Thursday, September 25, 2008

102 Days No sign of Caylee - Discovery Documents Overview

Yesterday, over 500 new pages of documents were released to the public, however only 327 pages can be found online. These pages are the sworn statements of Casey's brother Lee and her circle of friends, Amy, Will, Jesse, Ricardo and her boyfriend Tony.

After reading these pages the scope and magnitude of lies and manipulation brought upon by Casey becomes clear.
I will just give you my thoughts on some of the information found in these pages.

Lee Anthony tells of the mother daughter relationship:

Lee Anthony's statements that Cindy and Casey had a turbulent relationship, is nothing new and nothing that we could not have guessed, however, the amount of disrespect they each had for each other and the flip flopping of love and hate is crucial to this case. Stuck in the middle of these combating women was an innocent child, who did not ask to be born, who does not deserve to be missing and possibly even dead. It is clear that Caylee was a pawn used by both of them to hurt each other, but only one of these women actually loved her and that was Cindy Anthony.

From these interviews you find out many times where Casey is out with friends but has to leave early because her mother is calling her and asking her to come home and be a mother to Caylee. There is an instant where Caylee is sleeping over Ricardo's house in his bed with Caylee and Cindy Anthony calls and asks Casey to bring Caylee home. Casey brings Casey home to her mother and then returns to his house.

Cindy Anthony refers to Caylee as the "best mistake Casey has ever made, however, makes it clear that she was Casey's mistake" and that is really Casey's responsibility. This is something really powerful, because if Cindy Anthony wanted Caylee for herself and yet also wanted Casey to be a good mother, but then took over the role herself and then tried to force Casey to be a mother, it is clear that this was an ongoing battle that just eventually erupted.

There are times when she has to cancel plans to take care of Caylee all of these things stop after June 15th. After June 15th she has a nanny and only breaks plans in order to be with new friends instead of her old ones, never is the excuse Caylee.

It is clear that Casey just never wanted to be a mother, she told Jesse that she felt like she was missing out because she was a mother and she couldn't do things freely.
For the first time Casey was on her own in June, no mother to take on the role of parent while she hung out. Instead of going back to her mother and giving her Caylee and saying, "Mom I just don't want to be a mother, please take her," she chose something else, a different terrible option.

July 15th - According to Lee Anthony
Lee says his mother was frantic and on July 15th when she found her lying thieving daughter in the home of an unknown new boyfriend when she was supposed to be in Jacksonville with her grandchild, the world crumbled and their nightmare began.

Cindy Anthony was angry she told Casey's boyfriend that she hopes he is rich because Casey is going to leave him "high and dry". Casey responded by telling her mother to "Shut up".

Casey wasn't in Jacksonville and she didn't have Caylee with her.

Imagine being Cindy Anthony for a moment. The last time you hear from your daughter she tells you she is going to Jacksonville with your grandchild, who you have not see or spoken to in a month. Then you get a notice that your daughter's car was towed because it was abandoned, you go pick up this car and the smell of death is coming from the trunk in "waves". You don't have the key and you don't know what is in the trunk, but you know the car is supposed to be in Jacksonville with your child. That moment before the trunk is opened all of your fears rush to meet you and then nothing, no bodies, just the horrid smell and hungry maggots.

You instead find your daughter sitting in some guys house with not a worry in the world.

Cindy Anthony according to Lee, insisted that Casey take her to pick up Caylee. Casey tells her mother that Caylee is safe and warm and asleep and disrupting her routine will be damaging and they can go pick her up in the morning.

Cindy Anthony's gut is telling her something different, the smell of death and the sting of lies are burning a whole in her stomach and she wants to put an end to all of it, by seeing her grandchild.

Casey refuses to give a location for Caylee or the Nanny. Cindy Anthony is convinced something has happened to Caylee, she even tells Casey, "if you lied to me about going to Jacksonville, how do I know you are not lying about where Caylee is?"

Her brother Lee intervenes and tells her to just tell him where to go and he will just look upon Caylee to make sure she is okay and he will not even wake her.

Cindy Anthony does not want that she says she "wants to hold Caylee". This broke my heart, Cindy is out of her mind with concern and the only thing that will ease her, is holding her grandchild, the one she raised and fed and looked after until June 15th, when Casey left the home and did whatever she did to cause the death or vanishing of this child.

Casey sitting in her room on her bed will not budge, she will not give up and an hour goes by.

Lee is confused, he doesn't understand why his sister will not tell them where Caylee is. Cindy Anthony threatens to call the police and have Casey arrested for theft unless she tells them where Caylee is.

