Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gag Order Denied - New Documents Released

There has been a lot of movement in the case of missing 2 year old Caylee Anthony. Her mother sits in jail charged with first degree murder, while her grandparents are making rounds in the media trying to discredit the investigation as well as pushing their belief that Caylee is alive and no one is looking for her.

Shortly after the release of the FBI meetings with the Anthony's, they called a presser and announced a lead they had in the form of a photo of a child at a Florida mall that resembles Caylee. The picture was taken by an unknown person and sent directly to the Anthony's private investigator. The Anthony's claim that it may not be Caylee, but the point is there are people still looking for a live Caylee. They believe the kidnappers are feeling comfortable enough to bring her out in her own hometown because most people think she is dead.

I think this was an important move for the Anthony's. The FBI meeting between George Anthony and agents didn't go over well. George Anthony gives a lot of damaging information in his interview, he states he is convinced the smell in the car was of death and that his daughter is a great liar and has changed after the age of 20. He states she tried to keep him away from her car. He goes so far as to claim he MUST believe Caylee is alive for his wife's sake, but that the cop in him knows differently.

These interviews were conducted in July. George Anthony has changed his tune since then and claims his granddaughter is alive.

Cindy Anthony's interview was a mess of excuses for her daughter and claims of clues in her daughter's words that she only could figure out. She insist her daughter is speaking in code and goes so far as to explain her codes with the outcome of her daughter telling her the person responsible is one of her friends.

The State's Attorney called for a gag order, afraid that the Anthony's were going on their media parade to taint potential jurors. Casey Anthony's attorney claimed they were not and the gag order was denied.

More importantly 700 more pages of discovery documents were released to the media today. It is important to note that these documents were NOT leaked as the Anthony's would like you to believe. The Florida Sunshine law is in play and these documents are for public knowledge and need to be released when requested.

In these documents is new information, not good for the Anthony's or their daughter.

Here is a sneak peek:

Computer Searches: Google searches, investigators found that in March someone used Wikipedia to search for "inhalation," "chloroform," "acetone," "shovel" and "death." A computer forensics report from a Sheriff's Office detective states that on March 21, someone used other Web sources like, and for the words "making weapons out of household products," "chloroformhabit," "how to make chloroform," and "chloro2."

Also Neck Breaking was searched.

Family Information: Lee Anthony sends an email to a friend of Casey's telling him that Casey and her mother got into a huge fight the day before Caylee went missing and Cindy Anthony grabbed Casey by the throat and shook her.

A piece of paper in Casey's car showed Casey was repeatedly writing her name and adding her boyfriend of three months' last name to her name. There is also a mention of a friend stating Tony told Casey that when he planned to get married and have children, he only wanted boys not girls.

The documents also show there was no rotting pizza in the trunk of Casey’s car. Cindy has long claimed a horrible smell that detectives have described as the smell of death, was due to a rotting pizza. But the documents show there was nothing but an empty pizza box in a bag in the trunk.

Investigators say when George opened the car trunk at a towing company, with a towing company employee next to him, flies flew out of the trunk. The pair tossed the trash bag that was in the trunk into the dumpster. Later, when investigators went back to it and opened it, they found flies, maggots, and the empty pizza box.

Also released Wednesday, investigators say Casey's slacks, which her mother removed from the car and washed because they reeked of the same odor inside the car, were apparently the same slacks Casey was wearing on the day Caylee disappeared and is believed to have been murdered. Investigators did not ask for those slacks early on because they had already been laundered at least once.

This is NOT GOOD.

Where is Maura Murray?

On Monday, February 9, 2004, 21 year old Maura Murray of Hanson, Mass. crashed her car into a snow bank in Haverhill, N.H.

This was her second car accident in three days. The first accident was the Saturday of the previous weekend when she crashed her father's car after going out to a party with friends.

A resident of the area saw the crash and stopped to help Maura, he claims she refused his help. The witness, named Butch, is a large burly man with a mustache and he and his wife feared that Maura refused his help that dark and cold night due to his appearance, it seemed a dangerous invitation for a young scared girl. He called police anyway and within ten minutes the police were on the scene.

When police arrived they found her car, but not Maura. Police waited 39 hours before searching for Maura in the surrounding wooded area, believing that she willingly walked away. After helicopters and searched dogs reached a dead end, the search was called off two days later.

