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Should Lethal Injections Be Painless for Pedophiles Who Kill?

On July 1st at 6:00 p.m. Florida put to death the Murdering Pedophile Mark Sean Schwab by lethal injection. He was the first execution in Florida since December of 2006 when the procedure was halted after a botched lethal injection caused pain and suffering to an inmate.

As Mark's day of reckoning approached, his lawyer argued that there was no evidence to prove that Mark will not feel pain during the execution and therefore he should not be executed until the matter was thoroughly investigated. His plea was rejected.

Mark was allowed to meet with his family, hug, kiss and touch them 2 days before his execution, he requested a meeting with a chaplain and put in his order in for his last meal.

Mark Sean Schwab now 39, has been waiting for 15 years to be put to death.

Do you feel bad for him?

I don't. I want him to feel excruciating pain upon his death. I want him to suffer terribly. Not because I want revenge, but because I want justice, I want him to experience the pain and suffering he has caused his victims and their families.

The Crimes:

Mark had a long history of abusing young boys which began when he was only 17 years old, many of these boys kept his attacks a secret and only came forward after the crime in which he was executed for made headlines.

In 1991 Schwab was serving an 8 year sentence for aggravated sexual assault on a 13 year old boy. He was released on March, 1 1992 after serving only 3 of those 8 years. Schwab was put on probation for the next 15 years.

A month after Mark's release, 11 year old Junny Rios-Martinez went missing.

How and why did he get released? Overcrowding? File mishap? No one cared? I think no one cared and people in power who had the obligation and duty to keep this man off the streets did NOT act.

I want you to understand the evil and manipulative preditor I am reffering too, so below are his crimes in detail:

In 1987 he saw Than a 13 year old boy from the neighborhood. Schwab watched Than and his family and one day called their home, he had gathered enough information about the family to know they had just left a dog at a nearby shelter. He told the family that HE adopted their dog and he needed advice on how to care for the dog. Over the next several weeks, Schwab visited the family under this ruse, he charmed them and integrated himself into their lives.

Finally when he saw his chance, he tricked Than into going with him to paint a house, he promised to give him half of the $400 he made.

Than agreed, but instead he was beaten and raped at knife point.

Than was released and later received the $200 in the mail, but Than did not keep the secret as many of Schwab's victims had in the past, Than told his parents and Schwab was arrested.

Although the crime called for either a life sentence or the max of 40 years in prison, Schwab received only 8 years, only serving 3 of those. While Schwab was in prison he was attending a rehabilitation program for sex offenders that ended shortly after his term began due to budget cuts.

His conditional release, required him to register as a sex offender and to attend another rehabilitation program on the outside, which he attended. Mark Sean Schwab attended a session of this program the day before he raped and murdered Junny Rios-Martinez.

In April of 1992 he saw a picture in the Florida Today paper of a boy named Junny Rios-Martinez who had just won a kite flying contest. It was a special area of the paper that would publish photos of children who won contests or did special things in the community.

Schwab had found his new victim.

Mark Sean Schwab called the family claiming to be a reporter from the Florida Today paper named Malcolm Denemark. He told them he was interested in interviewing Junny for another story. The parents agreed to let him come to their home and interview Junny under their supervision.

On the date scheduled Mark Sean Schwab arrived at the Rios-Martinez home and explained to them that Malcolm Denemark was unable to conduct the interview and sent him instead and that he too worked for the newspaper. He had a notebook with questions pre-written which he explained were given to him by Malcolm.

The evil monster sat in their living room under Junny's mother's watchful eye and asked Junny questions about his favorite things to do. Junny told him he loved baseball and had a game scheduled for that night, he also told him he loved to surf and was very good at it.

After a pleasant afternoon at the Rios home, Mark asked if he could attend Junny's baseball game that night to watch Junny play. Junny's mother reluctantly agreed, but Mark never showed up, instead he called the very next day with his real plan.

He told Junny's mother that he had lots of connections with surfing companies and wanted to help Junny get sponsored. For several weeks Mark came at went from the Junny home with surf clothes that he said were being sent by the companies interested in Junny, these items actually had LOGOS from these very REAL companies on them. He was also helping Junny design his own surf clothing for children and often pretended to be in meetings with these companies. He also wrote Mrs. Rios a long letter about how special her family was and how he wanted to write a story about them. Mrs. Rios was touched by the letter.

Eventually, mark told the family he quit his job at the Florida Today paper and was working full time on surfing sponsorships. He arrived with lists and official dates of real competitions. Over time he had scheduled and rescheduled various appointments between Junny and these surf companies, all of these meetings falling through and never really happening.

On April 14, 1991, Mark was going to take Junny to meet one of the surf companies, but he never showed up.

On April 18, 1991 Mark Sean Schwab called Junny's school pretending to be Junny's father, he knew Junny was playing baseball that night and he told the school that he wanted a message given to Junny.

The message was:

"Junny don't take the bus home today, instead meet mom and me at the baseball field." -

They hurriedly brought that message to Junny in class.

Junny and his friend walked to the baseball field together that afternoon. His friend said that as he walked away from the park he saw Junny and a tall man going into a U-HAUL truck.

That night Junny's parents arrived at the ball field at different times, both assuming the other was with Junny.

They were wrong and the search began. Immediately Mrs. Rios called Mark Schwab's phone, but there was no answer. She told the police about Mark and they found his address shortly after and paid a visit to his apartment which he shared with his mother. Mark was not home.

Mark, beat, tortured and raped Junny, putting his little naked and beaten body in a footlocker and dumping it in the woods.

At first he told the police a man named "Donald" forced him at gunpoint to do these things, but after several versions of his DONALD story failed, he later lead them to Junny's body and told the real story.

He said Junny cried and screamed the entire time and that the boy was so frightened his body was shaking uncontrollably. He said he strangled Junny to keeping him from crying.

We as parents try to protect our children as best we can, but how can we do that if we are unaware of the evil that walks and talks like a human? The Rios family had no chance against this monster, they had no warning, no one was protecting them from the vile carcass that was positioning himself to destroy them.

The pain they must feel, the burden of guilt, of letting this evil monster into their lives, I can't imagine, but it is 2008 almost 16 years since this happened and I hope the Rios family finally found their peace in knowing the evil slug is now dead and that maybe the injection was indeed painful.

How about the school? They just blindly assumed the call was from Mr. Rios, without confirmation of some sort and without a call back number.

What about the newspaper exposing children to predators like Mark?

What about the rehabilitation sessions he was attending? The one he attended the day before he tortured and killed JUNNY?


My question to you after reading this is: Should lethal injections be painless for pedophiles who kill?

I hope and pray they are VERY PAINFUL.


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