Lee then asked his sister, "How are you benefiting from not telling us where she is, if you get arrested how is that good for you? Why won't you tell us?"

Casey responds, maybe for the first time telling the truth, "because I am a spiteful bitch".

After this angry outburst, Lee plays out what will happen once the police get there. The police will not accepted that she is a spiteful bitch. They are going to want answers. Casey at this point realizes he is right and the manipulation begins.

Casey begins to say that maybe this is meant to happen, that she SHOULD get arrested and maybe it is about time, since she is a terrible mother, daughter, and sister. She starts pulling at her brother's heartstrings, she knows where they are and how to pull them.

I believe at this time she is making up the babysitter kidnapped my baby story. Then she begins to cry and tells Lee Zanny the nanny took Caylee.

Cindy punches her fists on the bed and screams "What have you done".

Lee Anthony helps the police with their investigation, he repeatedly states the smell of the car is overwhelming, overpowering, horrible. He says he went back to pick up Casey's things at her boyfriend's house and found all of Casey's things packed perfectly. He says he can't believe his sister packed those bags, he is convinced she didn't.

Among his sisters things there are NO diapers for Caylee, there are NO clothes for Caylee, there is nothing for Caylee in her things. Diapers and Caylee's baby doll were found in the abandoned car, the car was abandoned on June 27, it was now July 15th.

When they go through Caylee's room back home, they find all of her things there, her clothes, her toys, her shoes. On June 15th, when Casey left the home she didn't take any of Caylee's things. Caylee left that house with only the clothes on her back.

They also find Cindy Anthony's missing credit cards and cash.

EMAILS & Comments: Lee states that Casey's Yahoo email account was completed deleted along with all of her emails, it was deleted on July 15th. Comments left and made by Casey on networking sites facebook and myspace were erased from June to July.

The Gas Cans: Lee Anthony says, Casey did indeed steal Gas Cans from her parents and then returned the cans later that month and said to her father: "Here are your fucking Gas Cans".

This of course contradicts George Anthony's statements about his pleasantries with his daughter and the way he caught her with the cans as he opened her trunk and found them while looking for a tool.

Tony Lazzaro & Friends:

Tony met Casey in May, online, due to facebook.

She listed herself as a student at Valencia College, this of course was a lie as she was not registered at Valencia and never even received her high school diploma. He liked her and she was absolutely crazy about him and she began painting herself as a responsible woman, a woman attending college with a good job as an event planner and a mother with an awesome Nanny. At the time it is important to note that Casey was still sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Ricardo and still stringing along her ex-fiance Jesse and about to meet another gentleman William she would be flirting with while dating Tony.

Tony met and saw Caylee about three times since they met in May, but by June 15, Caylee was practically living with the Zanny Nanny and Casey was living with him. During this time Casey was lying to her friends about almost everything from her father having a stroke and her not being able to help a friend out, to her parents getting divorced, to her mother handing her the house, to Caylee being potty trained, the lies are endless.

In late June she asks Jesse if she can used his shower, since her boyfriend is out of town and she did not want to go home to see her parents. Jesse claims she looked clean and put together and the shower was strange.

By July 5th, according to Tony, she is waking up in cold sweats and having nightmares at night. She tells him the nightmares are about their relationship.

All of her friends attest to her dropping off the radar from June 16 to June 30th when she shows up on Amy's door step asking to stay with her while Tony is out of town. No Caylee.

None of her friends or family have ever met this nanny or have even seen or heard her talking to this nanny or calling to check on Caylee. It is clear to all of them that she was lying to everyone about her whereabouts depending on who she was hanging with.

Amy said she had a different face and world for each friend, Jesse called her a chameleon and a diabolical liar.

Late June she begins telling the story about the smell in her car being dead squirrels trapped in the engine. She offers up this information as a matter of fact without being prompted.

It seems all of her friends and especially her family believes she did something to Caylee. So what changed today? Why are they on her side?

Jesse Grund offered many theories to what happened. He told investigators that Casey would often leave Caylee alone for long periods of time, while she was on the computer or talking on the telephone. He said Caylee used to eat rocks and dog food when unattended and quite possibly may have choked or drowned in the family pool and Casey he believes may have had a mental break down and lossed all sense of reality, making up the nanny and eventually believing it. His theories would make sense and I used to feel this way, but there is only one problem.

Casey never took any clothing or supplies that are required in order to take care of a 2 year old child. When she left her parent's home on June 16th she took her own clothing and her own supplies, but not one item for Caylee. This means she was never intending on keeping Caylee around long enough to change her clothes or shoes or even her diapers. That to me smells like premeditation.

