Friday, January 30, 2009

Having babies when you have no business having them.

Last week I read about a miracle that occurred in California. A woman gave birth to Octuplets. Amazingly, the mother was in good health and all the babies survived the delivery. I rejoiced in my head. IVF is tricky, but I don't expect many mothers to decide to eliminate some of the fertilized eggs to limit the births and lives. I feel for women who struggle to have children and IVF is a miracle in itself.

Almost instantly, the story of this woman began to unravel.

She is 33 years old and still lives at home with her parents in a 3 bedroom home.

I thought, oh boy, this poor family needs help.

Then I read that this woman in not married.

I begin to wonder, but still I find nothing wrong with a single woman wanting to be a mother and having medical intervention to achieve that goal.

I then read that this woman has six other children, yes SIX, two of which are 2 year old twins.

In addition, her family filed for Bankruptcy last year. It is also unknown where she got her fertility treatments or what sperm she used.

To recap:

A 33 year old mother of six, living with her bankrupt parents, with no husband, sought out fertility treatments even though she seems pretty fertile to me, and a doctor actually thought it was a good idea to implant more babies in her uterus.

Now suddenly this woman is like the third woman or something in history to ever deliver Octuplets.

The team of doctors who delivered them said they first met her when she came to them already 3-months pregnant, it is unknown who gave her prenatal treatment before this.

Suddenly, this family is propelled into the spotlight, their financial situation all over the news and people are throwing money at them left and right.

The rumor is that this woman works for a fertility treatment center. If so, it seems likely that she sought treatment at her place of work with the help of an associate.

Why did she do this? I suspect maybe she watches John & Kate plus 8 and maybe the Duggars - 17 and counting.

Did this family bank on banking on these Octuplets?

It would be sick if this was all a plan to get rich. It should be a crime if it was. I feel sad for those babies.

Friday, January 23, 2009

George Anthony Has a Breakdown

*Update: George Anthony is in stable condition and is being kept for 72 hours at a local hospital in order to be sure he is not a danger to himself or others. It has been reported that a half written suicide letter was found in George Anthony's car. It has also been reported that George told authorities, "all he wants is to be able to hold Caylee's little hand again.."

I pray that George will find the strength to do right by little Caylee.

The grandfather of murdered 2 year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing yesterday evening by his family after he sent out a morbid text telling them he did not want to live anymore.

George Anthony's cell phone pings assisted authorities in discovering his location. He was found at a motel in Daytona Beach, it is unclear on his condition when found, but he has now been hospitalized.

My heart just breaks for him. Casey Anthony is to blame for the death of her daughter and now the near death of her own father. She can end their pain. She can admit her wrong and ask for forgiveness, but she will not, because in her own words "She is a spiteful bitch".

Updates to be made soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer Rust and Her Babies

The above picture is heartbreaking. A mother's casket, surrounded by those of her sweet children.

I don't understand how a human being can hurt a child in any way, but to murder four of them in cold blood along with their mother is beyond belief. I say this to the monster who did this, these were not your children, these were nothing born of you, nothing good has ever come from you nor will it ever. You are a monster and deserve to be tortured to death and then burned before a screaming crowd.

Summer Rust 25, was found dead on January 12, in her Oklahoma apartment along with her four beautiful children, 7-year-old Autumn, 7-year-old Kirsten, 4-year-old Teagin and Evynn, 3.

Her 25-year-old dead beat boyfriend, who lived off of Summer decided he was going to end Summer's life for choosing to toss him out, not only did he choose to kill Summer, but he decided he would murder her children one by one, strangulating each of them. I will remind you that it can take up to 5 minutes to strangle someone to death, so this evil monster looked into the eyes of these children and continued to squeeze the life out of them. Then he fled to Texas where he bragged about killing Summer.

What could he gain from killing the kids? His discord was with their mother, not with them. Through this man's veins runs cold and icy water, not blood and he enjoyed taking Summer's life and the lives of her most loved babies. These murders were about the ultimate control. In this world there are too many stories like this, a mother, wife and daughter murdered by a man who once loved her. How can we stop violence against women?

I want you to look at his face and I want you to hate Joshua Steven Durcho as much as I do.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Little Caylee: New Information

More than 200 pages of new information on the Caylee Anthony case was released today due to Florida's Sunshine Law.

The documents contain transcripts of the 911 call made by the meter reader who discovered Caylee's remains as well as crime scene investigator notes including lead detective Yuri Melich's notes on the findings.

*To my utter horror it has been confirmed that duct tape was indeed placed over Caylee Anthony's little mouth and to add to the horror of imagining a little girl being forced to be quite by placing coarse sticky heavy duty tape over her mouth, the monster who did this, sealed it with a heart shaped sticker. Yes. She placed a heart shaped sticker on the duct tape after she placed it over her little girl's mouth.

