Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Mother Dead - Another Husband Suspected?

I must have missed this story while feeling outraged by the Caylee Anthony Case. I will not ignore Nancy Cooper.

Nancy Cooper a North Carolina mother of two was in the middle of a divorce, yes a divorce (aren't they all?). According to her husband, Nancy went out for a jog one morning and never returned, hours later her friend & neighbor grew worried when Nancy missed a lunch date, she called 911:

Caller: Her name is Nancy Cooper.

Dispatcher: And what is her address?

Caller: Her husband and her are living together but they’re in the middle of a divorce and he is, um… phew, okay hold on

Interesting how her friend immediately mentions the divorce. Interesting how the husband didn't find it strange that his wife went out for a jog on July 12 and 6 hours later still had not returned. Interesting how a friend was the one to call police. Was this friend really concerned that the divorce played a part in her disappearance? Or is she like me who suspects the most evil things?

Nancy's body was found floating in a storm sewer pond two days after her friend called police. She was in a storm drain at a construction site 2 kilometers from her home.

Police revealed that she was indeed murdered but will not say how.

Her husband was having an affair.
Her husband has stated through his lawyer that he "did not kill his wife".

Her husband decided NOT to attend her memorial service.

Judge seals search warrant. No suspects announced.
I will keep you posted, here is more from the 911 tape:
"She was supposed to be at my house at eight and just because of the situation with the divorce, I'm just wondering – I don't know what I should do," the caller says in the July 12 call, made at 1:50 p.m.
"She would have made contact with me or her other friend by now – who both had expected her today – and the fact that her car is still at home and her cell phone is there is a little weird," Adam said in the call. "That would not make sense."

"I don't know that he's been physically violent, but I know that there's a lot of tension," Adam told the dispatcher. "So I wouldn't be surprised, I hate to say it...."

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