Friday, August 8, 2008

The pants and the Lies..

Just when I flip back to giving Cindy the benefit of the doubt, she forces me back to wanting her arrested.

Some details from the search warrant were released:

On Monday, detectives spoke to Cindy Anthony and learned she took some pants out of Casey Anthony's car before investigators seized it last month. The document also shows Cindy Anthony washed them because the pants had the odor of the foul-smelling car.

George Anthony told investigators that he saw Casey Anthony wear those pants on June 16 when Casey Anthony supposedly left for work. That was the last time George Anthony saw his granddaughter.

Sigh....I am at a loss for words...

The search warrant apparently debunks a story about Casey Anthony getting a call during which she overheard Caylee.

Casey Anthony claimed she got that call around noon on July 15 - the day she reported the child missing. Her phone records show no call was made to her cell phone at that time, according to the search warrant.

Detectives also could not track down any of the people Casey Anthony told her family could prove the babysitter - Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez - existed.

Casey Anthony said she left Caylee with the babysitter and has not seen her since June.

They also found several messages including one about an event at
Universal Studios - in Casey Anthony's e-mail from e-mail addresses that don't exist, the search warrant said.

I just don't know what to say about this. Cindy destroyed potential evidence and has now been given proof that her daughter never worked for Universal and she never spoke to Caylee after June 16, she also knows that Zeinada does not exist.

The "she is a poor grandmother hoping for the best outcome and choosing not to believe the worse" excuse is over.

She knew what she was doing when she washed those pants.

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