Caylee was placed first in a hamper bag (easily this bag can be traced back to the Anthony home), then placed in a plastic garbage bag and buried. Buried with Caylee was her missing back pack, Winnie the Pooh blanket and toys. Contrary to what George Anthony (Grandpa) said she was wearing, they found little white striped shorts and a 3T-shirt with several iron on letters.

Basically, this sick monster just threw her child away with all of her favorite things and buried her. Did she say a prayer as she buried her daughter? I bet this evil woman thought she was giving her a proper burial by adding all her favorite toys and placing a heart shaped sticker on her.

This brings me back to that poem she wrote and posted on on July 7th, shortly after I believe Caylee was murdered and buried but before anyone even knew she was missing.

I will leave you with Casey Anthony's cold words.

“On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken. Trust no one, only yourself. With great power, comes great consequence.What is given can be taken away. Everyone Lies. Everyone Dies. - Casey Anthony

*Edited on 2/8/09 to correct statement about tape.  Duct tape was placed over Caylee's mouth, not wrapped around her head as some believe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who was Vernon Seitz?

On December 15, 2008, Milwaukee police arrived at the home of 62 year old Vernon Seitz to check on him after a concerned citizen called to say he had not been to work at his barber shop since December 10.

It has been reported that Vernon's therapist, contacted authorities on December 10th to inform them that her patient had confessed to killing a child over 40 years ago after being kidnapped himself. He told his therapist that he was abducted from a zoo on June 19, 1959 and then forced to kill a 14 year-old boy at gunpoint while his abductors killed another 13 year old boy in front of him. Authorities arrived at Vernon's door with a search warrant in hand.

The problem?

No such crime or abduction was ever reported by Vernon or his family. No children in the area were missing at that time that fit his description.

His therapist, who had been treating him for 11 years claims she had this information for years and was treating him for traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. However, some reports say he confessed this crime to his therapist from his death bed.

On December 15, police found Vernon dead of a coronary condition in his home in his bed. Surrounding him and filling his lair, were countless drawings, VHS tapes and paintings of little boys, either naked or being sexual tortured or both.

In addition to those disturbing items, police found numerous maps of desolated areas and parks. They found newspaper clippings of missing children, they found photos and posters of these missing children.

Vernon Seitz seemed to be obsessed with one missing child in particular, 11 year old Jacob Wetterling from St. Joseph, Minnesota. Police suspiciously found video footage of Jacob among other VHS tapes in Seitz's home, this footage is said to be footage of Jacob before he went missing, it is not clear if it is a video that was released to the media during the investigation that Seitz simply taped, or if this footage is something else entirely. Also found were maps of Jacob's hometown of St. Joseph and many posters and laminated pictures of Jacob.

Jacob's story: Jacob, along with his brother Trevor and a friend, Aaron, went to their local video store at about 9:00pm on October 22, 1989, as the boys rode their bikes back home, a man suddenly emerged from a wooded area with a gun and forced the boys on the ground. First the man told Trevor to run and not look back and then he told Aaron to do the same, but Aaron did look back just in time to see the masked man grab Jacob and drag him into the woods.

Jacob has never been found and his case remains cold.

During the fevered search for Jacob, his mother met a nice man from Milwaukee, named Vernon Seitz, who offered to help search for Jacob, he told Mrs. Wetterling he was a psychic who was also abducted as a child and who offered families of missing children his services. Mrs. Wetterling declined, but records show Vernon remained in Minnesota for at least two weeks after his encounter with Mrs. Wetterling.

The question is, where was Vernon on the day Jacob went missing? Was he at home in Milwaukee? Was he merely a man obsessed with missing children? Would such an obsession compel you to travel almost 500 miles to appease your curiosity?

Authorities in Milwaukee have been quoted as saying they have no evidence that Vernon is connected to the Jacob Wetterling case in any way, they also claim there is no evidence that Vernon is a pedophile nor responsible for any child abductions. They say his story about his own kidnapping in 1959 is most likely a lie.

I say, by the looks of what they found at the home of Vernon Seitz they may want to actually do some investigating and look into this further.

Here is a list of items found:
  • Children's shoes, one shoe was a 2 1/2 and one shoe 3 1/2, both contained DNA and were sent for testing.

  • Books on cannibalism

  • A small round bone, with the marrow sucked out of it, this was also sent for testing.

