Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Message to George and Cynthia Anthony

Look at this face long and hard and please find it in your hearts to stand by her now, step over from Casey's side and align yourself with your granddaughter, to find her justice and bring her killer to face the consequences.

I have some questions for you:

Now that it has been scientifically proven that rotting pizza does not produce the smell of a dead body and that in your daughters trunk at one time there was a dead body, now will you stop the charade?

Now that it has been proven that cadaver dogs who are trained to alert on the smell of death DO NOT mistake the smell of human death with that of a dead squirrel, now will you stop the charade?

Now that a 400 page document was released detailing every single lie your daughter has spewed since her daughter went missing, now will you stop the charade?

Now that we know you cleaned a knife and a pair of pants that were both potential evidence before handing it over to police, now will you stop the charade?

Now that you know the babysitter does not exist, that her job at Universal does not exist, that people she has offered as witnesses do not exist, now will you stop the charade?

Now that you know that we know there are no people watching people who have Caylee and that there is no covert mission to rescue her, now will you stop the charade?

Now that we have read that you refer to your daughter as a sociopath, now will you stop the charade.

My heart is breaking today.


Anonymous said...

Amen. George and Cynthia, we know you love your daughter no matter what she does, that is understandable, but you need to also love Caylee, desire justice for Caylee, she is the innocent victim, your grandchild, how can you not defend Caylee? What are you thinking? Possibly that you cannot bring Caylee back and you do not want to lose Caylee and Casey both? Caylee needs a proper burial, put to rest and you need to stop the charade and work with police to get Casey to tell what she did with Caylee's little body so she can be put to rest. It's okay to love your daughter, but please stop dishonoring your granddaughter just to try to hang on to your daughter, you can see her in prison and she is better off in prison where she cannot have more children and harm them or herself. Get real now and help Caylee.

Anonymous said...

George and Cindy, I cannot imagine what you are going through. My heart truly goes out to you. Not only loosing a grandchild but loosing one this way would devastate and break anyone's heart. I know that you love your daughter and will never stop, but there comes a time when you have to do what is right not only for Caylee but for your piece of mind and for what is in Casey's best interest. She is a pathological liar, she appears to have no remorse or sadness for the loss of her baby or for the amount of pain that she has caused you, her own parents. You know as well as the whole country knows that anyone who has any feelings or heart at all... would NOT be out partying and at parties while their child was missing. She has told lie after lie and tried to make you both feel guilty about her sitting in jail and for the type of service that you had for your beautiful granddaughter. I know that you know George what your daughter did to Caylee... Set yourself free and accept it. I know that you do not want to testify against your own daughter but maybe Casey can get some help while she is in jail... Cindy, quit ruling the roost and let people be who they are... you dont have to control everyone and everything. Maybe this is the only way that you can cope with this whole situation. I pray every nite for your family and that includes Casey. I hope that she can somehow develop some sort of heart so she can feel the pain that you both and Lee have felt, how the world has hurt for Caylee and be ashamed for her actions after Caylee was gone. There are so many things that she should ask for forgiveness for I dont even know where to start. She is smiling and acting like nothing is wrong in court.. I can tell you that if that were me... and I was or was not guilty .. I would be sobbing my eyes out and so would most of the people that i know. Do the right thing... you never have to feel guilty or look back wondering.

Meg said...

People act like the parents are on trial. They are not. I sympathize with them and would not want to be their shoes. They are not at fault for Casey's behavior. I do pray for them it must be horrendous.

heldear said...

Cynthia and George, My heart cried for you two during the past week. You two have tried to stand by your daughter, knowing she tells outrages lies. Your role as a mom, dad and grandparent, in the public eyes, have been noble and loyal with love for your family. My heart just crys for your loss and maby a pending loss. And the realization of what probably happened to Caylee. Cynthia, I just fell apart when you were on the stand. that was pure torture for you. I admire both of you on how you are sitting there every day.