Tuesday, August 19, 2008

61 days..

It has now been 61 days since little Casey was last seen alive by her grandparents. It is very sad for me to see this case turn into a reality show for entertainment purposes, while a little girl's lifeless body possibly lies somewhere to rot, or perhaps in my most sweet dreams she is alive and lost somewhere.

I have read the reports about the Bounty Hunters from California coming to Orlando to possibly pay Casey's bond and get her freed, so that THEY could find Caylee.

I think it is really disgusting that these idiots are interfering with a police investigation and think that they can do a better job than the FBI.

I think this case is a disturbing mess and I am losing hope that this child will be found alive or even dead. I am getting really tired of the circus and everyone focusing their energy on Casey.
The Bounty Hunter actually said he was planning on eating every meal with Casey and sleeping in the same room with her so as to build a relationship where she would WANT to talk to them.

He misunderstands the situation.

Casey is a liar and has lied to her flesh and blood relatives, she has lied to investigators to their faces and you think she is going to have trouble lying to you, you ignorant bounty hunter?

I really hope something that remotely resembles justice will show and make itself known soon, because I am losing faith in justice, the law and human decency.

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