Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please GIVE ME YOUR Children!

FUCKKKKKKKKKKK! I am so ANGRY! Look at this beautiful little face!

This little girl has been missing for 5 weeks, her mother did NOT alert authorities and said she was conducting her own search.

Where is Caylee you low life poor excuse of a mother!
I wish I could just take all the unwanted children in this world, so sad they have to be born to people who do not deserve them.

Orland, FL - Casey Anthony, 22 years of age has been taken into custody after her story of how and why her 2 year old daughter went missing and she never reported it did not make sense. Caylee has been missing for 5 weeks and her grandmother was really worried, after getting no answers from Caylee's mother and not seeing Caylee, she called law enforcement.

Now you may be imagining that this was some crack head who left her daughter somewhere, no, this is a normal looking young mother, who seems not care about what happened to her daughter and made up some lame excuse about how while watching TV and reading stories about missing children not being found by police, she decided to look for her daughter herself.

LIES. Was she looking for Caylee? NO. She was out partying.

It is amazing to me how many sociopaths there are out there. It takes something like this to bring them out in the open. This woman walked out of the court room today with her head held high as if she were something special and not the lying slug she really is.

Of course Casey had a page on myspace. She had a mess of photos of herself out partying, and I hear no pictures of her sweet baby girl.

You know, if you don't want to be a mother, then give your child to someone who wants her, like oh, maybe your own mother?. This child had a grandmother who loved her a lot and was worried when her daughter left her home and stole money from her, but mostly she was worried about Casey....and for good reason.

Ah but a sociopath would never concede.

Here is a quote from

"You left your 2-year-old child Caylee Anthony in the custody of a person who does not exist, at an apartment you can not identify and you lied to your parents and friends about your child's whereabouts," Judge John Jordan said Thursday morning during the bond hearing for 22-year-old Casey Anthony. "You didn't even report her missing until five weeks later and then only because the child's grandmother insisted."

Anthony, 22, said little Thursday morning in court except for acknowledging to the judge who she is. She was taken into custody Wednesday on charges of child neglect and lying to the authorities.

"Your 2-year-old child is still missing and it appears you've shown no regrets or concern with your actions," Judge Jordan said Thursday morning. "Ms. Anthony, the court would say to you, where is Caylee Anthony? But I can't force you to answer that question. But that's the question I leave with you, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Anthony said.

Now, grandmama don't let me down, please don't say things like this:

"I've never seen her be a bad mom. She loves her daughter, I don't doubt that," said Cynthia Anthony, Caylee's Grandmother.

She does NOT love her child. Maybe she liked her, but the love of a mother does not work like this.

There is also some information about all of the nannies hired to take care of Caylee while her mother whored around. The money used to pay for these nannies is unknown, since Casey lied about where she worked.

I bet she is a prostitute.

Please..Please - let someone come forward with this child and tell us that she or he took her in order to give her a better life. Please DON'T let her be dead or worse sold into a child porn ring.



Ok I just read the police report: Looks like she really did not have any nannies, instead this was the excuse she would give to friends and family when they would ask about Caylee, "oh she's with the nanny at the beach for the weekend," as if she could afford such a nanny on her no job salary.

Also, it seems people who know her are coming forward and telling law enforcement that Casey is a habitual liar. She laughed during interviews with police after being confronted with inconsistencies in her story. She has lied over and over again about several things, even went so far as to walk into a building claiming to work there and into an office, pretending it was hers with law enforcement in toe. She then laughed and admitted it wasn't her office.

I have a terrible feeling Caylee is gone forever. How could this happen?

Is this an addiction to METH? Prostitution? What is this? Where is this baby?

What was she getting in the way of? I am so upset about this.

If you have any information on Caylee's well-being or where-abouts from June 9, 2008 to current please contact 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

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