Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Closed Door Meeting with the Media

Today, August 13 is the 57th day that Caylee Anthony has been missing.

Law Enforcement called a closed door meeting with the media today to clear up some statements that George Anthony (the grandfather) has been releasing to the public on air and live.

Before I go into George's statement it is important to note that Casey Anthony has been refusing her visits with her parents and the reason she is giving for refusing these visits as per her mother Cindy, is because she is aware that these meetings are recorded and therefore she does not want to say something that will cause harm to her missing daughter. She believes her daughter is being held by kidnappers and is in danger.

Here are some comments made by George Anthony, he claims Caylee was taken by kidnappers:

"These people know they are being watched. They know it," George Anthony told Orlando television station WFTV. "Yeah, you would think that the people who have my granddaughter right now would be smart enough to turn this girl back in to her family. I don't want anymore of this going on," said Anthony, who is a former deputy.


"I'm not going to speculate on who I think has my granddaughter," Anthony said. "These people know they are being watched. They know it."

"All I can tell you is that I have people that are assisting me and that's all I'm going to say," Anthony said.
Anthony also said he has met with people who will help him go outside "the normal scope of things."

He also had this to say about people who believe his daughter is responsible for whatever happened to Caylee.

"Evidence out there is circumstantial being growing up in someone's mind," Anthony said. "They are narrow-minded; they don't have a lot of intelligence in their head. If they want to be negative, they want to have a one track mind, that’s on them not on me."

The purpose of the closed door meeting with the media was to notify the public and media that they believe there are NO KIDNAPPERS and to ask that any Private Investigation companies hired by the Anthony's cease their investigation. Law Enforcement also met with Cindy Anthony this morning and I am thinking she got a nice a talking to by Police.

I have a message for poor George Anthony - I don't think it is productive to go on TV and announce to millions of people including the "kidnappers" that you have a surveillance team on the people who have your granddaughter. I also don't think that it makes much sense for you to say the kidnappers know they are being watched, that would make them kidnappers without INTELLIGENCE IN THEIR HEADS.

I suggest you go to your daughter's prison cell and wallpaper the walls in her cell with the missing persons flyer of Caylee, because she is the ONLY person that knows where she is.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well written.

I think the whole family should be "Wallpapering" a padded cell somewhere.

Anonymous said...

She borrowed a shovel from a neighbor? I strongly believe that she killed her daughter. Her father found gas tanks in the trunk of her car! I can't take this. At one point, I really believed that Cindy and George cared for the truth. I don't think they believe she was kidnapped. Now this is getting ridiculous.