Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Key Information - Casey Anthony Case

I have finally finished reading through the released discovery documents, it was 400 pages.

Below is a breakdown of new information that stood out to me.

The abandoned car:
  • The car was noticed by an Amscot employee on June 28, she made a note of the car being abandoned by a dumpster and called her boss, who told her to report it to the police to see if the car was stolen, if it was not stolen, he said to wait two days and then call a tow truck. On June 30th, the Amscot employee called the tow truck.

*This is a very interesting time, as it means Casey was without the car from June 28th until July 15th.

  • Cindy Anthony received a letter on July 15th which told her the car was abandoned and towed.

  • George and Cindy went to the towing lot to pick up the vehicle.

  • George told the manager there that his daughter was missing for a month and that it was her car and that his granddaughter was still missing.

  • The manager of the towing company and George opened the car together and an extremely foul odor escaped the car, they opened the trunk and flies came out, in the trunk they found a garbage bag full of papers, an EMPTY pizza box and maggots.

  • The bag was tossed over the fence into a garbage pit, but later it was taken as evidence.

  • The manager of the towing company mentioned the scent to George and George had no reply.

*George and Cindy have often claimed that the rotting pizza left in the car was the reason for the foul odor, however it is in the towing manager's sworn statement he said that it was an EMPTY pizza box. The maggot and flies are strange as an empty pizza box would not produce maggots and flies in a locked trunk.

Also found in the car:

  • Caylee's baby doll without clothing

  • Caylee's Dora the Explorer backpack

  • Shoes

  • A bag and belt

  • A dinner knife (Cindy admits to removing the knife and cleaning it before giving it to police).

  • A child's toothbrush

  • Casey's clothing which Cindy also washed before giving to police.

  • A piece of paper with Amy's (Casey's friend) telephone number, it was on the passenger seat.

The friends:

  • Anthony Lazzaro is Casey's boyfriend, he says he saw Caylee on June 2nd, she and her mother came over for a swim at his complex. He says beginning on June 9th Casey began telling him Caylee was with her nanny at various places.

*This date of June 9th is extremely important because it is the same date Casey originally gives for the last time she saw her daughter, this is the date she says she left her daughter with the nanny. Anthony Lazzaro claims that beginning on JUNE 9 Casey basically moved in with him and spent every night with him without Caylee.

  • Casey Anthony's ex-fiance Jesse Grund discovered she had deleted more than 200 photos of her and her with Caylee that were online and over a months worth of comments and posts.

  • Jesse Grund states he experienced two strange encounters with Casey from 6/22 to 7/3. He is not sure of the date but insists Casey called him and asked him if she could take a shower at his house, she said she was not living with her parents because of a fight they had and her boyfriend Tony was out of town. He also says on July 3 Casey texted him and told him not to pick up calls from her parents and she will explain why later and to stay out of it. He called her the next day and she told him the story was too long and maybe she will tell him one day when she is drunk.
*This adds to my theory that when she was not at her boyfriend's house, she was living out of that car with Caylee.

  • Longtime friend Ryan Pasley got a call from Cindy Anthony earlier this summer. He said she warned him against talking to Casey because "she's been lying about a lot of stuff and . . . stole money from her and her grandmother." Cindy Anthony called her daughter a "sociopath." When asked what would make Casey Anthony open up to detectives, Pasley replied, "the fear of God."

  • Anthony Lazzaro said Casey would often abruptly state that Caylee was with ZANNY the NANNY at Disney or that they were at Cocoa Beach for the week and each time she would say, "Oh, they are staying another day". He began to feel strange about the nanny being with Caylee more than the mother and Casey soon after began to mention how during the day while he was at school, she had visited with Caylee.

*Zanny the Nanny is a character from a children's book.

Other information she gave Anthony Lazzaro:

  • She told him she hated her father and wished her mother would leave him.

  • She said she had her Associates degree and was currently enrolled in Valencia College. FALSE: Law Enforcement confirmed she was not nor ever enrolled in any classes at Valencia College.

  • She said she had a lot of money saved, about $15,000 - FALSE: She had no such account.

  • She often boasted about being a single young mother and having a nanny and good job and making it all work. FALSE: She claimed to be an event planner for Universal Studios, Law Enforcement discovered she was not currently employed at Universal.

  • She would take all her calls outside the apartment and never let Lazzaro hear what she was talking about, when he asked her about it, she said she didn't want him to hear her fight with her mother.

*I think Caylee may have had a cellphone and would call her mother from the car where she was alone. I think also Casey would tell her mother that Caylee was with her asleep and such and she did not want Anthony Lazzaro to hear her lies.