  • Brown patches of human hair

  • Blond patches of human hair

  • Black patches of human hair

  • Rings and Necklaces

  • A flesh colored candle with a catheter attached covered with a brown substance (gross)

  • Bondage straps and chains hanging from the inner rafters of the home

  • Handcuffs

  • Box full of negatives (sent to be developed)

  • Pictures of unknown children

  • A picture of a boy holding a fish dated July 1959

  • Illinois road map with two locations circled

  • A map of Millstream Park (Location near Jacob's abduction)

  • Photos, paintings and drawings of children being sexual tortured

  • A novel by Seitz, named "Innocent Rage"

  • .38 caliber gun

Also coupled with the above were many, many newspaper articles, posters and laminated photos and notes some on cardboard boxes of the following missing people and children:

  • Sandy Bertolas (white shoe also found with notes on her case)

  • Cora Jones

  • Michael Wayne Dunahee

  • Melissa Lee Brannen

Below is a brief summary of each case:

Sandy Bertolas, 20: Sandra went missing in April of 1988 from a bowling alley in West Allas, Wisconsin after telling her friends & family she was going there to confront the man she was dating for cheating on her and giving her a false last name and home address. Her car was later found in the parking lot abandoned, she was never found.

Cora Jones, 12: Twelve year old Cora Jones was kidnapped while riding her bike in 1994 by a serial sex offender David Spanbauer who was out on parole. He later pleaded guilty to rape and murder.

Michael Wayne Dunahee, 5: Michael was abducted from the Blanshard Street Playground, in Victoria British Columbia in March of 1991. Michael was last seen around 12:30 p.m. playing at the school playground as his mother, Crystal Dunahee, was participating in a softball tournament to which his father was a spectator. Michael was abducted meters from his parents, but no witnesses to Michael's disappearance have ever been identified. (taken from Wikipedia). Michael was never found or seen again.

Melissa Lee Branne, 5: Melissa went missing from a party at her apartment complex in Lorton Virginia. A groundskeeper was later charged and convicted with her abduction, but Melissa has never been found.

It is obvious that Vernon Seitz was not responsible for some of these cases, but it is clear by the items found at the home of this often described "gentle" but "weird" 62 year old barber, that something is not right. There were reports that fresh cement was recently poured over some ground at his home, as well as fresh dirt overturned under the heavy snowfall. These facts alone deserved to be looked into.

The hair, bone, jewelry and baby shoes found are a clear indication that at least the Milwaukee police should be saying, maybe just maybe, they will be able to solve some cold cases.

Was Vernon Seitz a monster? Or merely a disturbed non-offender?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tara Grinstead Vanished Into Thin Air

Beautiful Tara Grinstead has been missing from Ocilla, Georgia since October 22, 2005. The mystery surrounding her disappearance is frustrating and the $200,000 reward for information on her whereabouts still remains untouched & unclaimed. The large sum of money seemingly not tempting enough for the silence to be broken. Usually, when there is a reward of this magnitude, someone somewhere betrays somebody.

Not in Tara's case, which tells me that this is one man who worked alone and has a lot to lose.

Saturday, October 22, Tara, a loved and adored high school teacher, assisted her students in a beauty pageant by preparing their hair and makeup. Tara herself was a former beauty queen and enjoyed being a role model and mentor to her students. At the end of that long day, Tara attended a BBQ at a friend's home and upon leaving at 11PM, she told her friends she was tired and was going home to watch the video of the pageant before turning in for the night.

Tara came home, she undressed, she put her cellphone to charge and that is where the trail ends.
No one suspected anything when the devoted christian did not attend church on Sunday. Not until Monday morning when the teacher did not show up for work did anyone consider something terrible might have happened.

Where had she gone? Was she kidnapped? Was she hurt? Did she leave on her own?

It was no secret to friends and family that Tara was currently in turmoil. Her relationship with her boyfriend of six years had recently ended. She wanted to marry him, but Marcus was not ready to be a husband and so they went their separate ways.

Marcus had just completed a time in the Army Rangers, he was a former Ocilla cop, but now he was traveling around the world, following his passion as an independent consultant for home land security, he was traveling to and from Iraq and even Afghanistan. At this time Marcus was not ready to settle down. Tara was still in love with Marcus and she was struggling with the loss of his love, throwing herself into other brief romances.

The night of her disappearance, friends say Tara was tired, but in a good mood, she was happy, she was normal, there were no red flags. People who know Tara say she would never walk away from her students, her education, her friends or her family.

But on Monday, October 24, when authorities arrived at her home, they found her gone. Her dog was in the front yard and that was the first unsettling sign, as her dog was usually inside the home. Her car remained parked in her driveway unlocked with the driver seat set to accommodate a much taller person and an envelop full of cash was found in the center console.