It is important to note that search dogs picked up her scent for 100 yards on a dirt road and then stopped between two homes. It is also important to know that it was freezing in this area and had she walked into the woods, the elements were not in her favor.

Maura Murray was about to be engaged, she met and was dating Army Lieutenant Bill Rausch. She was a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts and was academically sound on the dean's list. She was athletic and extremely close to her family. She had everything going for her, so where was she headed that cold night in February? Almost 5 years later and still no one can tell you for sure where Maura was going.

Here are some details I was able to find online from several news reports and comments:

  • In her car they found clothes, snacks, athletic gear, alcohol, her purse, keys and wallet.

  • She emailed her teachers that monday, explaining there was a death in her family and she would be gone for a week. Although her family states there was no such death.

  • She had enough food in her car to show she may be going away for a while.

  • Everything in her dorm room was packed up and she was planning on moving out.

  • She withdrew $280 from her ATM card that night.

  • She was seen purchasing alcohol alone at a liquor store before the crash. This was the last record use of credit card or ATM cards.

  • The witness who saw the crash says she seemed intoxicated.

  • A few nights before she went missing, she received an upsetting phone call, she was so upset she had to be escorted back to her dorm room. Her father suspected that the call was from one of her sisters who had a monstrous fight with a boy friend and he didn't think the call was a significant factor.

  • She had a book in her car called "Not Without Peril" a story about people who died hiking New Hampshire's Presidential Mountain Range. This is the area where she was last seen and where she went camping with her dad as a child. This book was given to her by her father.

  • Her father was visiting the prior week.

  • The last two calls from Maura's cellphone were never investigated by police, instead her family learned 8 months later after going through her phone records, that Maura had phoned a couple who owned and rented out a condo in an area where she often vacationed with her family as a child, this was an area she appeared to be heading. By the time the couple was called, they could not remember their conversation with Maura.

  • Maura's boyfriend received an email from her telling him she needed to talk to him.
According to police they believe she either walked away from her life due to the stress of being a perfect student or due to some other factors, or that she went into the woods to commit suicide. The residents in the area claim that not many cars came by that night and that most people in the area know each other and crimes there were non existent. However I can name another young girl who went missing 10 days later 6 hours away also at the scene of her car being crashed, Brianna Maitland .
Could these be linked? Could there have been a murderer on a road trip?

How do the authorities decide someone is not worth looking for? Is it when they believe the person caused the situation themselves? Is it when the person seems suicidal? When is it okay to assume someone walked away and then close the door without proving such a fact?

It is never okay to stop looking for someone who may be in trouble.

It sounds like Maura may have had a drinking problem recently and maybe this was due to a problem she had yet to reveal to her family and friends.

It seems to me that authorities made a huge mistake arriving within ten minutes of the call telling them a girl was in trouble and then failing to search for her immediately. They waited 39 hours to begin the search! The weather was against her, she could have fallen into the icy waters within the mountains, she could have slipped to her death.

Even if Maura was planning to walk away from her life, the chance that she may have taken a ride from a stranger and may have been intoxicated is still a factor that can't be ruled out, especially considering the search dogs lost her sent and there were no footsteps in the snow. This tells me she was taken in a car. Whose car? Why not take the ride from Butch when he offered it? It may have been because Butch seemed dangerous. Who then came along after and seemed like a better choice? Was it a chance encounter with killer?

The fact that they did not investigate her phone records is beyond words. It seemed Maura was on her way to getaway from it all, not to kill herself and never return.

If you have information, please contact: Trooper Russell HubbardTroop F NHSP(603) 846-3333

Brianna Denison Case

There has been an arrest in the Brianna Denison case.

Recap: Brianna was visiting with friends at the University of Nevada where she was staying over a friend's off campus apartment after a night of partying. The last time she was seen, she was asleep on the sofa. In the morning her friends discovered a small bloodstain on her pillow, she was gone, but her purse, keys and cellphone were left behind. It was determined that a glass door by where she was asleep was left open.

Brianna's body was found days later in a field covered with snow, she had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

The DNA left on Brianna's body has been linked to other victims in the area. The serial rapist and now killer has a signature calling card, he steals his current victim's underwear and replaces it with the underwear of his last victim.