  • She claimed her parents were going to leave her the house, but because her mother found her father had cheated, they no longer were leaving her the house. Several of her friends repeated this story to detectives.

Phone Calls, Emails & text Messages:

  • Casey Anthony sent a mass text to her friends on July 16th, this was after her mother found her and police were called in. In her text she said Caylee was missing and had been missing for 32 days and if anyone had information they should call her. This text message sent a shock wave through her circle of friends, these friends thought it was a joke since they had been hearing for weeks that Caylee was with the nanny at Disney World, Sea World, Universal, Cocoa Beach, Sandford Florida and various other places.

  • One of her childhood friends replied in disbelief to the text message and asked Casey what she should be looking for, Casey told her a "Silver Ford Focus 4 door".
    *Please note, she did indeed provide Law Enforcement with a description of Zanny the Nanny and this Ford, but she did this through her family and NOT in the initial interview.

  • Casey claims that on July 12th Zenaida the Nanny called her but she had no opportunity to ask where she and Caylee were and she spent everyday after that searching malls, parks and any other place she thought she may see them, she also had gone to popular bars and clubs looking for information. She claims that she lied and stole money from friends and family in order to search for Caylee.

  • Casey also claims she spoke to Caylee on July 15th around noon. She says the call came into her cellphone from a private number and that Caylee was fine and talking about a book she was reading, she said she asked Caylee to put an adult on the phone, but then the phone went dead. FALSE: According to cellphone records Casey did not receive a call from a private number around noon time on this date, actually she did not receive a call at all anywhere near this time of day.

*Interesting point: Very interesting, during the police interview at Universal Studios when detectives figure out she did not work there, she tells them she got a call from Caylee the day before but was unable to get her daughter to tell her where she was, she says Caylee kept talking about a book, however when the detective asks her why her daughter did not seem upset considering she had NOT seen her mother in almost 5 weeks, Casey says that she never got upset about not seeing her, that Caylee could go days without seeing her, but HAD IT BEEN HER MOTHER (CINDY) that Caylee would have been upset.

This is a direct link to when she states to Cindy when Cindy is asking to speak to Caylee during the those weeks of not seeing her that CASEY says NO because Cindy will upset her. Which means Caylee often missed her grandmother and would cry to see her, but not so with her own mother.

Fake Emails:

Starting in April and May of 2008 Casey seemed busy with her job at Universal as an event planner. On her computer many emails were found from her boss Thomas Francks and many other associates, Cheryl, Gabe, Manny and so many other names its hard to keep track. There were emails with schedules for events and many people were copied. Most emails were telling Casey to meet at a certain time and prepare to work the night. Law enforcement tried to contact these people and the email addresses failed, the human resources department told detectives that those individuals, including Casey had never worked at Universal and even the name of the department and the titles of the individuals were incorrect on the emails.

This means that Casey was sending these fake emails to herself and having conversations with herself using fake names and events. WHY?

I believe Casey was faking employment so that her parents would get off her back and she would be able to go out at night to party while her mother took care of Caylee thinking Casey was off at work. Now how does she fake a paycheck? She steals from friends, but that is not enough as mom and dad are smart, so she fakes an email from the payroll department at Universal, this email explains they made a mistake with her paycheck, but that the department is closed and nothing could be done until the following week and that she will be compensated immediately.

That email was generated to keep mom and dad at bay. But for how long? Come June Cindy was catching on as she told one of Casey's childhood friends NOT to TRUST her because she was a Sociopath and a liar.

Casey's lies were catching up with her. Now she had a new boyfriend, mom found out her job was fake and they had a huge fight, she takes Caylee and leaves ...and then what? The new boyfriend thinks she is a big shot, with a great job and wonderful Nanny. What does she do now? No job, no Nanny, no mom and dad?

but I digress..there is a lot more in the documents from her friends, all of which can't believe the level of her lying. The interrogation at Universal Studios was very interesting and amazing in that Casey would not back down from her lies, although she admitted she lied, she never drifted away from her story about the Nanny. She kept saying that in a backward sort of way she was trying to help by lying.

I believe this case is very simple. It is about a girl who lied about almost every aspect of her life and now those lies were crashing down on her and not only did she have to care for herself, but she also had to care for a 2 year old and she could not have the boyfriend, the job, the fun with the child.

I seriously believe that on June 9th, Casey began leaving Caylee alone asleep in that car overnight, either by drugging her on leaving her in a remote area. I believe she checked on her during the day and brought her food and such. On June 15th she is with her grandmother visiting her great grandfather and in those pictures, there is something dark in her eyes and I believe by that time she was familiar with the car.

