Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another young woman is murderered along with her children..sigh

*Update at the end of this post.

Take a good look at this guy's face, his name is Orlando Guarino and he is wanted for questioning in the murder by suffocation of his estranged wife and kids. (He looks so familiar to me!)

A young woman is dead.

At 22 years of age she had two kids, a 2 year old girl and the other a boy 11 months old. Ashely had a lot on her plate, two kids and a 38 year old husband with 16 years on her, in those years he was arrested repeatedly for assault. Recently the couple separated and Ashely was granted an order of protection. In her complaint she indicated that Orlando held their baby boy out the window of a moving car and asked her if "She wanted to see something crazy". He also threatened to kill her and the children and in turn Ashley's father threatened to shoot and kill him.

This crime took place in Washington, PA, but Orlando has family in New Jersey. New Jersey police have been notified and his license plate has been displayed along the highways.

I have no doubt he will be found soon and brought in for "questioning".

*Update: *Taken from the Associated Press

Orlando Maurice Guarino, 38, was charged with
three counts of homicide after being captured in Washington, Pa., said state police Capt. Sheldon Epstein.

This guy is a winner and soooo very smart, check out what he said below:

As he was being led to his arraignment Thursday night, Guarino told reporters he didn't commit the killings. But he also said:
"It could be me, man, you never know. I'm not going to play it out in the media. ... Anything's possible, you know what I mean? You look at the circumstances, I mean, I would accuse me too."

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