Thursday, October 30, 2008

Donna Jou would have been 21..

Donna Jou would have celebrated her 21st birthday on October 19th, instead she is still missing, has been missing since June 23, 2007.

I meant to write this post on her actual birthday, but it slipped my mind and now I feel totally guilty.

Most people are pretty confident about their ability to "read" people, what they don't understand is that there are people out there who are pros at fooling you into believing they are normal and good and all they have to do is make you drop your guard slightly and you take a chance and then it is your last.

In early June, Donna had placed an add on craigslist to advertise her tutoring abilities and hopefully get some extra cash, at the same time a convicted sex offender by the name of John Steven Burgess was also on craigslist under a phony name Sinjin Stevens, he was advertising rooms for rent. For what ever strange reason he began exchanging emails with Juo and gained her trust, he even went so far as to talk to her over the telephone several times.

On June 23rd, he invited her to a party at his home. She gave him her address and the last time her mother saw her she was hopping on the back of his motorcycle waving goodbye.

She was 19 and how can you stop a 19 year-old from going to a party with a friend?

Jou arrives at the party and John Stevens Burgess' roommate says she was there hanging out. A friend of Jou's speaks to her on the telephone while she is at the party and there was no threat or concern during that conversation.

Later that night Jou's mother receives the following text: "Battery's dying. I'm in San Diego. Be home soon. I love you Mommy"

The above tore at my heart. I have a 15 year old son who always ends his texts to me with "I love you mommy".

Jou never makes it home or to work the next day. Her family wastes little time reporting her missing.

John Stevens Burgess a convicted sex offender had not registered as such and therefore was not listed anywhere as a potential danger to the area.

On June 28th Burgess turns 35. Jou is still missing.

On July 5th Burgess' roommate sees him packing his car with lots of brown paper boxes, he never sees Burgess again.

On July 8 a man finds a tool box stuffed under vines about a mile from Burgess' home. Inside the box are license plates "SINJIN 1" from Burgess' truck, a black motorcycle helmet, rubber dishwashing gloves, rope and a scrub brush.

Burgess is found with crack cocaine and is arrested and sent to prison, he posts a $250,000 bond and is released, he is then again arrested for having a fake social security number and identity.

Burgess is still in jail on unrelated charges.

Burgess has said he has information about Jou's disappearance but refuses to tell what that information is unless the sex crimes registration charges are dropped, according to Gloria Allred who is representing Jou's family.

Burgess is set to be released next March from the state prison at Wasco near Bakersfield.

Where is Jou? Why hasn't he been charged with anything. I don't understand. Are they building a case against him?

How can this animal get away with this?

I feel for her family - two years later and still no answers.

The Internet is a prime place for predators.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leah Walsh' Body Found & Husband Arrested

Update: William Walsh has confessed to killing his wife after a huge fight about his gambling and other things. After he killed her he left her body in the home and ran errands, then he returned and he staged the entire flat tire incident. A witness saw him at the scene messing with the tire and then drive off in his yellow mustang (duh) before he says his wife left for work.

I wonder what his brother has to say about this now? After defending him and making it seem like a set up.

The body found yesterday has been identified as Leah Walsh, she was found brutally murdered 13 miles from her home. Her husband, William Walsh has been arrested and charged with murder, that is a really quick arrest. I am assuming there is absolute evidence pointing to him.

His family is already on the record defending him as is normal with the families of the accused. I wish them strength and healing, but more than anything I send my sincere prayers to Leah's family and friends, it is too often men think they can kill their wives and get away with it and men like Drew Peterson, Jason Young and Brad Cooper, make it look easy, this horrible divorce by murder is too common and I am afraid it has been around for decades.

How can anyone bring an end to this?


This story is close to home for me and I am not really sure what to make of it yet. Leah is a school teacher for autistic children in Glen Clove Long Island New York.

Two days ago Leah left for work like any other day, except she never made it to work. There are some conflicting reports online right now. Read below for the two different stories.

