Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poor Cindy Anthony..

Can we blame Cindy Anthony for her comments and exhaustion? She is a grandmother who is being forced to choose between believing her 22 year old daughter may have killed her beautiful granddaughter or that some random babysitter has her and is purposely concealing her and keeping her hostage.

Which would you want to believe?

Cindy Anthony does not want to believe that her daughter left her granddaughter with a babysitter and then when she discovered the sitter was gone with the baby did not report her missing for 5 weeks and also did not seem too distressed about it. Her daughter claims that this babysitter has her child. She claimed she left her there in a location she can't remember on June 9th.
Police have been unable to verify this.

Cindy Anthony has recently changed the timeline, saying her granddaughter was NOT missing 5 weeks, because she saw her on father's day, June 15th. This contradicts her daughter's June 9th statement, but helps her daughter not look so bad, cutting it down to more like 3 weeks she didn't tell anyone her daughter was missing.

Cindy Anthony is tired and exhausted from trying not to think of things that don't make sense, her focus is only on finding Caylee. She believes the criminal is the babysitter who stole her grandchild. She is shifting the focus off her daughter and on to this person, that may or may not be fictitious.

Now...I WISH and HOPE this ends up being a story about a selfish 22 year old mother who had very poor judgement in babysitters and then was arrogantly and selfishly enjoying her freedom while her child was god knows where with god knows who. I also hope maybe she was afraid to come forward and say she misplaced her child and that was the stupid reason she didn't report the kidnapping.

I hope and hope Cindy Anthony is right.
Here is Cindy's latest comment today:
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) --

Cindy Anthony says there have been two reported sightings of Caylee Marie Anthony in Georgia and she believes the child is with someone heading to Charlotte, N.C. "We know where she's at," Cindy Anthony told FOX News Thursday before pleading with the person she believes has the child to turn back.

"Please don't take her further into the mountains. It looks like she's headed northeast in Georgia close to the North Carolina border. ... This is all very encouraging right now."

Her plea came after her husband, George Anthony, asked the public in an audio message for help in finding their granddaughter before her third birthday. She's been missing since June 9.
Cindy Anthony breaks my heart - her pain is immense! Please watch this latest video.

Cindy get on a plane. Go get her, prove us all wrong. I want to be wrong!

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