27 year old James Biela was arrested and charge with 1st degree murder and kidnapping. There is a press conference scheduled for today and I hope to get more details.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"What to do when your child goes missing" - by Cindy & George Anthony

My stomach is in knots today.

Every single time I try to sympathize with Cindy and George Anthony they do or say something to send me right back to questioning them.

There is news and it is quite irritating and infuriating to say the least.

It seems George and Cindy Anthony have plans to eventually write a book about their ordeal, however according to George Anthony, the book will NOT be a tell all about them and their experience, instead the book will be an instructional book for parents on what to do when your child goes missing - SAY WHAT????

Am I loosing my mind?

I think the Anthony's have made every wrong move possible since their granddaughter has been missing and I hope this book is a list of their mistakes and how not to follow in their footsteps. I further hope the profits from this book do not go to the Anthony's but instead to a worthy cause and I hope that it does not go to the so called charity they've been hanging out with lately who is lead by a suspicious person and has not found a missing child as of yet, but has definitely made money off of them.

To add to the disgrace above the Anthony's now claim they have information that proves that Caylee is alive and that they know where she is, but they will not reveal that until a press conference they have scheduled for Friday, Nov. 21.

I think the normal response to such a statement is, why are you waiting to reveal such information, please give it to the FBI and let them go and retrieve your lost granddaughter, she has been gone far too long and your daughter is sitting in jail accused of her murder. I just don't see how there could be a more pressing time to get on with it.

Also, do you really need the press involved? How about you go get her and then alert the press when you find her and she is safe in your arms.

Meanwhile, Cindy Anthony gave a tour of her home to a reporter and during that tour explained how Casey Anthony was unable to sleep while she was home on house arrest and had to sleep in her parent's room, because her room was adorned with photos of Caylee and she how she slept with Caylee's teddy bear every night.

Hmm..interesting that she was sleeping with Caylee's teddy bear, interesting because Caylee had a favorite baby dolled she named "mama" that she carried around with her everywhere, this doll was found thrown in the backseat of Casey Anthony's abandoned-decomposing smelling- car. Why didn't she hold on to that special doll and sleep with it during those 31 days she claims her daughter was missing? Oh -yes.. she was sleeping with her new boyfriend instead.

Why wasn't baby doll with Caylee?

Me thinks the Anthony's are trying to sell their lying, thieving daughter as a good and caring mother.

I for one am not buying it, nor would I buy a book written by them and never will I donate to that charity hanging around the Anthony's. You know who you are.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I just have to ask WHY?

Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife Quiana were married less than 3 months when on Oct. 15th, 4 young marines, two of which were under Sgt. Pietrzak command, broke into their home in California and tortured them, raping Quiana and then executing them both by gagging them, making them sit on their knees and shooting them both in the back of the head.

They stole Quiana's engagement ring and a digital camera from the home along with other items, that investigators found in the homes of the suspects.

Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak was a health assistant at Riverside County Public Health’s Black Infant Care Center in Perris. She helped expectant African-American mothers give birth to healthier babies.

Jan Pietrzak born in Poland but raised in Brooklyn, met Quiana in San Diego before being deployed to Iraq in 2005. She waited almost three long years for him to return safe and sound and they were married, Quiana was accepted with open arms into the Pietrzak family. Pietrzak's mother is in total shock and full of hurt that her son came back from Iraq alive and she was finally able to be at peace, because he was home and safe, only to have him murdered in the safety of his home in such a cruel way by fellow marines.

I want to talk about these really disturbed kids who did this. These men were all under the age of 22 and all of them had these illusions and images of themselves as marines and killing machines.

These four youths claim, they only wanted to steal from the couple, but looking at what was actually stolen and the personalities these guys had online, that motive does not seem to fit the crime.

Pvt. Emrys John only 18 years old was named as the shooter by the other three men. If you look at this kid's myspace page it is very telling. He writes that he is a collector of knives and swords, that shooting shit and blowing shit up is a great stress reliever and a caption on one of his pictures says he is "chillin and waitin 4 da killin".

Next we have 20 year old Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, he has been named as the "entry man" the one that pointed a shotgun at Pietrzak to force their way into the home. On Tyrone's myspace he calls himself the "CripGeneral" again a reference to murder, death and killing.

On to 21 year old Pvt. Kesuan Sykes who calls himself "Psycho" on myspace has admitted he was the one that cut Quiana's clothes off with a knife.