Version One: is that she had sent her husband a text that morning to tell him she loved him and then later another text to tell him she got a flat tire on her way to work and had pulled into the shoulder off the highway. Her husband says, he left to go find her and found her car, but not Leah. He then says he called police.

Version Two: According to her place of work, they began to get worried when Leah was over two hours late for work, so they began calling her family members, including her husband who could not be reached, they got Leah's father on the telephone and explained that she had not arrived at work. Leah's father found her car on the side of the highway and then called Leah's husband, who then called the police.

Leah's purse was found on the side of the road near her car, nothing else is known as far as items being missing. A body has been found near the highway 13 miles from Leah's car and investigators are saying the body is about 24 hrs old and will be hard to identify.

I take that to mean, either she was hit by a car or thrown from a car and sustained severe injuries, or something else totally unnecessary for me to post.

There are rumors on the Internet that her husband made a plea for her return and cried no tears although he was "crying". Also, there are rumors of a difficult three year old marriage and reported fight between husband and wife the night before she went missing as well as Leah having to tell a friend something important.

I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Husband Arrested and Charged

Finally, Brad Cooper has been arrested and charged with the first degree murder of his wife, Nancy Cooper. Custody of their two daughters was granted to Nancy's family.

The documents have been sealed but information suggests that he has lied to authorities and that he cleaned the home floor with bleach and vinegar. He claims it was because big old crazy Nancy would have been angry at him for not cleaning the floors. I think we all know that when someone goes missing the last thing the suspect should be doing is cleaning floors and washing clothes.

It seems husbands who murder their wives have the same MO - wife goes jogging or for a walk after a fight and then she either never comes back or is found dead. Next I hope Drew Peterson is arrested along with Jason Young.

Below is a copy of my previous coverage of this case:

Nancy Cooper disappeared after what her husband says was a regular morning jog on July 12th. Two days later her body was found near her home in a storm drain at a construction site. As with almost every missing and murdered mother and wife, there was a fragile marriage with financial problems and extramarital affairs.

In an Affidavit Brad Cooper details much of his day to day married life as well as reasons why his two daughters, Bella and Katie should be returned to him.

His daughters are currently in the temporary custody of Nancy's mother and identical twin sister Krista.

I want to be fair and highlight some of what Brad has stated, unfortunately for Brad, Nancy is not here to confirm or deny his claims, therefore he could be lying about being "super dad".

Financial Problems:
- Brad says Nancy was a shopaholic who purchased items beyond their means. Thousand dollar bags, jewelery, designer clothes etc.
- Brad says Nancy was a stay-at-home mom and yet both children were enrolled in preschool and all the while Nancy sent their credit card debts to close to $45,000.
-Brad says he purchase a BMW X5 for his wife after she asked him to buy her a "safe" car for her and her children. He then drove their old beat up car to work.
-Brad put Nancy on a budget of $300 a week and says Nancy said this wasn't enough and complained.

Marital Problems:
- Brad says Nancy would immediately go out upon his return from work and she would stay out sometimes until 2AM with friends during the week.
- Brad says Nancy would also have the "weekends off" and he would be responsible for the children while she went out with friends and shopped.
-Brad says he had an affair once and only once before Katie was born and regretted it and this lead to distance in the marriage. He also notes that Nancy had a non-sexual affair with a man before Bella was born. (hmm what does that mean?)
-According to Brad they had no sex life.-Brad says he would clean, cook breakfast, do laundry, read to the girls and take them out. Nancy referred to him as "super dad".
-Brad says Nancy's lawyer told her to take the girls out of the country to Canada, Brad found his children's passports in Nancy's car and proceeded to take one of them and give Nancy the other for fear of Nancy taking them away.

Current Custody and Investigation:

I think Brad is digging a whole for himself and he is even throwing the dirt over his own head. In his affidavit which can't be confirmed and is only his view on things, we are hearing him almost complain about his wife, almost like he is making it look as though maybe she deserved what happened or that maybe he is better off without her...almost sounds like that Brad.

