Friday, December 5, 2008

Casey Anthony Jailhouse Visits Released

While watching these newly released jailhouse visit videos, I became sick and I had to stop. I could not get through them all as my blood pressure was rising and I found my heart rate increasing and my breakfast was hanging in the balance.

I have linked to the videos, please watch them if you think you can handle it. Here are a few things that stood out from the little I managed to watch.

Visit with her parents:

The very first time Casey gets a visit from her parents while in jail in late July, the very first thing she does, is give her parents a huge smile and laugh. That in itself is not that bad, but if you look at her mother, you can see how depleted of energy Cindy Anthony is, she looks tired and worn as if she is the one in jail and then you look at Casey and she is smiling and laughing and seems so very calm.

Cindy's first words are:

"Casey we forgive anything that you have said,"

- Casey ignores her mother and complains that the phone is too loud.

Cindy Anthony: "Casey we forgive anything you have said," - she repeats.

Casey Anthony replies in the most annoyed way - "I haven't said anything don't worry".

* What does this mean? What did Cindy think Casey said?

Next Cindy Anthony asks,

"Casey everyone is looking for Caylee, are we going to be able to find her?" - this question to me is really asking "Are they looking in vain, is she dead?"

Casey Anthony replies, "I hope so".

Cindy Anthony is having a hard time reading her daughter and making sense of her answers, so she tells Casey:

"Look up so I can look in your eyes, you know I have to"

*Cindy Anthony is trying to tell through the video monitor if her daughter is lying. To me, this is something Cindy has done in the past to see if her daughter is lying or not.

Casey Anthony gets annoyed and makes excuses about the video monitor and not being able to look in the camera and see them at the same time. She laughs at her mother's stupidity in not knowing that in order to show her eyes she would have to look in the camera.

Cindy then continues to insist that she look into the camera and lift her head higher.

Casey goes to plan B - she pretends to cry.

That makes mom forget about her eyes and all.

Cindy gives her little time to avoid the questions and jumps right in there with:

"Do you have any pictures of Caylee in ZANNY'S apartment"

Casey Anthony: "I don't know, I asked Lee to look through all the pictures". - blah.

Cindy tells her to look in her eyes again. Casey laughs (WTF)

Casey Anthony: "I don't Know".

So far Casey has uttered in the most annoying baby whining way, the words "I DON'T KNOW" - about five times. She is also wiping tears that are clearly not falling from her eyes.

Casey switches gears and again becomes the puppet master of the family, she changes the subject and begins giving her parents "tasks" to keep them busy looking for Caylee, she wants "more than one person running errands for her outside".

Now daddy gets on the video conference phone and oh boy does she switch to her personality I like to call "little wounded kitty cat".

Papa George says, "Hello beautiful".
Casey, "I look like hell".

She then starts to cry a lot for daddy...I mean lots of wiping from the corners of her eyes and looking down.

He then suddenly mentions wanting to find Caylee.

Her brain malfunctions at the sound of her daughter's name and she becomes annoyed again, the tears stop and she insists, "I am doing everything I can".

Throw in a few more "I don't knows".

While still talking to daddy, Cindy is watching her daughter intensely through the video monitor.

I bet she is still trying to read those empty eyes.

Cindy gets back on the horn and asks her another question that would help find Caylee and then she whines.."Mom, I don't know" this one is a little more weepy than the others.

Cindy pulls out the shotgun of questions and asks:

"What message do you want me to give Caylee?"

This is Casey's alert to start the tears again fresh and rub her face and eyes and focus on crying.

"Tell her that mommy loves her very much and to be brave" - she makes a strange awkward face when she says this. (I wonder if this is what she would say to her before leaving her alone in her car to go party.."Caylee, be brave").

Then she ends that charade by saying: " I truly, truly, truly love that little girl".

She then starts to make promises to write letters to her parents with more information and send it through regular mail.

Cindy Anthony will have none of that and says she doesn't want to wait on her letters, she switches gears and says,

"Casey are you trying to protect the family from something?"

Casey immediately says: "I am not protecting my family from anything I have done."

Cindy then pushes the idea and pushes Casey to admit she is protecting the family by lying. Casey doesn't seem to go in that direction, instead she says she doesn't want to talk about

Cindy then asks if anyone had access to the house.

Casey sort of, kinda says Zanny the crazy kidnapping nanny may have had a key.

Lastly Casey says the police department and their detectives were twisting her words and she didn't want to talk to them anymore.

NEW FLASH: They released recordings of your answers and conversations with law enforcement and the public heard you actually speaking, your words can't be twisted if they were heard from your very mouth.

Cindy asks if she has a message for Tony (her boyfriend). Casey gets upset and tells her mother that Tony has not replied to her notes sent through Jose Baez (her lawyer) and that he refuses to talk to her or Jose. She explains it took a visit from a good friend to point that out.

