Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Casey Anthony's Characters...

I thought this may be helpful.

Casey Anthony claims she told two of her friends that worked with her at Universal Studios about her daughter being missing. These people can vouched for her concern during the 30 days her child was missing.

Now, I bet you are thinking - GREAT! Lets talk to them!

Too bad Casey doesn't have their telephone numbers, too bad she doesn't know where they live, too bad Universal says they don't know these people.

So, lets recap, the three most important witnesses that can't be found.

1. Zeinada Fernandez Gonzalez - the babysitter who stole Casey's daughter.

2. Juliet Lewis - A friend in which she confided that Caylee was missing. WOW. I love this name, can we question Juliet Lewis the actress maybe she knows where Caylee is.

3. Jeffrey Hopkins - Another friend in which she confided in. AH Casey I am sure you meant to say Anthony Hopkins, not Jeffrey.

It seems the family does know a Jeffrey Hopkins Senior who has a son that did work at Universal, but his son worked there when he was in high school and he never met Casey or Caylee. Excellent try by Casey though.....excellent try.

Now I ask you, why are we indulging this girl's lies? Her story is a huge pill to swallow and I don't care how sweet she looks when she cries for daddy in the courtroom, and I don't care if her family was trying to make her laugh in the courtroom to raise her spirits!

Where is Caylee? Where is she? Stop lying!

I am so pissed.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you write this and CNN picked it up through Sphere. Everyone needs to know what a sham/shame this is. Caylee needs to be found and given a decent burial, Casey needs to be brought to justice, and her mother needs to be brought to reality and made to stop enabling her run-amok daughter in what is, I'm sure, the millionth time she has been in trouble.