I can see that he loves his daughters and that yes he wants them back. I also don't want to believe the part of the document where he says Nancy's twin sister is dressing like Nancy in an effort to help the children cope and has asked for Nancy's hat and glasses to make her look more like Nancy, that to me is horrendous and should be stopped.

I also feel for those children. it must be terrible being ripped from your dad and not having your mother and then thrown in a family that you have only seen a few times a year. I can't imagine seeing what looks like your mother walking around, but knowing deep down that it is not mommy.

I understand the police have evidence and that search warrants are sealed. I hear they are going before the grand jury on the 25th with their findings.

I really really hope this ends up being some random act of violence and Brad is innocent and he gets his girls back, but the story is all too familiar. His affidavit showed little sadness for losing Nancy and was more of an insult to her memory than anything else. Why was it necessary for him to make her look like a selfish woman who neglected her children is beyond me. Why couldn't he just say they both were equal parents and loved their children? He just seriously listed several motives for why he would want her gone.

Here they are:

-Financially Nancy was ruining them.
-Emotionally and Physically she had abandoned him and checked out of the marriage.
-She left him to do the raising of the children and cared more about her friends.
-She had an affair as well, although hers was non-sexual.
-She threatened to take his kids out of the country and leave him.

Brad seriously if the above aren't motives for a Sociopath to kill his wife, then I don't know what are.

The morning of July 12th:

Just to recap Brad's story, since he was the last to see her alive. He says he went out to buy milk at 6:15AM for his baby girl Katie, he then returned home and Nancy told him she needed laundry detergent and juice for Katie, she then ordered him back to the store (again he can't help but make her look bad, why couldn't he say he forgot laundry detergent needed for the day?) He returned to the store and got the requested items and then returned home. Nancy was getting ready for her morning jog by 6:45AM, by 7AM she was out the door.

He didn't worried when she still hadn't returned by 9AM and he did the usual super dad duties and got the kids dressed and fed. By 9:15AM he called his friend and cancelled a tennis game he had planned. He then again notes how Nancy would often go out after her jogs for coffee without telling him and return hours later often spending all day in her jogging clothes, which Nancy called "stink days".

He makes Nancy sound like a selfish pig here.

Her friends begin to call after she misses several planned events and by noon he is now worried, but not worried enough to call police since his wife is regularly irresponsible. He searches for her at all her usual haunts. By that afternoon her friends already report her missing and just as he was about to call the police himself, they call him and he returns home to meet them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Well Deserved

I was going back and forth about writing about this story, only because I became really emotional reading about it and didn't want to inflict that on my friends and family who read here, but I got an email asking me to.

My heart breaks when I read about good people having their lives ripped apart without warning by a stranger they trust who takes advantage of their goodness, but for Tom and Jackie Hawks, it was much worse than that, their lives were taken in the most horrid way and their killers left a close and loving family broken forever.

Beware I say to my friends and family, beware of evil, because it is out there and ready at a moments notice, it is wearing a costume of normalcy and when the real thing is revealed, it may be too late.

Tom and Jackie were a loving couple with children who adored them. In their later years Tom and Jackie shared a dream of living at sea and sailing around on their boat the "Well Deserved".

To realize their dream they took a huge and scary step and sold their home, planning to live out there days on their most beloved boat, the Well Deserved. After two years of living on the water they received news from their son that they were expecting a grandson, Jace. The loving parents and now grandparents decided they wanted more than anything to be a part of Jace's life. They decide to sell their boat and move back to Arizona.

Tom put an ad up selling his boat for $444,000. In response to the ad he met Skylar Deleon, a young "child actor" (he actually only played a small part on the Power Rangers show). Skylar introduced Tom and Jackie to his own wife and 9 month old child. Jackie and Tom were comfortable with the young couple and decided to sell the boat to them.