In her room they found the clothes she wore on Saturday buried beneath a pile of clothing still on hangers. The nightstand lamp was thrown to the floor, her alarm clock was under the bed and it was off by six hours. The beads from a necklace she was last wearing was found scattered under furniture in her bedroom days later.

The strongest evidence found was one latex medical glove on her front lawn.

For days police and searchers looked for Tara, covering almost 400 square miles of land.

They found nothing.

Authorities moved quickly to investigate the men in Tara's life, including her ex-boyfriend Marcus who had recently come back to town, but insisted he was with a friend, an Ocilla cop, accompanying him on the beat all of Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Also investigated was a former student who was known to have an obsession with his teacher, once even being arrested for repeatedly knocking on her front door and trying to get into her home.

All of these men cooperated with police and none offered any new information about where to find Tara or what could have happened to her. Although not named a suspect or even a person of interest, Marcus remains the center of suspicion for Tara's family. Marcus states the last time he saw Tara was on October 14th when she showed up on his doorstep asking him to come back to her, at the time he said she threatened to kill herself if he didn't and when he refused she left his home in hysterics, later returning to ask him for one last hug.

Tara's family do not believe his claim. However, new information regarding the latex glove found in Tara's front yard contains unknown male DNA, not belonging to Marcus or any of the other men in Tara's life.

Who is this unidentified man?
Was he the one in Tara's car who pushed the seat back?
How could a stranger go unseen in this small sleepy town?
Does this glove belong to an accomplice of one of the men in Tara's life?
Is the glove just unrelated trash that happened to make its way on Tara's property?
Why was there an envelop full of cash in her car and why was it left there by Tara or the perp?
Did Tara just get sucked into thin air?

Will we ever really know what happened to Tara Grinstead?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Julianna Where Are You?

Look at this little girl's face, she is Julian Carroza, sometimes she goes by the name Julianna. She looks like most 12 year old girls growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

I grew up in East New York Brooklyn and I know Julian's world, she is a romantic, she is into the scene, older guys, she is a rebel force, she is pretty but doesn't think so. I was like this at her age. I drove my parents insane. I did poorly in School. I liked the drug dealer guys who hung out on the corner, they were nice to me and called me their baby sister often keeping an eye on me to make sure no one "messed" with me.

However, there are some differences between Julian and my former self at 12, when I grew up in the late 80's early 90's, there was no myspace, there was no chatting online, there was no posting sexy pictures of myself and talking to hundreds of people all over the world. I wasn't exposed to that 50 year old man posing as a teen to get me to fall in love with him and send him photos of myself, to then later convince me to meet up with him.

At 12 years old you think your life sucks, your parents suck, school sucks, and you think you know-it-all, but the truth is, you don't know it all, you know less than a little bit of it all and today in 2008 this ignorance can get you killed.

When I was 12 I had to be home before the 5pm news and even then my mom kept close tabs on my whereabouts, there were no cellphones so teens didn't have that to leverage.

Julian's story is more common than you think.

Julian is bipolar, she lived with her grandparents for an unconfirmed reason. I will assume she was a handful for mom, who was single, since Julian's father is currently in jail.

As is common today, Julian did not look like a bony 12 year old girl, she was tall and looked more like a 17 years old, which was the exact age she will tell people she was, including guys she met online and on the street.

Julian had/has over 300 myspace friends of all ages, creeds and repulsions. She lived online, she would breathe myspace. She posed seductively on myspace, she listed herself as bisexual, she lied repeatedly to her grandparents, her language was foul and even posted a picture of herself "drunk". This could all be a myspace persona, in reality, she wore braces, she had a lot of close friends, one of which was her cousin.

Julian had planned to run away with two of her cousin's, but at the last moment the two girls backed out and on November 14 at about 5:45pm, Julian told her grandparents she didn't feel well and was going to her room to lie down, instead, she tip toed out of the house with a suitcase in hand and into the back of a waiting livery cab.

She was later seen in a Jeep with a much older Hispanic male. It is easy to just toss this story aside and say that Julian was a difficult girl who just ran away and does not deserve media attention and so it seems that NYC feels the same way, since her story is nonexistent here. But I will remind you she is only 12 years old. There is a predator out there ready to exploit her, hurt her or kill her, or who has done so already.

Why is it not important to look for these kids who are misinformed about life? These kids who for some reason think they are bigger than life and then end up a drug addict or prostitute on the street, even worse, end up a dead Jane Doe in an ally.

If you have seen or heard from Julian please contact the following, there is a $35,000 reward for her safe return: Missing Persons at 212-694-7781 or The 72nd precinct at 718-965-6311.

Her family has been posting messages to her on her myspace account:

There are 7 other runaways from Brooklyn, NY, but I can't find a picture or information on any of them.