Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have no sympathy for devil..

I want you to look at this. LOOK AT THIS!

This is Casey Anthony partying it up at a Club a few days after she claims she discovered her daughter was missing. I have officially heard it all, read below.

*Cindy Anthony claims her daughter was at these clubs looking for Zeinada and her daughter did not want to alert the kidnappers or anyone else that something was wrong, so she had to pretend to be normal.

I want you to listen to this:
This is a recording of Casey Anthony calling her mom immediately after her arrest, she is cold, sarcastic, selfish and absolutely not concerned about her daughter at all. She is the classic Sociopath and Narcissist, she wants to speak to her boyfriend Tony and doesn't care about anything else.

I feel for her friend Kristina (I think this is her name) who begins to cry and says.."If something happens to Caylee, I'll die..I will die if something happens to her.."

Casey Anthony becomes annoyed at Kristina and says "WOW" - "What a waste calling you guys." - She then says all her family cares about is finding Caylee , catches herself saying this horrid thing and then adds a very unemotional - "and that is all I care about too".

She keeps calling her friend "baby and sweetheart" that is classic sociopath language. When her friend asks her where Zeinada Gonzalez lives she immediately calls her BABY and says she doesn't have time for this and she already knows what the police found out.

I want to talk to Tony too - maybe Tony got rid of the body and that is why she doesn't know where Caylee is.


I think Casey was jealous of the love her mother and family had for Caylee. I think Caylee got in the way of all of her boyfriends and partying. I think hurting Caylee was not an accident and it was all well planned and I think Law enforcement and the FBI know this. Casey had a huge blow out with her mom and purposely took Caylee away to hurt her mother and now she has gotten rid of the child and is garnishing all of this attention as the poor mom whose daughter was stolen by some crazed spanish immigrant.

Here is allegedly an entry from Casey's Myspace blog dated July 7th, no one yet knows that Caylee is missing accept of course Juliet Lewis and Jeffrey Hopkin.

"On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken

Trust no one, only yourself.

With great power, comes great consequence.

What is given can be taken away. Everyone Lies. Everyone Dies."

Casey also reportedly gets a tattoo to honor Caylee that says "Bella Vida." Which means "Beautiful life".

I know what the set up will be.

I know how this will play out.

The body will be found.

The Anthony family will claim the immigrant babysitter killed Caylee because of the media. Casey will go to court for 1st degree murder and she will be convicted.

The Anthony's will forever claim her innocence and another child is gone.


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Anonymous said...

Casey is a liar. She either sold her daughter or knows very well she is dead. They should keep that poor excuse of a mother locked up until she fesses up!