Skylar asked that he be taken with two of his friends out to sea in order to test the boat out. Along with Skylar came Myron Gardner and Alonso Machain. At first glance all seemed normal, Tom was a large and strong man and I can imagine would never believe the evil they were about to experience or the very real danger they were in.

Once out on the water about an hour away from shore, the group quickly turned on the couple.

First they separated Tom and Jackie.

Myron Gardner a very large man, attacked Tom putting him in a chokehold, while Alonso Machain attacked Jackie, although they both fought hard, eventually they were both overpowered by the group of criminals.

They tied the couple up and forced them to sign transfer papers to Skylar for the boat, as well as give them their bank account numbers and social security numbers while all the while beating them.

Alonso Machain testified yesterday that the couple was left tied and blind folded on their bed and the tape around their mouths became loose enough for him to hear Jackie pleading for her life, saying she did not want to die and that she wanted to see her grandchild, Tom could be heard telling Jackie that everything would be okay.

He was wrong.

Skylar Deleon found a very heavy anchor on the boat and he was going to use it in the most horrible way. He had his team of thugs bring Tom and Jackie up on the deck and tighten their blind folds, he then tied them together and to the anchor and as Alonso testified, Jackie was shaking uncontrollably when suddenly the anchor was thrown overboard and the couple were yanked into the ocean.

I can't imagine the fear and panic that took them into that water. The agony Tom must have felt unable to save himself and his wife.

After the murder of Jackie and Tom, the group drank Tom's beers and went fishing with his fishing rods. Skylar Deleon went so far as to take their video camera and days after he murdered them, he filmed his own family during their thanksgiving dinner, without erasing the footage of Jackie and Tom taken before they died. The camera was found by investigators.

Skylar emptied the couples bank accounts and falsified records to show he purchased their boat days before the murder. His wife cleaned the boat of blood and evidence and once Skylar got caught and his thugs turned against them, he tried to hire people to kill the witnesses against him, showing no remorse for what he had done, to not only Jackie and Tom, but to the Hawk family.

Yesterday, after 4 years, the trial has finally come to the penalty phase. Skylar Deleon is asking for mercy and not to be put to death.

Baby Jace will never know his wonderful grandparents. Tom and Jackie suffered immensely before they died and ultimately losing their lives in the ocean water they so loved. They cried and begged for their lives and offered to give Skylar everything and anything he wanted and still he showed them no mercy. He didn't care about Jackie shivering and asking to please let her live to see her grand baby. He didn't care.

I say there is no reason to show this monster mercy. I say his death will be nothing compared to that of this loving couple and I just wish in this case an eye for an eye was possible and that Tom and Jackie Hawks family would be the ones to tie the anchor around his neck.

Rest in Peace Tom and Jackie Hawks.

Jennifer Deleon, Skylar's wife, just receive life in prison for her role in this horrific scheme.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What was Casey Anthony's plan?

A few people have been asking me lately what I thought was Casey Anthony's plan. Casey was charged with murder 1 and I believe this is correct and that the murder of her daughter was premeditated. In other words she planned to kill her child. Forensic Evidence files were released today, 34 pages of it.

It only confirms the earlier leak about air test coming back positive for decomposition and a single hair found that contained a death band ring which can only be from a dead body and that this hair sample was tested and Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony could not be excluded as a match. It also confirms the significant amounts of chloroform found and vast amounts of gasoline.

Also in the documents it tells us that PIZZA was also tested and no maggots were found on the pizza. However the documents do not go into further testing of the maggots, the stain that has been rumored to show the actual placement of the body and tests on the rest of the car. This tells me there are more documents not yet released.

So what do I think her plan was? What is my theory?

I think most people try to fit every piece of information they know into the their theories and that is where the problem is. Some of the stuff she has said and done could be irrelevant to what actually happened. The one thing that always fits is the lying.

I don't think Casey Anthony thinks she is a bad liar. I think Casey Anthony has been a gifted liar for all of her life, quite possibly from the moment she was able to string words together. I think Casey Anthony lied to her friends and family for years about many things and often her lies were believed and in the end worked out. I don't think her lies were ever questioned.

