?

I dear friend of mine told me the burden of proof lies in the hands of the prosecution and that defense will not have to prove a thing, their job was to throw theories around and hope the Jury thinks one of those theories is reasonable enough not to charge the defendant.

I think when the jury hears Casey Anthony’s voice calmly telling investigators that she spoke to her daughter just an hour ago on July 15th and that she seemed fine, meanwhile her daughter’s body was already a skeleton in the woods near her house, Roy Kronk’s name will not even be a factor.