Point what out? That the guy doesn't want anything to do with you? DUH.

Visit with her brother, Lee Anthony:

This was by far the hardest video to watch. Casey Anthony is tickled pink by the sight of her brother, she is giggling and laughing and is just ready to burst.

When they begin to talk they seem strangely cordial, like polite strangers, nervously laughing.

What angers me about this video is that Lee Anthony decides he is going to speak in code. They know that they are being recorded so why would they want to give up information that would lead authorities to discovering anything potentially useful?

Lee tells her he has gone through her phone records. She asks him if he got her "notes". He says yes.

He tells her that he saw that on the day Caylee went missing she either phoned or text messaged three people before calling mom.

She agrees and says she knows what he is talking about.

He goes on to ask if any of these people were involved in anyway.

Casey Anthony says yes, that in her gut she believes two of those people are involved, one more than the other. In her gut they are involved.

Lee spends the next few minutes trying to figure out which two people she is talking about without saying their names. Casey of course is confused because she is lying and has no idea who he is referring to and keeps laughing...hmm is she laughing with him or at him?

She uses the word "potentially" a lot.

Lee is taking notes as she lies. Poor Lee.

This is when I stop watching this video, cause between her laughing and flipping her hair back and forth and Lee's "detective" voice, I just can't handle it.

George Anthony visits Casey alone:

Again George greets Casey with a "hello beautiful". Casey turns on the waterworks.

George begins to lay it on thick. He starts talking about Caylee and how it will be her birthday in a week, his voice is shaky.

George then says he wants Casey home by her birthday, he is pleading with her to please help him do that.

"Dad I know that!" she gets angry. He notices her anger. She switches to the wounded kitty cat personality and the martyr.

She wants to get out of jail to be home for Caylee's party too.

He starts to tell her that her family loves her and are sending their well wishes and prayers. Casey eats it up and cries some more. He then mentions Caylee again. The tears stop.

"Dad I understand that! things would be easier if I were home. I feel that." she is giving her dad false promises of making it better and talking more if she were home.

George tells her that financially he and Cindy are doing all they can to get her out. He tells her that they even asked family to give them money and that it was so hard.

She gets really pissed and says, "Dad I know that!"

She changes the subject and asks about the charity event they held for missing kids. George talks a little about missing kids and how he wants to help to find other missing kids, blah blah, Casey is bored and no longer listening.

He then talks about a video movie made in honor of Casey, his voice is quivering, he tells her the video was beautiful, the songs they sang for Caylee were just wonderful.

Casey turns on the tears again. George says if only she could have seen it, it would have broken her heart. (No George she doesn't have a heart).

He then says: "Casey whatever you can do to help us find her."
Rage again in Casey: "Dad! I did all I can do from here. I can't do anything else from here."

George gets desperate, he tells her that the entire family can go into protective custody if that is what she is worried about. She screams: "I know that dad!".

Then George says the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone in their family say and I will end this post with his words for you to ponder.

He refers to Casey's lawyer: (I am paraphrasing)

"I know your lawyer is out to protect you and your rights, but I hope he is not sacrificing Caylee's rights for yours. I hope he is not thinking about his career and forgetting about Caylee".

Basically, he is saying he hopes that Jose Baez is not trying to keep Casey out of jail to further his career while all the while knowing Caylee is dead.

I have the same hope George.


Delilah said...

You did a great job of describing this little narcissistic monster. I don't think I could handle watching her on video or otherwise.

Thanks for giving me the highlight so I don't have to lose my own breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Nice job analyzing these videos. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

I really could have described your thoughts on the videos as illustratedly well as you have. I hate to say it, but at times I laugh at your humorous comments,, no kidding.

This is truly sickening and I have become obsessed with justice for Caylee and hope this is a speedy trial for the sake of that poor little baby girl. She now is truly in better hands.

I asked God to whisper in Caylee's ear to go see my mother who passed in 2001, she is also a grandmother of 4 grandchildren and great grandmother to 1. I know she would scoop up Caylee in her loving arms and Caylee now has many loving arms in heaven holding her.

Rest in peace little child of God.

Anonymous said...

This case gets more twisted by the day! I really hope they get enough evidence to roast this (expletive)!
I cannot imagine what she did to that poor child.
I think they are treating her too delicately. I think they need to get in her face. They need to shove pics of that baby's remains in her face, pump in audio of her sweet little voice, interrogate the hell out of her....she is bound to snap! Her fam need to go in there & demand what the hell did you do? No more ok we will change the subject because you sound cranky or are upset!! ARGH!!!

Deb said...

I love the way you described the videos. EXCELLENT JOB!