I think an accident occurred while that child was alone and that Casey then covered it up, but I don't think she did it alone.

I hope this saga ends soon. I need my sleep.


Mom in the Middle East said...

Well done. I swear I feel like I've ruined my life by following this case like a bloodhound and I could actually write a book about it at this point. I'm sure you are in the same camp.

I liked your "life in the car" hypothesis. The saddest thing I can think of is that child sitting alone, hour after hour, frightened and lonely.

So, what are your thoughts about who helped Casey get rid of Caylee's body? Do you think she burned it (gas can theft?)

Something about the boyfriends strikes me as highly significant. Weirdly, three are ex cops...one just fired for lying about sleeping with that skank.

(No wonder she didn't have an actual job. No time to work with all that screwing.)

It also appears that at least two -- Tony L, and Jesse G -- were "trained" into bolstering Casey's story. The Jesse stuff gives me the creeps, but then again, what's up with the other two, esp Tony R?

And isn't it WEIRD beyond belief that two ex-boyfriends just resigned from the Orlando police dept and one was just fired? And her dad is an ex-cop?

The depth and breadth of the lies are so stunning that most of us following this riveting yet horrific case have fantasized about being the person who would FORCE a SINGLE TRUTHFUL PIECE OF INFORMATION about Caylee Marie Anthony from her worthless slut of a mother.

To his credit, that sad clown Padilla seems truly disgusted by Casey's uncaring lack of regard for her missing child. She is so far gone that she cannot even fake it.

So, now that you've offered your fine hypothesis, here are some of my own:

George is Caylee's father.
Casey is screwing Padilla
Casey thought she's flirt her way out of this mess.
Casey is calm because she believes she will not be prosecuted without a body and there is no body. She burned Caylee's remains.
Cindy is somehow involved.

I'm impressed with the investigators' notes and am reassured that they didn't believe Casey has said, have pegged this as a homicide all along.

I hope Cindy is prosecuted alongside her daughter.

I hope justice is served soon.

I hope Caylee is being comforted in heaven.

Nikra said...

Mom in the middle east:

I don't think she burned the baby, it is really difficult to burn a body and even so there are bone fragments left at the scene, the smell is dreadful as well. We know that Duncan burned little Dillon and he did it in the woods, away from everything, so if she did that, then it must have been done in a remote area and the pings on her cell phone might have alerted police to those areas and I am hoping Tim from Equusearch will search those areas.

What I don't know yet is, was the gas from the gas cans used? I don't think I have read anywhere that they were or not. Maybe she stole the gas, to fill the car to drive it to a remote area to leave the body, or maybe she just needed the gas.

As for the person that I think helped her with the body. I really think it is someone who has had sex with her, a boyfriend an older man, a drifter a thug she knows from t e clubs, someone that would never speak up and has way too much to lose, like lets say an immigrant and illegal who she bedded, someone she knows will never come forward.

I think Padilla thinks that we are all dumb. He knew a lot of what was in the 400 pages before he bonded her out. He knew she was a liar and the publicity he has received from this is amazing and now they will get their money back and the investment was well worth it.

I think she has had a relationship with Baez and that is how she knew to call him.

George as the father is interesting, but I think the father of that baby was either a one-night stand or an older married man, possibly a friend of George or the family.

I think Cindy and George fabricated a lot of things after the fact, after the shock of discovering the smelly car and they went into protect the family name and appearance, I think they care more about how they look to others than what has actually taken place.

I think they will find the body.
i think casey will claim the kidnappers killed the baby.

I think she will go to jail for a long time and her family will forever claim her innocence.

Anonymous said...

To Mom in the middle east:
Stating that you think George is Caylees father is flat out stupid... of all the theorys i have heard that tops it off.
George and Cindy are guilty of nothing except being in deep denial! The media has hounded them to death! Nobody can imagine the situation they are in. Cayee was their life and they dont want to face the fact that she is gone. I think Casey is as guilty as they come, and i think she deserves to burn in hell but the grandparents are hurting badly and are not ready to face the truth. Believing their daughter is what is getting them through each day even though im sure they know in the back of their minds the truth.

Anonymous said...

I also have been into this case since I first heard about it. I check every day on recent developments. I believe she use to leave the little girl alone in the car. She had to have drugged her and left her somewhere that no one would walk by and see her. I think this is awful and can not believe that she is at home and not in jail. I hope that they find the body. I think she dumped it in the dumpster next to where she parked her car. They found the car parked next to a dumpster that was enclosed. How come they have never searched the dump with dogs??

Nikra said...

