Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photoshoot and Excuse

Cindy Anthony is now having photo shoots done, this picture makes me angry rather than sad. What is she doing? I guess that must be Caylee's room.

Below is a list of the excuses her mother has tried to make us believe, but since we are NOT on meth, we know better.

  • Casey lead authorities on a wild goose chase when asked to show them where she last left Caylee. The first apartment, ended up being a retirement home, the second was an apartment that had been vacant for 6 months.

Cindy's explanation: Her daughter purposely lead them to the incorrect apartment, because she was afraid if she lead them to the correct one, they would barge in and the kidnappers would kill Caylee.

  • Casey's car was abandoned and when found it smelled of a dead body. Cindy screams that her daughter's "damn car smells like a dead body".

Cindy's retraction and explanation: Cindy first asks the public to put a pizza in the trunk of their car and leave it there for a few days in the heat and then come back and tell her what it smells like. She has now changed her story and says she only said the car smelled of a dead body in order to get the police there faster.

  • Photos of Casey have surfaced. In these photos she is partying at a club and dirty dancing with some girl. These photos were taken about 5 days after she says she discovered the babysitter had stolen her child.

Cindy's reasoning is: Her daughter was conducting her own search and going to the club was in part to find the babysitter who often hung out there and in part to behave as she normally would in order not to raise any red flags that something was wrong so as not to alert the kidnappers or put her family and friends in danger.

  • Casey has been unable to give the authorities the truthful story of where Caylee is and who took her.

Cindy's explanation: Her daughter is speaking in clues and riddles and the police have to read between the lines, Casey is afraid for her daughter's life and therefore can't just come out and say where she is.

I will add more shortly.

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Edna said...

You know, the more I try to read any comments by Cindy Anthony, the more she just makes me sick, frankly. I think this woman is a major ENABLER of her daughter and always has been. The daughter had a child and then basically it seems like she dumped the child off on Cindy to raise while she was off half the time stealing gas cans, partying, being gone for days, etc. She tells her friends that her mother is very controlling, yet while I'll bet there is truth to that, Cindy is obviously simultaneously VERY enabling, as I said. So Casey is a person who is deeply angry at her mother for being smothering yet, at the same time, never setting any boundaries on her behavior. Result? A person who is constantly testing the limits of what behavior will be tolerated, which allows her to at once behave in passive-aggressive ways towards her controlling mother, yet also subconsciously she is still crying out like a child to have some dang BOUNDARIES set by her parents, but no, they never do. Result of all THAT is that now we have a bonified sociopath on our hands. She resented any efforts to "control" her and was jealous of the attention Cindy gave to Caylee. NOT a good combo. I think we all know, tragically, what ultimately resulted. Which brings me (finally!) to my point: it is SO sickening the way Cindy, imho, is OBVIOUSLY covering up for Casey and STILL continuing to enable her!!!! She knows darn good and well that Casey either killed Caylee or knows exactly where she is, yet she keeps covering up and making all these LAME excuses for such things as why Casey led investigators to a vacant building, etc., etc., etc. STOP THE LYING, CINDY. JUST STOP LYING.

The whole thing is truly the single most chilling, sickening, utterly pathological family drama I've ever seen play out so intimately in front of the public. I feel like I'm up close and personal looking into the eyes and "mind" (I use that term loosely in this case) of a sociopath, and it is extremely chilling, chilling, chilling, I can't use that word enough. And then the grandmother, Cindy! I don't know who is worse, honestly, Casey or Cindy. I am no longer giving Cindy any benefit of any doubt, she has GOT to realize that her daughter of full of complete and utter horse BLEEP.

Sickening, outrageous, chilling, tragic, heartbreaking, and disgusting. And the only one so far who is paying the price for any of this is the one person who is totally innocent: Caylee. Either she is dead, which so sadly I believe is the case, as the cadaver dogs and the experienced human investigators both smelled human decomposition in the car, plus they found hair consistent with Caylee's, I mean, come on, the awful conclusion is just completely unavoidable. But still I HOPE against hope that Caylee is alive and has "merely" been left with someone, all in a passive-aggressive attempt by Casey to punish her mother and simultaneously get herself a stunning amount of attention. She is LOVING this, if you look at her body language and the text of her little chats with people, etc. She is the center of attention and loving it. SICKENING.

You know, usually I'm not drawn into "true crime" stories but something about this case just has me obsessed. I so want them to find Caylee, one way or the other, and prosecute Casey to the utmost extent of the law. I pray very hard that Caylee is alive and well and that she will be removed from any and all contact with that PSYCHO family.