For example, Caylee's true birth father. There are many different stories about who he is, most of them coming from Casey herself, all of them believed by the people who heard them, all of them very different.

Casey faked having a job at Universal Studios for almost two years. She stole from her family for cash and created fake emails about work and issues with her paycheck. Everyone in Casey's circle believed she worked as an event planner at Universal Studios Theme Park.

Casey was able to string several men on and carry on relationships with all of them, lying to each. She lied to friends about many things, including her bank accounts and issues with her family as well as her parents giving her their home.

Again, all of Casey's lies have been believed so why would someone like Casey who is so used to having people take her word on everything suddenly think they would not?

I believe she is a cold and calculating person with zero capacity to love or feel pain, sadness or empathy. A person like her is unable to put themselves in the place of a normal feeling person and predict how that person will react to her lies, she is unable to see the actions of a normal person and instead basis these actions on herself and how she would react, but since she is not a normal person she loses this game.

It has been reported that on a computer Casey had access to, someone (presumably Casey) was looking up missing kids websites before her own child went missing on this same computer a search for the recipe for chloroform was conducted as well as a search for the name that ultimately became the name of the nanny who she claims took her child.

Casey had a plan.

In my opinion she searched missing kids profiles to research how many children have been actually found, how much media attention they received if any and which cases remain open, by that I mean, what type of cases.

She decided to use chloroform to end Caylee's life and I strongly believe at first she was going to call her parents and say Caylee was kidnapped by a stranger on June 16th, after she dumped her body in remote area, that explains the many calls to her parents, brother etc. that all got ignored. There was no way she was going to call 911 and face the police alone with her claim with out her family, since it seems they would believe her lie and run with the story with her mother taking the lead.

The problem? She called for a while and no one answered their phones, she had already killed Caylee. What to do?

She retrieves her body and places it in the trunk until she figures out her next move. She tells her first lie about Caylee being with a nanny and no one is the wiser, she continues this lying, no one is questioning her, but the smell in the car is getting bad.

Casey only needed to make sure of two things, that her parents believed her kidnapping story and that Caylee's body would never be found.

Everything else is just an added factor that may or may not have played a role in her plan - the gas cans, the shovel, the cell phone pings, the random shower at her ex's place.

The gas cans could have been used to fill up her tank on the way to the body dump so that she did not have to stop in an area she shouldn't be at to fill up on gas. I believe she drove far to dump evidence, without her cellphone. She had cash in her wallet and money she had stolen from friends and her mother, why would her car run out of gas by mistake?

She left the car at Amscot in a parking spot for no particular reason other than the smell was a problem and she became complacent and so sure of herself, I am convinced she was going to deal with the car later, but hoped someone would just steal it. I doubt she thought it would get towed, it was in a parking spot and her brain doesn't work that way.

She did NOT expect her mother to walk in that room that day and demand to see Caylee and she especially did not expect the world to see what she had done. She was caught off guard and her story came out in pieces. It wasn't her original plan, it wasn't her original story but she thought she would lie her way through it. She even tried to convince her mother that Caylee was fine with the Nanny and they shouldn't bother waking her and disrupting her routine, what if Cindy would have believed that? How long would it be before someone would have said NO, I don't believe you Casey, how could Casey predict that if it had never happened before?

I will leave you with 2 quotes from Casey herself after her arrest, I am paraphrasing here:
Cindy Anthony - "Casey I DON'T know what your involvement is,"
Casey Anthony in a very condescending tone "Mom, you don't know what my involvement is?" - as if to say - How dare you not believe me.

Casey Anthony - "I want to speak to Tony because I haven't spoken to him because I got arrested on a WHIM" - she herself can't believe that her lies are not being believed and they ACTUALLY arrested her.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Grand Jury is back..

The Grand Jury took less than two hours to make a decision on the Casey Anthony case. They are back in the courtroom.