I want to know what changed? Why are the Anthony's now believing their daughter? What if they are not believing her, but keeping her calm?

My heart breaks for Cindy Anthony and only Cindy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Mother Missing - Another Husband Suspected

What is going on in North Carolina?

It seems wives and mothers are being murdered or are going missing left and right and the husbands are all telling the same story. The latest to add to that list is Kelly Morris.

Other NC Mothers:

  • Nancy Cooper found murdered after according to her husband she went jogging and vanished.

  • Janet Arbaroa murdered in her home.

  • Michelle Young murdered in her home.

  • Rose Wynn murdered in her home.

All of these women were from North Carolina and three from Raleigh, all of their husbands have been named a person of interest, circumstantial evidence points to all of them, but none have yet to be arrested.

The most recent - A mother of two young children vanished from her home and the very next day her house is burned to the ground. Her husband as many seem to do in these cases has refused to search for his wife and is not cooperating with authorities, his story and alibi are weak and he has been known to have threatened his wife before. He was the last to see her alive and has no idea what happened to her or why his house was purposely set on fire. His children of course are as safe as he is, this is the same for all the murdered women above, some of their children were even in the home during the murders and unharmed, so either there is a serial killer of mothers and wives in NC, or these husbands are becoming more confident in NC and are taking notes from each other on how to kill your wife and get away with it.

Here is what I imagine is on their how to list:

1. Do NOT cooperate with authorities.
2. Lawyer up immediately.
3. Make up whatever story comes to your head.
4. Always blame law enforcement for incompetence and a biased investigation only focused on you.

More on the newest wife and mother to vanish:
Kelly Morris a 28-year old mother allegedly according to her husband, went out the night of September 3 to find her pet dog that had gone free. He says she never came back. Of course he never called police, instead he took his kids to school the next day and went to work. On September 4th the family home was put ablaze and her car was found less than a mile from their house. Her keys, purse and cellphone were left inside the car.

Scott Morris is not cooperating with investigators.

I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brianna Denison - update

There has been an update on the Brianna Denison case. Brianna was visiting with friends at the University of Nevada where she was staying over a friend's off campus apartment after a night of partying. The last time she was seen, she was asleep on the sofa. In the morning her friends discovered a small bloodstain on her pillow, she was gone, but her purse, keys and cellphone were left behind. It was determined that a glass door by where she was asleep was left open.

Brianna's body was found days later in a field covered with snow, she had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

The DNA left on Brianna's body has been linked to other victims in the area. The serial rapist and now killer has a signature calling card, he steals his current victim's underwear and replaces it with the underwear of his last victim.

This is very disturbing as it means that we may find Brianna's underwear at another crime scene soon.

The suspect has been describe as a white male about 28 to 40 years in age, thin build with a small belly and short beard standing at about 5'6.

The underwear found with Brianna was a black thong with a pink panther on it, the owner of these may be dead or alive as this serial rapist does not always kill his victims.

If you have any information please do the following:

Please call the the Reno Police Hot Line at 775-745-3521 or the Secret Witness Line at 775-322-4900. Secret Witness is offering a $2,500 reward for anonymous tips that lead to an arrest and prosecution.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why are we killing Troy Davis?

*Update: Troy Davis received a stay of execution less than two hours before he was scheduled to die on Septemebr 23rd. The US Supreme Court issued the stay to allow it to meet to consider whether to hear Troy Davis’s appeal.

I am a strong believer in the death penalty. I believe there are some subhumans that do not deserve to breathe the same air as their victims and that the only way to find justice for horrible crimes is to rid the world of these monsters, such as Jeffrey Duncan, the BTK, Scott Peterson and many others. However, there comes a time when the option for the death penalty is dangerous.

Below is the story of Troy Davis, who is due to be executed on September 23, 2008 for a crime he says he did not commit. Many criminals say this, but if there is no evidence that he actually did commit the crime and there is a huge elephant in the room called reliable and reasonable doubt, then why oh why are we going to take this person to the extreme of death?

Here is the Troy Davis Story - you be the judge and the voice for him:

Late one hot August night in 1989, Troy Davis was standing in a Burger King parking lot in Savannah Georgie, he was not the only man in the parking lot, there were several other young black men, a homeless man and one white off-duty police officer named, Mark Allen McPhail, who fell victim and died of gunshot wounds.

The homeless man was getting beaten over a can of beer, Troy Davis tried to intervene but was threatened with a gun and fled after the gun was shown to him. Next to intervene was off-duty police officer Mark McPhail, he tried to help the homeless man, but instead was shot dead in front of several witnesses.

