Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Devil Duncan

I will take a break from the Casey Anthony case, to bring you news in the sentencing phase of the Edward Duncan III case.

Edward Duncan III was and is a career pedophile and and murderer. He even had a web blog that touched on his many demons. I spent many months sifting through his postings and trying to understand the evil that is Duncan, but I didn't have all the facts until now.

Duncan has pleaded guilty to kidnapping of two young children in Idaho, little Dylan (age 9) and little Shasta Groene (age 8). This story is important, because Shasta was saved by a regular citizen, a citizen who watches the news and reads about these stories and although I am often asked, "Why do you have a crime blog?" - I never really give the true answer, which is that I care so much, I want to spread awareness about the evil and the lengths that these monsters will go to in order to satisfy themselves. Maybe because of my postings someone will remember to lock their doors at night and talk to their kids about safety, or maybe they will see a missing child and report it as in this case of Shasta.

In 2005 Duncan had found his family, the Groene family, he stalked them and he planned to live out a fantasy and get back at the society which he claims failed him, he claimed he was abused as a child an no one cared, so in turn he would abuse.

He bought some tennis shoes a size too big so that his bloody footprints would not be traced back to him as he knew there would be blood and lots of it. He loaded his gun first with BB bullets so that he could shoot the Groene family dogs as he did not want to kill the dogs as he approached the house.

He approached the house wearing fatigues and crawled on his belly toward the home. He made a deal with himself that if the back door of the home was locked, then he would give up the plan and go home. Unfortunately, for the Groene family, they had left that back door open and so his plan was in play. He tied the family up and with a framing hammer he killed a thirteen year old boy, the boy's mother and stepfather and then kidnapped the two youngest Groene children, Shasta and Dylan.

He had programed in his GPS system various campsites he would visit with them to molest them while hidden in the woods. For six weeks he repeatedly molested and tortured the children in front of one another and when he was not with them, he left them tied to trees like dogs. The nation was desperately looking for Shasta and Dylan, true crime blogs were on fire, the story was everywhere.

On June 22, Duncan left Shasta alone tied to a tree, while he took Dylan into a cabin and molested and tortured him while videotaping the entire ordeal. He then return with Dylan to the camp where he had Shasta waiting and he played the tape for her to watch, he then turned and shot and killed her brother, then wrapped him in a tarp and threw him into the camp fire before them.

I can't imagine what was happening in the mind of 8 year old Shasta, but she was brave and strong and followed his rules.

Duncan decides to stop in at a Denny's restaurant at around 2:00am to feed Shasta, he had plans to keep her or kill her, he wasn't sure yet.

A waitress at Denny's noticed the strange pair sitting in her section and she was very familiar with the case, almost obsessed with it, she immediately looked at the time and thought of the Groene children. She walked over to a wall in the restaurant where flyers are hung to look for Shasta's missing poster to get a clear image of her face, but it was missing and she made mention to her manager that they really need to do more about these cases and keep better track of the posters.

She walked over to the table to take their order and got a good look at the little girl with the older man, she wasn't sure it was Shasta as the little girl kept her head down, she then asked if the little girl wanted a milk shake and the little girl looked up at the older man for approval, he gave her the okay and then she looked up into Amber the waitress' face.

Amber had a strong feeling it was Shasta. She told her manager and they both called the Sheriff, while the police were on their way, they delayed the milkshake as long as they could. Duncan was getting antsy, he wanted to leave, just as he was heading out the door, the police were coming in and asked to speak to him.

Amber was told to watch the little girl and here is what happened next in Amber's own words:

And I went and kneeled down by her side of the booth, and said, "Hi, sweetie. How are you?" And she didn't say anything. I said, "Honey, what's your name?" She said, "Shasta Groene," and started crying.

And I couldn't help myself. I picked her straight up and just held her.

I hopeone day the people will understand the need for the DEATH PENALTY. I often hear that the death penalty has been put in place turn criminals off of crime and that in that respect it is not working and therefore should not be in place. I disagree, the death penalty is put in place to rid the world of these evil people and give us a just end to our nightmares.

Close your doors and keep your eyes open, you may avoid harm and save a life.

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