Casey Anthony has been indicted for Murder in the first degree.

Rest In Peace little Caylee - you beautiful baby girl. Justice will be served!

Today is a good day.

Will George Anthony be the voice for Caylee?

George Anthony, little Caylee Anthony's grandpa and Casey Anthony's father is right now at this moment expected to testify AGAINST his daughter to a grand jury.

Today is the day most of us following this case were waiting for. Today the most important evidence will be presented to a jury selected at random , so far 9 men and 10 women. This jury of men and women will decide if Casey Anthony will be indicted for a more serious charge in her daughter's disappearance, charges like manslaughter, murder and 1st degree murder.

George Anthony was the only family member called to testify and most shocking NOT in his daughter's favor, but against her. There is no secret that Casey Anthony and her father did not always get along. On many occasions and through comments and text messages we have been privy to Casey telling friends that she HATES her father.

It is my suspicion that George Anthony was the only one who often stood up to his daughter and punished her and called her out on her wrong doings. In his first interviews with Law Enforcement he sympathetically told investigators that he DID NOT LIKE the smell in his daughter's car when he found it. He admitted to the FBI that his wife asked him to omit information.

Today George stands alone, his wife and daughter have been excluded from the secret proceedings of the grand jury. They will not be able to stare George down and make him feel guilty for telling the truth. He made a comment this morning to pray for his family and that this was the hardest thing he ever has had to do.

We can only hope that George will be Caylee's voice. It seems no one else in that family has. Something terrible happened to little Caylee and her mother is responsible, if not directly then indirectly and just as guilty.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

State's Attorney to take it to the Grand Jury

Casey Anthony's days of preconditioned freedom are coming to an end. Her days of walking around her parent's home spitting lies like poison and killing them slowly are now limited. Her days of shaking her ass as she walks back and forth in front of the media wearing stolen sunglasses and tight jeans, acting as if she is the latest hot trend, are soon going to be over.

I am most positive that Casey Anthony will spend the rest of her life behind bars, no makeup, no sunglasses, no boys to manipulate, no lingerie to parade around in. It will be cold and dark and the world is going to forget her, she is going to sink into obscurity and maybe years and years from now when she is an old tattered woman, she will ask for parole and I will be much older, but still alive to see that parole denied, she deserves much worse, like death.

I believe now more than ever that Casey Anthony planned to kill her daughter. In her sick and selfish mind her daughter was her property, this empty vessel that called her mama. In her mind she thought she will cause her no pain, just put her to sleep and get rid of her once and for all, so that she would be free to live her life without the constant interference from her mother and without the burden of being a mother and raising another human being.

I believe she thought highly of herself and her ability to lie and manipulate, so much so that she believed her story about the nanny, which I am sure she made up on the spot after questioning from her brother, would be believed. She thought she would win over her parents and then her mother would take on the role of searching for Caylee, but never finding her and eventually it would all be put to rest.

Maybe she thought her mother would not call the police and instead help her investigate the disappearance, it makes sense, she told her mother she spoke to Caylee that very day and Caylee was just fine. Maybe Casey Anthony thought everyone would accept that this Nanny took Caylee because she loved her and Casey wasn't too upset about it and therefore they would all just let it go.

I am convinced she drove around with her dead daughter in the trunk of her car for days if not weeks, that in itself calls for the death penalty. Recently surveillance video shows her at a Target store during the time her child was "missing" and she was supposedly investigating and trying to find her. It has been reported that with stolen money and checks from her friends, she was buying clothes, shoes, beer, food, the sunglasses she still wears to this day and yes lingerie.

Does that sound like a mother who lost her child and was searching for her day and night?
No, that sounds like a mother who murdered her child and was on a shopping spree. That little girl did not deserve to die, her death was senseless.
Caylee was loved by her grandparents and many other people who would have taken her alive and well and kept her for themselves and cared for her, Casey Anthony would have none of that, she was selfish and didn't want that child to ever bring her down, to ever be connected to her, to never again be her responsibility, to never have to see her own mother being a better mother to her child than she, that was all just too ridiculous and murdering her fit much better with the spiteful bitch's plans.

