Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zenaida Gonzalez where and who are you?

Casey Anthony's brother Lee, has claimed his sister gave him the names of two friends who introduced Casey to Zenaida Gonzalez. He says these two friends introduced Casey to Zenaida Gonzalez because they too had children and Zenaida Gonzalez offered child care.

Casey claims she left her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony in the care of Zenaida Gonzalez in or around June 7th or 9th or 14 or 15..16... she can't remember and it depends on who you ask. She also can't remember where Zenaida Gonzalez lives, she lead authorities to an empty apartment which had been vacant for 5 months. No one at the complex had ever heard of Zenaida Gonzalez. There was one Zenaida Gonzalez located in the county and she had no clue who the Anthony family was.

There are a lot of women named Zenaida Gonzalez.

I am curious to hear from these friends who know Zenaida Gonzalez. It is amazing to me that no one who knows Zenaida Gonzalez has come forward. If this woman offered child care, she certainly had a list of past clients.

Casey's mom claims to have heard the name Zenaida Gonzalez several times from her daughter's lips for the last three years, except on some of the calls released, Cindy does not seem familiar with the name at all.

I think if someone has taken care of my daughter for 3 years, I think I would absolutely remember where she lives, I would have her telephone number and possibly a picture, I would also know the people who were in her life at the minimum her family. I don't know, that is just me, but I guess Casey didn't pay too much attention to where and with whom she left her child........oh but let us not forget she is a GOOD MOM.

I am so pissed at this family for continuing to make excuses for this girl. I understand that she is your daughter and sister, but can you be angry with her? She does not remember the apartment where she left your granddaughter and niece, she has no telephone number to call, she waited a very long time to start to worrying about it and she seems a bit angry at you for focusing all of your attention on finding her daughter and not on getting her out of jail.

I am sick and tired of Cindy Anthony yelling at the media while being broad casted by the very media she is yelling at. I am tired of her berating the police. I am tired of her stating that Casey is afraid because there is a "threat" to her family and maybe to Caylee if she speaks, but does not know what the "threat" is.

I am sick sick and flipping tired of this family. Will someone please put an end to this ridiculous game???

FIND CAYLEE and then don't ever return her to her disgusting mother.


Edna said...

Excellent blog. You have perfectly reflected my own utter disgust and outrage with this "mother", and I use the term loosely and in the narrowest sense of someone who gave birth to the child. She lies like a rug and doesn't display the slightest bit of awareness of how outrageous her story would be even if it were true! I mean, you just leave your child with a babysitter for weeks, you don't know her address, etc., etc. Come on.

I just pray that, as you said, Caylee is found alive and then NEVER returned to her mother again. But, I'm sad to say, all signs seem to point to another outcome. Casey Anthony is a sociopathic outrage who needs to be locked up for many years to come, even if Caylee's death was some sort of accident. She still is covering it up and displays not one ounce of genuine feeling for her child at all. Chilling.

Edna said...

P.S. Just the fact that she claims this babysitter was her sitter for several years, yet she doesn't even have the sitter's phone number?! I mean, who leaves their kid with someone without having a way to get in touch with the person. Yet none of this seems implausible to the spinner of the web of lies herself, Casey Anthony, that is the truly disgusting part. Like I said, she obviously has no feeling for her child at all, or even any understanding of what being a parent is. Chilling.

Nikra said...


I just can't and will not try to understand this girl. If I even attempt to try and give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe this Zenaida person stole her child, I get a headache because I start to think of her lack of information, her indifference and that video of her being brought into the police station, she was actually shaking her ass. I get so angry.

Edna said...

Exactly. She really seems to be enjoying the attention from all of this. Like I said, she is a sociopath, and what really gets me is that even if her outrageous stories were true, which obviously they are not, it would mean she were guilty of terrible neglect. You have a "nanny" for several years, for example, yet you don't know her PHONE NUMBER, a current address, or anything? Yeeeeah, not really buying that one.

And she has displayed an utter lack of concern for actually finding Caylee.

I want to think that she just dumped her off with someone and is playing some sort of power trip game to hurt her mother or SOMETHING, but I keep coming back to the smell in the car. It really doesn't look at all hopeful for little Caylee. I pray that she is alive and well and will ultimately be not only found but REMOVED FROM HER MOTHER'S CUSTODY AND THAT ENTIRE WACKADOO FAMILY and given to a loving, caring, responsible, SANE family. But if she is no longer alive, I pray that God will give her soul peace and bring her killer and anyone who was complicit in covering it up to justice. I don't think Casey Anthony is used to facing the CONSEQUENCES of her actions, but this time, I pray that she will have to.

The whole thing is totally sickening. I can't stand to even see her on television because, again, she to me seems to be ENJOYING the attention, versus feeling concern for her CHILD.

Nikra said...


You are so right when you say Casey has never had to face the consequences of her actions. You can hear it in her voice. They blow kisses at her in the courtroom. My dad loves me and I can tell you that if I lost his grandson he would not be sending me bunny kisses in open court.