Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zeinada Fernandez-Gonzalez Officially DOES NOT EXIST.

*Update: August 6, 2008

CSI vans are again visiting the Anthony home, this time it was a surprise visit. Lee Anthony answers the door, he is all smiles, he is asked out of the home as CSI enters with gloves, tape and toolbox.

They put some black tarp over the windows to block out the sun and maybe media cameras.

They have officially said, a Zeinada Fernandez - Gonzalez did indeed fill out paperwork at the Sawgrass apartments where Casey says she left her daughter on June 17th. However, officials are now stating publicly that there IS NO ZEINADA. Which means Casey Anthony is the only Zeinada Fernandez Gonzalez left.

I hope to have more news shortly.

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