Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charges to be filed within the hour..

*Criminal charges were formally filed:

1 count willful negligence, a Class 3 felony

One charge of providing false information to a Police officer.

It is my understanding that now that she will be arraigned on these charges they will be able to keep her in jail longer and the 33 day rule will not apply. Casey will not see or feel freedom until she tells the world what she did with her daughter.

*My people on the street in Orlando tell me there is a massive search going on for Caylee. There are helicopters involved and search dogs.

We know DNA evidence was found, but we don't know in what respect.

Cindy Anthony was scheduled to meet with her daughter Casey at 1PM, it is now 1:26PM and Cindy is a no show and the doors from the jail have been sealed.

My heart is breaking. Caylee, I didn't know you, but I love you sweetie.

I will come back to confirm all of this when I have news.

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