The state of Georgia produced 9 witnesses that placed Davis as the gunman. The murder weapon was never found or linked to anyone, there was no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime, but Davis was still sentenced to death by lethal injection in 1991.

Since that time he has served almost 20 years and since that time almost all of the witnesses have recanted their original testimonies.

The homeless, Larry Young who was getting beaten has since come forward and said he never even saw Troy Davis in the parking lot and he is unsure who did what, however he was the star witness in the Davis trial and initially said it was Davis that struck him in the head with a gun.

Another witness says he was 16 years old and the police told him if he did not cooperate he would be charged with accessory to murder and spend his life behind bars, he said he was a kid and was terrified and so he complied. Another witness came forward to say he was asked to sign a sworn statement confirming his account of the night in question that placed Davis at the scene and as the gunman, the problem was he didn't know how to read or write and had no idea what he was signing. Yet another witness says he was a police informant and made most of his money giving police false information and lying for them in exchange for cash, so he read the headline and then made some cash by pointing the finger at Davis.

All of these witnesses have sworn under oath in front of a parole board about their recantations.

Martina Correia, Davis' sister has been fighting to keep her brother from being executed. In 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given an estimate of 6 months to live, since then she has fought the cancer because she is compelled to save her brother and will not give up on him.

The last two witnesses who refuse to recant their testimony are two that some of the witnesses originally also suspected of the crimes, one of these witnesses is Sylvestor Cole. Larry Young, the homeless man has stated that Cole was the first initially to approach him and ask for one of his beers, Larry said no and he says Cole began to curse at him, the story gets fuzzy after that, but many have said that Cole the very witness who will not recant, was indeed the real shooter and not Davis, this is just speculation, however at this point so is Davis as the shooter.

The courts insist that they are unable to disregard the original testimonies, just because these individuals have come forward to say they are now unsure of what they testified to, does not mean they lied and were coerced by police. But I ask you, even if they are unsure, even if there is a small chance Davis was the shooter, is that enough to kill him? Isn't the chance of him NOT being the shooter greater?

Isn't the risk of putting an innocent man to death a risk they are not willing to take and should at least listen and give him a new trial?

Troy will be executed on September 23, 2008. Friday the parole board will again decide if he should die on the scheduled date. I say NO.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Murder of Michelle Fisher Young and her unborn son

There are several cases that I have written about that have fallen cold, crimes that deserved immediate justice and time seemed a terrible enemy. I want justice more than anything for 29 year old Michelle Young and I will not forget her. Here is a recap of her murder and an update on the case today almost two years later.

Michelle Young was found dead by her sister on November 3, 2006. She was brutally murdered in her bedroom, while her two year old daughter was in the home. The child was unharmed and remained in the house while her mother's body laid in a pool of blood upstairs in the master bedroom.

Michelle Young was 4 months pregnant at the time with her second child, a boy. Michelle was alone in the house with her 2 year old daughter as her husband had left for a business trip the night before.

I feel to tell this story right, I have to start at the beginning.

Jason Young and Michelle Fisher were married in 2003, about a year later their first child, Cassidy was born. The Young's were a normal family, the husband was a senior tax consultant and Michelle worked for an upstanding insurance company. After the birth of her daughter Michelle cut her work hours a bit in order to stay home more often with her daughter.
Rumor based on fact: A car crash has been referenced by friends as the first sign of a possible dissatisfaction of parenthood from Jason Young. In 2005 while Michelle was pregnant, the couple was driving down a road they had driven down many times before, Jason asked Michelle to reach for something in the backseat and upon her removing her seat belt and doing that, the car swerved and an accident occurred. She later lost that baby.

By 2006 Michelle announced they were expecting another child, by this time it seemed their purchase of a new home in Raleigh NC, had financially strained them and their marriage seemed uneasy. It has been reported that Jason Young took a vacation without Michelle or Cassidy that year with his family and unwisely spent money on them without Michelle's consent. Michelle expected to cut her work hours even more now with the second baby on the way and his spending habits were working against them. That same year a large insurance policy was taken out on Michelle with Jason as the sole benefactor.

On November 2nd Jason claimed he had a business meeting on Friday morning in Virginia and was then going to visit with his family in Brevard, NC. That night Michelle and a friend were watching Grays Anatomy when Jason announced he was leaving for his trip. He left while the friend was still there and able to witness his departure.