Hello _ I think the problem with the dumpster is the way these dumpsters are cleared and where they are dumped. If Casey put her in the that specifc dumpster, this means she would have been dumped in the landfill around June 26 or 28. It will be 17 days before Law Enforcement is involved and even longer before they place the dumpster as a possibel drop.

These dumpster have numbers on them that will tell your where in the landfil they are dumped, but the ares are deep and wide and sorting through them could take weeks, lots of man power and money to hold off dumping of additional garbage.

I did hear in early Sept. that TES were searching the landfil, but I don't knwo what came of it.

I feel Casey dropped her in a body or water.

Dayna T said...

First of all, I have read every page of the released documents in this case, I have followed the news & internet daily, to the point of obsession. I have a 2 year old, and I cannot FATHOM the thought that he "go missing" & I would act in this chicks manner... Going out, partying, etc... That is unacceptable.

I have my theory of what happened, and I have felt it in my heart all along... I feel like something happened to Caylee- she was drugged to sleep, but didnt wake up, or they were partying and something unexplained happened... Casey realized it, and KNEW her parents would freak out, knowing little Caylee had died while Casey was totally f*cked up and not watching her child like a responsible parent.... She then decided to take it into her own hands and hide Caylees body.... In the process, she made up this long drawn-out lie about the "nanny" to the point where she almost beleived it herself....

When her parents got the car, dad George found a trash bag in the trunk & threw it away beside the tow-yard... He's ex-LEO... He smelled the car & knew something was wrong, so he wanted to get rid of any evidence... The pizza box was EMPTY. Maggots dont originate on EMPTY food boxes. If that was the case, hell, a lot of people would have some RAUNCHY garbage cans...

I somehow feel like maybe George had a part of all of this.. Maybe not Caylees disappearance, but in the cover up... Hes been awfully shady. Hes an ex-LEO... He KNOWS how crucial every tiny detail is, so WHY is he so reluctant to comply with the officers??? Mom Cindy is an RN... Im SURE she knows what a dead body smells like. To go back on her statement that it "smells like a damn dead body was in the car" is un-explainable... I find it hard to beleive a RN could be so stupid...

Maybe Casey confided in her father & he helped her come up with the elaborate BS story...

Another thing... she borrowed a neighbors shovel... Theres an area in the backyard of the Anthony house, where a K9 dog had alerted to... They dug up the yard- no body... My thought... Maybe Casey 1st hid Caylee in the backyard... Then, in a freaked out panic, she(or maybe even dad George) dug her up & moved the body... Why else would a forensic dog TRAINED to alert death-smells alert in the yard???

This whole case is insane. A mother who is lying nonstop about everything, everyone & every breath she takes... Her parents who are both shady & non-compliant with LEO.... And NOONE can figure out where Caylee is... Noone can find any trace of her... Noone seems to have any idea what to do next...

I feel so sory for Baby Caylee. Such a beautiful babygirl, with such a messed up family...

I just PRAY that someone smart will hop on this case & find some answers...

Lastly... WHY havent they poly-graphed Casey?? We all know shes lying, but that test would give investigators some SOLID proof of it, and maybe she would crack...

Nikra said...

Casey has a lawyer and he will not let her take a polygraph and these tests are not admissible in court anyway.

Dayna T..... AKA FLMommy said...

I understand polygraph tests arent permissable in court, but I know of many cases where the investigators will do a test anyways, as a 'scare' tactic... When the suspect sees they failed the test, they wil sometimes crack under the pressure...(although Casey is so good at beleiving her own BS lies, that might just not work on her... )

I will continue to follow this case, until we get some answers... I am only a year older than Casey, and my child is only 1 year younger than baby Caylee, and this has touched my heart in so many ways... I feel so angry about the way the Anthonys are handling this, and I feel soo sad for baby Caylee... Its heartbreaking...

I'll be checking in on this site throughout the coming days...

Fake Transcript said...

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Anonymous said...

I know we're now in the midst of the trial, and many things considered here have been brought to light, but my take on this is:

Casey was one of those people who want to punish others by taking someone away. Example: an ex husband decides to punish his ex-wife by killing their child(ren). I think Casey wanted to punish her mother, and after reading Casey's grandmother's statement where she said, "I think she hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee" I believe it even more.

I also think Cindy & George were in complete denial after Caylee was missing, because to NOT believe Casey, they would have to then understand and know that Caylee was dead - something I think they both knew in the deepest place of their hearts but could not bear to admit to themselves. How truly tragic.

They are parents, and as screwed up as their daughter is, they will now most likely lose her as well as that beautiful granddaughter they had.