Casey Anthony's mind is a mystery to me and the fact that she has been shown so much leniency is frustrating, had this been a father who did this, he would be in jail with no questions asked.

Fianlly the State's Attorney's office will be taking its case to the Grand Jury on Oct. 14th, it will then be up to the Grand Jury to decide if the State can bring homicide charges against Casey Anthony for the murder of her beautiful little girl.

I am hoping they do and the death penalty remains on the table until she tells them where Caylee's little broken body is.

It is NOT okay to murder your child and she will NOT get away with it.

I hear she is often online searching and googling her name. If ever you come to this blog, you piece of shit, I want you to know that I can't wait to forget you. I can't wait for the world to forget you and let you rot in jail waiting for the day you die and meet your maker.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Search for Caylee Anthony Continues


Tim Miller is returning to Orlando Florida to continue his search for Caylee, there are new areas of concern and Tim and his team are ready. Meanwhile Casey Anthony is asking to be allowed to travel in order to search for her daughter, but she wants to be able to travel in PRIVATE!!! Without the media or public knowing when and where she is searching.

Now, this case is going to give me ulcers if it has not already. Who do these people think they are? Does the Anthony family believe they are above the law and smarter that the FBI and detectives?

Casey Anthony waited 31 days before she got caught by her mother without her child, she may have gone longer and disappeared had it not been for her car being found and towed. It is now over 100 days that this child has been missing and Casey Anthony has only offered up lie after lie with her mommy and daddy close behind with their lies.

Now she wants us to believe she is going to search for her daughter but we are not allowed to watch her or see where she is looking?


I am so angry and I don't care if her slimy lawyer uses this as a ploy to show she "tried" to search for her child but was denied the opportunity to do so - because it is a little too late for that argument.


I will open up this post with a direct quote from Casey Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez. Thursday, Casey's attorney said it's not in her best interest to tell what she knows about where Caylee is.

"It does her no good to show her cards to give the prosecution any advantage they have to put her away for life," Jose Baez said.

It seems all the hoopla and circle jumping Casey Anthony has done to make it appear like she remotely cares about her daughter has come to an end and served no real purpose.

Casey Anthony has claimed a babysitter by the name of Zeinada Fernandez-Gonzalez had kidnapped her daughter, she then said dangerous kidnappers had her, then changed that to the babysitter and her sister taking the baby from a park and giving her a "script" to follow. She also then just simply said she didn't know where Caylee was.

Now it seems after the FBI has officially named her a suspect, she has admitted to playing a game. Her lawyer is giving her the advice of NOT showing ALL of HER CARDS, especially if those cards could be used to send her to jail for life.

What is on those cards? There whereabouts of her baby girl's body?

Just because you are seething lying sack of manure, and you refuse to tell people where you put your murdered daughter's body it does not make you eligible for freedom. Silence does not equal winning the game.

The FBI and detectives are searching two areas, one they are searching again with cadaver dogs, which is highway 50 near where Casey Anthony abandoned her death smelling car. The other location is near the airport where her cellphone pings alerted and also where she had every reason to be as she VOLUNTEERED to pick up her friends from the airport and drop them off several times.

A witness came forward to tell police they saw a woman in a ball cap wearing a track suit coming out of the wooded area there and getting into a car that matched the description of Casey Anthony's car.

I hope Tim Miller comes back and this child is found so that this poor excuse of a human being can rot behind bars as she should.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Officially a Suspect

Casey Anthony, the diabolical liar, manipulating chameleon has officially been named a suspect today in the disappearance of her daughter, 2 yr Caylee Marie Anthony.

Before today, Casey was considered merely a "person of interest".

I am confident that she will be charged with murder very soon.
I am hopeful that Caylee will be found and given a peaceful burial.