The very next day, Michelle missed a doctor's appointment.
Early that same morning, Jason called Michelle's sister, Meredith and told her to please run over to his house and retrieve a fax that had come in to their home fax machine which he did NOT want Michelle to see. He bought her a gift for their anniversary and he didn't want her to see the fax which contained some sort of receipt for a gift, he pressed her to hurry. Meredith did not immediately go to the home. (I suspect Jason was concerned that his young daughter was left alone in the home and he wanted Michelle to be discovered and Cassidy to be taken care of).

Meredith arrived at her sister's home at 1:30pm and found it in disarray, she found the family dog freaking out and agitated. As she made her way upstairs she noticed small bloody footprints and immediately began to panic. As she climbed the stairs to her sister's bedroom, she could hear her niece and when she entered the room, she found 2 year old Cassidy on the floor hovering over her mother's bloody body trying to put band aids on her because she had "boo boos".

It was a gruesome scene and Meredith called 911 and tried to turn her sister over to give CPR, but the body was stiff the face unrecognizable and she was dead.

Meredith tried to call Jason on his cellphone, but failed to reach him, she then called his parents in Brevard, he had not arrived at their home yet and she told them the news. Jason arrived much later that evening at about 5PM, he did not know his wife was dead, nor had he called to check on his pregnant wife and child since he saw them the night before.

When Jason arrived he was told the news immediately in his parent's driveway, he instantly "fell to his knees". He didn't say "What?" "No!" "I don't understand" - he just fell to his knees.
He and his parents quickly got in their vehicles and began the drive back to his home, while in route a detective phoned Jason and asked some simple questions, Jason immediately became defensive and refused to speak to the detectives in the VERY early stages of the investigation without a lawyer. He has not since cooperated with authorities and court orders had to be put in play in order to get DNA samples from him later in the investigation. Jason never spoke to investigators even with a lawyer present, he never helped in a walk through of his home to help authorities figure out if anything was missing, he refused to answer any questions about possible enemies the family may have had, basically he told them to F-OFF. He had also hung up on investigators when they tried calling him.

What we know today almost two years later and still no arrest and no suspect named (Search Warrant info just released - will there be an arrest soon):

  • A pillow taken from the bedroom had two bloody footprints - one was identified and has recently been announced to be the footprint of a hush puppy shoe the other a Franklin athletic shoe, the exact hush puppy shoe that Jason purchased a year before the murder and the very shoes that were not accounted for in the home ( a receipt was found that confirmed Jason bought these shoes). The Franklin athletic shoe print was found imprinted in the stain paint of the backyard deck, the two imprints matched.

  • A Jewelery Box had some drawers removed at the crime scene (jewelery also missing). The jewelery box drawers were scattered as if a theft had occurred, the crime scene investigators were able to lift a partial DNA sample. Jason's DNA could NOT be EXCLUDED from the samples taken.

  • The Wall - Crime Scene Investigators lifted a DNA sample near a blood splatter on the edge of Jason's closet the sample was taken from a part of the wall that was 16 inches from the floor nearest the body, they did this assuming the killer would have used the wall to lift himself after kneeling over the body. The DNA sample taken matched Jason's DNA. It has been argued that the DNA may have been there before the crime as it was his closet and his home, however when do you place your sweaty hand on a portion of a wall 16 inches from the floor?
  • The Hotel - The Hampton Inn has video footage of Jason walking around the lobby and near the front desk from 10:40 - 10:51 PM. He is again seen at 11:59PM, but this time he is wearing very different clothes, a dark black pullover hoodie and dark pants. He is seen walking toward the south exit of the hotel. The dark clothing he is seen wearing before leaving the hotel have never been found.
  • The side EXIT door of the hotel is one that requires a swipe of your hotel key to get back in, it records the time of entry and the name of the person assigned to the key, employees later discovered a rock was placed on the floor to keep the door from locking. Jason Young's key card was only used once, it was used 6 minutes after he checked into the hotel and this is corroborated by the security cameras, he then leaves the hotel through the side exit and his room is not accessed again until 11AM the next morning by the housekeeping staff.

  • The New Times Delivery Guy - he claims he has delivered newspapers to the Young's neighborhood for a long time and that it is usually extremely dark at the time of his deliveries to the Young home at about 5AM. He states he remembers his delivery there because the Young home was lit from the inside and he assumed they were having a party. He says he saw a light colored SUV parked near the home, in a manner that looked as if they were unloading or loading items. Jason Young is the owner of a white SUV.

  • The crime scene and Michelle - The cause of death was blunt force trauma, she was brutally hit 13 times (HARD) in the face and head that her jaw was broken. She had fingernail scratches on the back of her neck, indicating she was at one point being strangled by her murderer. She was found face down half on and off the bed. There was blood splattered on the walls, a pool of blood on the bed and blood on the bedside table lamp.

