Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beautiful Brooke Bennett

There are many stories I come across that just destroy me, but this one put a lump in my throat for days as I waited to hear news regarding the missing 12 year old.

She was Vermont's first Amber Alert, but it was too late, her body was found, she is dead.

Why do we let sex offenders out of jail? Why do we let them come back into our lives? Have we not learned our lesson?

Brooke's uncle Michael Jacques who is married to her mother's sister is a convicted sex offender, he was convicted several times for sexually assaulting minors and was currently accused of assaulting another little girl.

Brooke was last seen at a local grocery store with Michael. Why did Brooke's family allow her to even have contact with this man?

An unnamed 14 year old girl has come forward and said Michael had "tricked" Brooke into going with him to a party, but instead was taking her to get initiated into a child sex ring.

Yes, a child sex ring.

This 14 year old girl said she assumed Brooke would be having sex with adult males the night she was taken as part of the initiation into the sex ring she herself belonged too, because she had been having sex with Michael since she was 9 years old when she first was initiated herself! This teen is also related to Michael.

During the first few weeks into the disappearance of Brooke, her Myspace account indicated she was planning to meet someone she had met on the site and police took this into consideration as often girls meet sex offenders online thinking they are someone else. Investigators soon found out that Brooke's former stepfather had gotten her password from Michael and had sabotaged the investigation by making it "look" like she was meeting someone off the Internet.

It became clear that her Stepfather and her Uncle were planning and running this ring together.

But what happened to Brooke? It is still unclear why she was killed, her body buried near her uncle's house.

It is not a stretch to assume that Brooke did NOT want to have sex with her uncle or any other man and she must have fought and cried and threatened to expose their ring, unlike the many other girls they had abused and sold, Brooke wasn't going to let this happen to her.

I believe she was killed because she refused him. I hope all the disgusting men who participated in this ring are revealed and prosecuted and I hope all of the children are found safe. It would be easier if we could line these men up and just hang them one by one, first by their genitals, then by their necks.

Rest in peace beautiful Brooke.

*Info taken from cnn, mycrimespace.

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