Friday, August 1, 2008

CSI visit the Anthony Home

*A CSI van is parked in front of the Anthony home. George Anthony is in an unmarked police car. He is leading them into the home.

I will update shortly.

At approximately 9:00am this morning, Lee Anthony (Casey's brother), George Anthony (Casey's father and Caylee's grandfather) and Cindy Anthony (Casey's mother and Caylee's Grandmother) arrived at the police station.

This is after spending more than 6 hours yesterday with investigators. What made the Anthony family visit investigators again this morning?

Whatever it was, it then lead authorities back to the Anthony home. Shortly after their meeting two unmarked police cars and one CSI van (crime scene investigators) arrived at the Anthony home along with ONLY George Anthony. There was another woman with him, she was described as having long brown hair and dressed as a civilian, maybe a family friend or possibly an undercover agent.

The two crime scene investigators put on gloves and followed George into the home with two very large empty brown bags, a short time later they left the home with the bags full.

This may be nothing, this may be George letting them in to gather Casey's clothing or bags or whatever, but it is very interesting that it was GEORGE not Cindy or Lee who took authorities back to the home.

Where is Cindy Anthony?
- I am hoping this family is being honest and is not planting false evidence.

I will keep you posted.

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