    I hope to update with an arrest soon.
Jason Young has left the area with his daughter and is now reportedly living in Brevard, North Carolina with his mother. The Youngs' house in the Enchanted Oaks subdivision was recently sold.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

85 Days Missing and Presumed Dead...

Caylee Marie Anthony has now been missing three months, 84 days, twelve weeks. No one knows where this tiny 2 year old is. She is presumed dead by law enforcement as proof of decomposition was found in her 22 year old mother's car, as well as hair that that came free from a dying body, a hair that could only be little Caylee's or that of her walking breathing mother, and since Casey is alive and well, then the conclusion is, the hair came from the tiny dead body of that beautiful little girl.

Now I ask you even if what her mother is claiming is true, that she left her with some random person who is now threatening her harm and she doesn't know where she is, would it be a time to high five your brother?

Considering that science is saying that she is dead and was in your sister's car, is it a time to smile and high five your sister for good teamwork?

I have never seen anything like this, short of Scott Peterson pretending to be in Paris while on live TV attending his dead wife's vigil, I can't understand this family.

What reason do you have to make your way through a group of media and make your way into the police station and then high five each other like stupid children?

What is so fucking funny? What are you doing?

84 days missing to an unknown fate caused by the indifference and quite possibly the actions of your selfish mother and rather than cry for you, she is busy giving her brother a high five.

I hurt for you Caylee.
I am really tired of people saying Cindy is in denial, or that Lee is pretending to be Casey's friend to get information out of her. It has been 84 days and the denial stage does not last that long and no acting skill in the world would make me convincing enough to my sister who I believed in my heart killed my niece.

It is really plain to see with your own eyes and ears that this family is an arrogant bunch.
Even if they choose to believe Casey's disturbed tale of ZG taking Caylee, it has been 84 days, what do they think ZG is doing with Caylee? Taking her to the park, giving her baths and feeding her a meal of full of essential vitamins?

84 flipping days and they have no clue where she is, if she is even okay, hungry, cold, scared, being abused, if she is alone crying for her mother or grandmother, if she is being beaten or worse being forced into porn. If we are to believe that they truly believe Casey and that they don't have a clue where Caylee is, then we have to also accept that Casey is smiling, Lee is giving her high fives, Cindy and George are NOT actively and aggressively looking for Caylee. They don't know where she is and yet they are not worried that she has died or is being hurt? Their behavior is not that of a family whose child has been kidnapped by a stranger.

I have seen those families on TV, they are broken, they beg, they look terrible, they can't smile, they don't sleep, they don't eat.

What is going on with this family? Did Casey tell them something else? That Caylee died accidentaly and poor little Casey was scared to come forward and so now they know she is dead and they feel sorry for their poor excuse of a daughter, are they now able to move forward and try to protect Casey?

I choose to believe their behaviors right now are of that of a family that knows she is dead and are now moving on to save what is left of their arrogant family. I want the entire bunch of them to go down, all of them, including their dog if they have one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tim Miller vs. The Anthony Family

Tim Miller awoke to a nightmare one day in 1984, his daughter Laura, 16, was missing, her mother left her talking on a pay phone at a convenience store only a half a mile from their home, she didn't want to leave her, but Laura insisted she'd be fine. That night when Laura's boyfriend showed up at their house with no Laura, the Miller's began their at first calm search through the neighborhood, by morning they were frantic and at the police station.

In 1984 missing person cases were not looked at as seriously as they are now, maybe because of people like Tim things have changed. Back then when the Millers arrived at the police department they were told that Laura likely ran away. When Tim protested that she would not run away and that she often had seizures and needed medication, he was told she was old enough to make her own way out on the streets, he should give her a few days to turn up.

Tim was amazed and he and his wife tried to find Laura themselves, he did not know how to make the police help him. He soon found out another girl about Laura's age was found murdered six months before and so he took this information back to the police, who assured him that this other girl worked at a bar and had a risky "lifestyle". Tim later found out the girl lived only 3 blocks from the Miller home. He begged the police to please tell him where the other girl's body was found so that he may go search this area himself.

They refused.

After a week of Laura being gone and the police not helping, Tim was distraught and in pain, he knew she was dead. He lost his job, his marriage was suffering and he was drinking.

For a year an a half there was no news of Laura. He thought about suicide and ended up checking himself into a hospital where finally he received news in the form of a news article that mentioned a body being found in a field along side two sets of skeletal remains. A serial killer was dumping his victims in this field and one of them ended up being the bones of Laura Miller.

