Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brad Cooper

Nancy Cooper disappeared after what her husband says was a regular morning jog on July 12th. Two days later her body was found near her home in a storm drain at a construction site. As with almost every missing and murdered mother and wife, there was a fragile marriage with financial problems and extramarital affairs.

I have linked to an Affidavit for Brad Cooper in which he details much of his day to day married life as well as reasons why his two daughters, Bella and Katie should be returned to him. His daughters are currently in the temporary custody of Nancy's mother and identical twin sister Krista. (link at the end of the post).

I want to be fair and highlight some of what Brad has stated, unfortunately for Brad, Nancy is not here to confirm or deny his claims, therefore he could be lying about being "super dad".

Financial Problems:
- Brad says Nancy was a shopaholic who purchased items beyond their means. Thousand dollar bags, jewelery, designer clothes etc.

- Brad says Nancy was a stay-at-home mom and yet both children were enrolled in preschool and all the while Nancy sent their credit card debts to close to $45,000.

-Brad says he purchase a BMW X5 for his wife after she asked him to buy her a "safe" car for her and her children. He then drove their old beat up car to work.

-Brad put Nancy on a budget of $300 a week and says Nancy said this wasn't enough and complained.

Marital Problems:

- Brad says Nancy would immediately go out upon his return from work and she would stay out sometimes until 2AM with friends during the week.

- Brad says Nancy would also have the "weekends off" and he would be responsible for the children while she went out with friends and shopped.

-Brad says he had an affair once and only once before Katie was born and regretted it and this lead to distance in the marriage. He also notes that Nancy had a non-sexual affair with a man before Bella was born. (hmm what does that mean?)

-According to Brad they had no sex life.

-Brad says he would clean, cook breakfast, do laundry, read to the girls and take them out. Nancy referred to him as "super dad".

-Brad says Nancy's lawyer told her to take the girls out of the country to Canada, Brad found his children's passports in Nancy's car and proceeded to take one of them and give Nancy the other for fear of Nancy taking them away.

Current Custody and Investigation:

I think Brad is digging a whole for himself and he is even throwing the dirt over his own head. In his affidavit which can't be confirmed and is only his view on things, we are hearing him almost complain about his wife, almost like he is making it look as though maybe she deserved what happened or that maybe he is better off without her...almost sounds like that Brad.

I can see that he loves his daughters and that yes he wants them back. I also don't want to believe the part of the document where he says Nancy's twin sister is dressing like Nancy in an effort to help the children cope and has asked for Nancy's hat and glasses to make her look more like Nancy, that to me is horrendous and should be stopped. I also feel for those children. it must be terrible being ripped from your dad and not having your mother and then thrown in a family that you have only seen a few times a year. I can't imagine seeing what looks like your mother walking around, but knowing deep down that it is not mommy.

I understand the police have evidence and that search warrants are sealed. I hear they are going before the grand jury on the 25th with their findings.

I really really hope this ends up being some random act of violence and Brad is innocent and he gets his girls back, but the story is all too familiar.

His affidavit showed little sadness for losing Nancy and was more of an insult to her memory than anything else. Why was it necessary for him to make her look like a selfish woman who neglected her children is beyond me. Why couldn't he just say they both were equal parents and loved their children?

He just seriously listed several motives for why he would want her gone. Here they are:

-Financially Nancy was ruining them.
-Emotionally and Physically she had abandoned him and checked out of the marriage.
-She left him to do the raising of the children and cared more about her friends.
-She had an affair as well, although hers was non-sexual.
-She threatened to take his kids out of the country and leave him.

Brad seriously if the above aren't reasons for a Sociopath to kill their wife, then I don't know what are.

The morning of July 12th:
Just to recap Brad's story, since he was the last to see her alive. He says he went out to buy milk at 6:15AM for his baby girl Katie, he then returned home and Nancy told him she needed laundry detergent and juice for Katie, she then ordered him back to the store (again he can't help but make her look bad, why couldn't he say he forgot laundry detergent needed for the day?) He returned to the store and got the requested items and then returned home. Nancy was getting ready for her morning jog by 6:45AM, by 7AM she was out the door.

He didn't worried when she still hadn't returned by 9AM and he did the usual super dad duties and got the kids dressed and fed. By 9:15AM he called his friend and cancelled a tennis game he had planned. He then again notes how Nancy would often go out after her jogs for coffee without telling him and return hours later often spending all day in her jogging clothes, which Nancy called "stink days". He makes Nancy sound like a selfish pig here.

Her friends begin to call after she misses several planned events and by noon he is now worried, but not worried enough to call police since his wife is regularly irresponsible. He searches for her at all her usual haunts. By that afternoon her friends already report her missing and just as he was about to call the police himself, they call him and he returns home to meet them.

Here is the link to the affidavit judge for yourself:

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