Friday, August 8, 2008

Inside the mind of Casey Anthony

I just finished reading the search warrant and arrest affidavit. I have also just watched a video of George Anthony, Casey's father, finally having a meltdown and screaming at reporters in front of his home. All of this new information has to be hard on this father and grandfather.

Here is a full recap and the facts of the case as it stands today.

- June 16th - Was the last reported confirmed sighting of little Caylee Anthony age 2 (she will be 3 on Saturday August 9th). On this date Caylee visited her great grandfather at his senior living facility with her grandmother, there is a video tape to prove this. By this time Casey is no longer living at home with her parents. George is the last to see the pair leave the house with backpacks.

- June 20th - Casey is pictured pole dancing at a club in Orlando, none of her friends or family are asked to babysit Caylee, she tells them all that Caylee is with the nanny at the beach for the weekend.

- June 24th - Casey arrives at her parents home and finds her dad, George Anthony watching television. She is there to pick up some clothes. He asks for Caylee and is told she is with the Nanny. He then asks to retrieve something from Casey's car and while she fights him on this, he insists and finds two stolen gas cans in the trunk of her car. He had just reported a theft on June 22nd from his home which included the gas cans.

- July 3rd - Cindy Anthony makes a blog posts on her myspace account alluding to a disagreement with her daughter which lead to her moving out of the home and taking Caylee with her. Cindy writes that she has been refused visits with Caylee and has not been allowed to see the little girl she raised, she also states that her daughter stole money from her and that love is blind.

- July 15th - Cindy Anthony places three 911 calls after finally locating her missing daughter at a friend's house. Her daughter, Casey Anthony had avoided her calls for nearly 31 days. Upon finding her daughter's car abandoned at an Amscot parking lot, she places the last 911 call and tells the dispatcher that her granddaughter, Caylee Anthony is missing and that she just found her daughter's car and that the "damn car smells like a dead body".

- July 15th - Casey tells Lee Anthony, her brother, that she left Caylee with the nanny Zeinada Gonzalez on June 9th while she was working at Universal Studios as an Event Planner, she says upon returning to pick her up, she found the nanny gone and upon calling the nanny's cell, she found the number disconnected.

- July 15th - Casey tells the dispatcher that her daughter has been taken by the nanny and that she has been missing for 31 days (her timeline is incorrect as it does not match the last sighting of her daughter). The dispatcher then asks WHY she had not reported the child missing earlier, she then states she tried to find her on her own and that she knows that was STUPID. She quickly tells the dispatcher that she spoke to Caylee that very day at noon from a private number and knows that Caylee is unharmed. Detectives state that her phone records show NO SUCH CALL.

- July 15h - Casey is unable to point out the correct apartment of Zeinada Gonzalez, she also is unable to produce a cell phone number.

During the investigation:

Investigators where unable to verify the existence of the nanny Zeinada Gonzalez. Casey gave them the names of her associates at Universal Studios who also knew Zeinada.

Universal Studios:

Law enforcement drove Casey to Universal Studios, she claimed to have lost her ID to enter the building an told detectives and the security guard that her manager's name is Tom. Manley.

She was told the Event Supervisor at Universal was named Tom Mattson not Tom Manley. She was let into the building with detectives and was unable to find her office.

Tom Mattson told detectives he never employed or worked with a Casey Anthony or Jeff Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.

Casey was arrested for child neglect and obstruction of justice for lying to investigators.

Search Warrant Revelations:

It was revealed today that Cindy Anthony removed a pair of dress slacks from Casey's car BEFORE it was confiscated by police. She said she removed the pants and washed them because they carried the same foul scent as the car. It was also confirmed in the warrant that George Anthony claimed those were the very same pants his daughter was wearing when last he saw Caylee.

July 25th - Casey talks to her family. She gives them several ways to get information that Zeinada Gonzalez does exist. She claimed that while working at Kodak her manager was Mike Cozak, she now claimed the Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis also worked at Kodak. She insisted these two people knew Zeinada. Detectives contact Mike Cozak who worked at Kodak back in 2005, he and human resources says that Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis never worked at Kodak, Tom says he doesn't even know any of these people.

July 25th - Casey tells her family that Zeinada's roommate Raquel Farrell is a hostess at TGI Fridays. Detectives contact human resources for TGI and were told there was no Raquel Farrell and there was NEVER a Raquel Farrell working there.

July 29th - Lee Anthony, Casey's brother sent an email he found on his sister's computer that he thought proved she worked as event planner for Universal Studios. The email was from Thomas Francks, it was an email informing Casey about an event she was working on and what time she should be there, the email was from Thoms.francks@. Detectives emailed Thomas and immediately received an email stating the address did not exist. Detectives then spoke to the tech department at Universal as well as human resources, Thomas Francks did not work for Universal and the email extension does not even exist.

August 8th - Casey refuses a visit from Lee Anthony.

Caylee is still missing.

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