This filed was the same location the police had found the other dead female and the same location Tim originally begged them to give him so that he could go search it. He would have found his daughter and her body would have been laid to rest. By this time there was no evidence and because of the time that had passed her killer was never caught.

Tim Miller began and founded Texas Equusearch, a search and rescue team that will work along Law Enforcement or work alone if they have to in order to never let other parents experience the pain Tim and his family felt when Laura's case was ignored and she was left there in that field alone for almost two years.

Tim Miller almost never gives up, he will search and search some more and even when law enforcement calls off their own search because of funding or lack of resources, Tim finds a way to keep his volunteer searches going as in the case of Teketria "Teeky" Buggs, a 12 year old who went missing from her home in 2005, after a week of searching with Tim's team side by side, law enforcement called off their search, but Tim refused and continued on through muddy waters, woods and rivers.

The weather almost killed them, it was extremely dangerous, but he kept going, bringing in volunteers with cadaver dogs and sonar equipment. After days went by with nothing and most told Tim to give up, he did not, his policy is to keep going, he once searched for 18 months for a missing person and finally found them, delivering them to their family.

After two weeks of searching, a rain storm, countless hours of helplessness, Teeky was found in the river by Tim and his team, she had been murdered and her body now brought back to rest peacefully as it should be.

Tim and his team has participated in over 500 searchers and counting. The organization is funded solely by donations, sometimes they have no money to operate and continue on with no money at all, because telling a family he can't help them because of lack of funds is too painful for him.

Today the organization is operating all over the United States and even in Aruba searching for Natalee Holloway. There is a very sad side in that he is unable to help every single family that needs him and so at times they do their best to cover cases on their website too. They have a 72% success rate in finding either a body or a live person and have delivered 100 missing children and adults safely home alive.

Right now Tim Miller is in Orlando Florida assisting in the Caylee Anthony case. He arrived at the request of Cindy Anthony, who heard about Tim and called him and what I assumed was an excellent first step in her redeeming herself and actually making moves to seriously find Caylee.

I was wrong.

I recall the day Tim arrived, there was a webcam stationed outside of the police department and it showed Cindy and Tim talking in the parking lot, he was holding her shoulder and smiling and seeming so kind and gentle and then he hugged her and they departed. I felt so good about it and was happy he was there to show his support.

By the second day we were hearing about a low volunteer turn out and how Tim was meeting with Cindy and the family at home to go over details. Casey again repeated her story about leaving Caylee with a babysitter who police have been unable to confirm even exists. Tim seemed distraught, he tried to make sense of where to look.

By the third day Tim was saying he did not believe Caylee was alive and was asking volunteers to gather to search the woods. Cindy Anthony went on national television and claimed he was wasting his time and that volunteers where not turning out because they believe Caylee is alive.

Tim again insisted he was following all leads, but wanted to search the woods. Cindy Anthony was no longer cooperating with Tim and Equusearch, she was not participating in searches nor pleading for the volunteers that were desperately needed as most families do when their loved one is missing, instead she decided to make horrid accusations about Tim only wanting to be in the media spotlight, about Tim only wanting to profit off of her missing granddaughter.

It was exposed that Cindy alerted Tim and his group to a sighting that was reported to her about Caylee being seen in Texas and she wanted Tim and his team to go back home to Texas to search for a LIVE Caylee.

Tim refused to leave. The tip was not credible, but still he sent members of the group to seek it out.

She then released a statement accusing him of wanting funding and exposure for his organization, you know, the NON-FOR PROFIT Equusearch who has helped hundreds of families in need and who are forced to turn families down because of the high rate of missing cases. The Anthony family is obviously horribly ignorant about Tim and what he does and how privileged they are to have him there to assist them.

I feel sick and sad to know that Tim has a new challenge which is to find a child that belongs to a family who only wants to find her alive and does not care to bring her home either way. I feel sick to know that he had to look in Casey Anthony's eyes and that she in turned looked at him and told him lies.

But he is Tim Miller a hero to many families, he is not famous, or rich, he actually filed a lawsuit against the police department for $16 million dollars after they did not return all of his daughter's remains and instead without consent sent them to a lab for testing, and instead of taking the money, he just asked that her complete set of bones be returned so that he may bury his baby girl.

He got her back and he buried her peacefully after almost 3 long years.

Cindy Anthony could learn a few things from Tim Miller.

Here is a direct quote from Tim regarding the search for little Caylee Athony.

Tim Miller responded to Cindy’s statement saying,

“This is about Caylee, period, the end. And I would hope if something has
happened to Caylee, I would hope Cindy would want us out here finding her body
too. If Cindy wants us to stop looking for her body, guess what – we are not
going to.”