The last Private Kevin Darnell Cox, 21 has not been found online yet.

I ask how could this happen? I ask Why.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caylee Anthony may be dead because of Caylee Anthony!

Casey Anthony's defense team sure knows how to anger the public. Casey Anthony is absolutely deranged if she thinks the public is going to consider that her 2 year-old daughter may have poisoned herself with a sedative or chloroform and that she Casey Anthony maybe got scared and maybe made the wrong choice by disposing of her.

There are a lot of maybes going on in the defense house.

Yes, the defense is appealing to the prosecutor in both a memo and a direct plea to the judge on why the death penalty should be removed from the table.

Here is a snip out of that document:

"The crime was not cold, calculated and premeditated. In the months
leading up to Caylee's disappearance, Anthony's behavior was described by friends and family as "erratic and not entirely rational."

He wrote that filicide – the act of a parent killing a child – is different
than other homicides. The underlying reasons why mothers kill are complex and
can be divided into various categories. For example, one type is a parent who
kills under influence of mental illness.

Another type suggests a parent's motive may be to save the child from real
or imagined harm. Juries are more likely to show mothers mercy.

He mentioned Andrea Yates – a Texas mother who drowned all five children –
was sentenced to life in prison. Susan Smith, the Arkansas mother
who pushed her car with her two children inside in a lake, got life in

The bolded area just about made me laugh out loud, this case is nothing but cold and heartless, this girl ran around town after killing her baby telling everyone she was with the nanny all the while going out to bars and dancing and being the perfect girlfriend to a new boyfriend, while her daughter lay rotting somewhere. This cold callous woman, lied to her friends and family and as of yesterday continues to watch her parents tell the world that Caylee is alive, she has not come forward to bring closure to the bleeding hearts of friends, family and strangers, who desperately want an answer. Her lawyer even attached baby photos of Casey Anthony to appeal to the sympathy of the viewer as if seeing Casey as a small innocent child would erase the countless beautiful photos they have seen of poor little innocent murdered Caylee.

If Casey Anthony wants the death penalty off the table, then she needs to tell us where to find Caylee.

Also, if her defense attorney thinks that Casey Anthony did not plan to kill her baby he is as ridiculous as his face makes him out to be. This girl had a new boyfriend, new friends, no job, her mother was constantly on her back about work and taking responsibility for her child. She wanted this anchor gone, she wanted Caylee gone so that she could be free and when she murdered Caylee we all have proof of the freedom she gained, the photos of her at bars, the video of her skipping through blockbuster with her boyfriend, the text messages of glee asking friends to meet her at Fusion nightclub, the new tattoo, the post on myspace about everyone dying eventually, the countless parties she attended, we know the motive was to be a free bird, because for a while she got what she wanted.

Also, his bit about Casey being erratic before the disappearance is concerning as well as the mention of Andrea Yates, will he try to claim Casey had a form of post partum depression?

The state has not yet decided on the death penalty, so he is really jumping the gun.

What happened to her story about the nanny or the dangerous kidnappers? Has anyone informed George and Cindy Anthony that the defense is now almost flat out stating in writing that Caylee is indeed dead?

By the way the difference between Andrea Yates, Susan Smith and Casey Anthony is, that Andrea called the police and told them she had killed her children and Susan Smith admitted she killed her boys. Casey Anthony is still lying and Caylee is still out there somewhere.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Corrie Anderson Is Missing Too

36 year old mother or three, Corrie Anderson from Jamestown, NY was last seen visiting a friend at the Lake County Dodge car dealership on Oct. 28th (it has been rumored that she was dating a gentleman who worked there).

Later that day Corrie missed a parent teacher conference and did not pick up her 6 year-old son from school.

On Friday, Oct. 30th corrie's car was found by a hunter in a field off the road by a gas well. Corrie was not in the vehicle.

Kenneth Anderson the husband who was about to be the ex-husband was questioned for a few hours and released.

Internet Rumors: A neighbor stated that a week or so before her disappearance Corrie came home and found that someone had broken into her home and rearranged her furniture, nothing was stolen, her furniture was just rearranged. This scared Corrie as it should have. Another incident about Corrie being threatened with a gun weeks before she went missing has also been circulating.

If you have any information at all, please call State Police in Jamestown at 665-3113.

I will keep you updated.