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sigh..Chloroform Found

Hello all. It seems it has been leaked that high levels of Chloroform was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. In the same trunk where evidence of a decomposing body was found along with Caylee Anthony's hair.

It has also been leaked that Casey Anthony's computer hard drive has evidence of someone searching for chloroform.
Chloroform, also known as trichloromethane and methyl trichloride, is a chemical compound with formula CHCl3. It does not undergo combustion in air, although it will burn when mixed with more flammable substances. It is a member of a group of compounds known as trihalomethanes. Chloroform has myriad uses as a reagent and a solvent. It is also considered an environmental hazard.AnestheticChloroform was developed in the mid-1800s and was mainly used as an anesthetic. Inhaling chloroform vapors depresses the central nervous system of a patient, causing dizziness, fatigue and unconsciousness[citation needed], allowing a doctor to perform simple surgery or other otherwise painful operations.

I am absolutely convinced that selective evidence is slowly being leaked by investigators in order to put pressure on Casey Anthony.

Also - Tim Miller and his team of searches has called in authorities to collect items they found in Blanchard Park that may pertain to the case.

I will update as I get information. None of this is online yet, but I am sure it will break soon.

80 Days and Still No Caylee

This is an update.

Casey Anthony was again arrested after being released on bond by a famous bounty hunter and bonds man. She was charged with various forgery and fraudulent charges. I will not waste too much of my post on detailing her arrest or anything she said or was wearing or anything to make her feel more famous than she does already.

It has now been 80 days since Caylee was last seen alive by her grandfather, George Anthony. It has been 79 days since she was last seen by her grandmother and she was filmed on camera visiting her great grandfather on father's day.

The preliminary results of the body farm's air sample and of the hair and stain in the trunk were leaked to the media, but have not yet been confirmed by investigators. The leak pointed to evidence that Caylee Anthony may be dead, as the air sample tested positive for decomposition in the trunk and a hair tested positive for Casey or Caylee's DNA, but was from a dead root and a dead person.

Nothing has been confirmed.

In the meantime Tim Miller of the most loved Texas Equusearch group was called in to search for Caylee. Equusearch is a group comprised of over 300 hundred members with various levels of experience and expertise, the group was started after Tim's daughter went missing in 1984. Unfortunately volunteers did not come out in record numbers to search for Caylee, most are blaming Cindy Anthony and her family for this.

Cindy Anthony refuses to search for a body and instead wanted Tim to search for a live Caylee. Tim believes Caylee is dead due to the evidence and circumstances of the case, his searches of the woods were met with furry from Cindy Anthony who claims it is a waste of time. They have not been helpful to Tim and even Caylee's own mother, "mostly spent her time online chatting with friends" while Tim spoke to the family before his searches began.

Now Cindy has gone on television claiming there is a credible tip coming from TEXAS which is where Tim and his team came from, she says they spotted Caylee in Texas, but does not release any other information about the tip, she does not tell the public what to look for, only where the tip came from.

Most are saying she is purposely throwing off the searches so that Caylee is NOT found and her daughter not face charges, this is hard for me to conceive, however her insistence that Tim and his group are causing problems searching for a dead body is really convincing me that she is not interested in finding the truth but instead pursuing this illusion that her daughter is a good mother who handed her child off to a trusted friend, who then betrayed her by taking Caylee.

Her new claim today is that the young child was given to a "family".
She is also claiming that investigators are trying to "frame" her daughter and are not working on finding her alive and therefor are putting her in danger of being killed.

Her logic is really interesting in that it touches on a possible future acceptance of her granddaughter's death, but in her mind it will not be due to something her daughter has done, but a framing of her daughter and or the murder of the child due to the media doing something to tick off this person or people who are holding her.

I keep coming back to the thought of time of death evidence, I never understood the importance of this evidence until now. If a body is not found, a person can still be brought to trial, however in this case without evidence such as time of death or cause of death, the evidence aside from the body farm stuff, will be circumstantial.

If the body is found and they determine she has been dead for at least 60 days, will this be enough to convince this woman that her daughter had a hand in this?

I just don't know what it will take to get Cindy on the right side of justice.

Is she just a grandmother who is in severe denial and refuses to believe her granddaughter is dead?

Does she truly believe Caylee is in Texas or does she just want Tim and his amazing group to leave before they find something dreadful?

If she believed Caylee was in Texas, why isn't she on a plane right now on her way to see for herself and speak to the tipster?

How long will this all drag out? How long will the mother of the child be the puppeteer of her family?

How long will Caylee be out there alone and quiet.

It has been 80 days.