Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Michelle Young

When I look at pictures of Michelle Young I feel like I know her, like she and I would have made great friends. There are a few cases like Michelle's that bring on a flood of different emotions in me. I feel like I know her, I feel rage, I feel sad, I feel it is all hopeless..

I have written about the case before, please click here to get the full story

To recap, she was 5 months pregnant with a little boy, she and her daughter Cassidy were home alone when someone came in and repeatedly beat and strangled Michelle in her own bedroom while Cassidy was there. Michelle put up a good fight, but in the end, he had won and both Michelle and her unborn baby boy died on that floor, but why?

Jason Young, Michelle Young's husband has just been found liable in a wrongful death civil suit brought on by Michelle's mother. Jason didn't even bother to respond to the civil case, or attend the trial, or talk to anyone about it, or claim his innocence and so by DEFAULT the court ruled in Linda Fischer's favor.

It has been two long years since Michelle was brutally and viciously murdered. Her daughter Cassidy is still living with the man I believe killed her mommy and brother. There is a lot of evidence that was made public and you can read about it by clicking the above link, but here is some new information that I didn't have during that posting:

Often people wonder how Jason Young (or an intruder) would have been able to kill Michelle without Cassidy seeing it or hearing it and getting in the way.

Here is your answer: An open bottle of extra strength adult Tylenol and a medicine dropper were found on Cassidy's dresser. It is my belief Jason used the medicine to forcibly put Cassidy to sleep while he killed her mother or after he killed her to ensure she would sleep through the night since she was alone, until he could get Michelle's sister over there in the morning under the ruse of a secret fax that needed to be retrieved.

Little bloody footprints: There were tiny bloody footprints on the floor of the bedroom, however, when Cassidy was found her feet were clean. Now, would an intruder clean blood from a baby's feet before putting her to bed?

Search on his computer: "anatomy of a knockout," "head trauma knockout," "divorce" and "gay bars in New York City ""right posterior parietal occipital region" -- the occipital region is in the back of the head – and "ischemia," the decrease in the blood supply to parts of the body caused by constriction or obstruction of blood vessels.

*Michelle was killed by blunt force trauma to the head and strangulation.

His email to his mistress days before the murder: "i don't know how all this happened, but i know how it will end up … two broken hearts … but, i don't care. i know there is pain in my future, but you are so worth it, even if it's only for a 'blink' in time."

* I want to note that this mistress was Michelle Young's friend from who was also married. She is an effing whore bag. Any woman that would sleep with the husband of her friend who is 5 months pregnant is an effing whore bag. She will remain nameless that effing whore bag.
The phone calls: There were 28 cell phone calls between Jason Young and his mother before 1:37 p.m. on Nov. 3, the day Michelle Young's body was found.

The 911 call from Meredith Fisher was made at 1:25 p.m.

*Why was he calling mommy so often before the body was even found? 28 calls to mommy while on a "business trip" and not one call to your wife at home?

Linda Fischer called Jason Young 4 times after her daughter was found dead, Jason Young silenced these calls and never returned her call, investigators found that he had checked his voicemail and listened to his mother in laws calls as soon as they came in, but he did not return her call and only later that day when he arrived at his MOMMY'S house was he told his wife was found dead.

Since I have listed all of the other evidence in my original Michelle Young post, I will leave you with this new email, it seems one of his sister's was rightfully concerned for Cassidy's well being, she emailed and asked her brother the following:

"What happens when her little friends aren't allowed to come play with her or spend the night because rumor is her daddy killed her mommy?"

Jason's reply:

"You spend your days on the Internet going into chat rooms where you're not going to find anything good written about the situation, but in time things will die down. Most people out there don't know one thing about any of this."

Jason Young is hoping after 2 years things will just die down and people will forget his beautiful wife, whom he never seemed concerned about, he never asked how she was killed and never met with investigators to find out what happened, he has never asked for updates or leads, he has never offered any information on what he thinks might have happened, he didn't attended her funeral, he hasn't spoken publicly about the vicious murder of his wife and unborn child. He didn't call her family, he didn't hug her family and grieve with them, he didn't grieve.

Michelle will not be forgotten and I hope to write about his arrest very soon.


Delilah said...

This is another case for the handbook. So many clues are right there, why has this man not been arrested!? It is so frustrating to see so many of these husbands or boyfriends committing murder instead of divorce. Is the process easier?

The list seems to be getting longer every day! I surprises me that he didn't try to hide the body like so many others have done. And to let your little one wander around her dead mother like that is just inhuman.

Jason Young has been hiding out since day one and it doesn't surprise me that he didn't show for the civil wrongful death case. He is a coward, a liar, and someday soon I hope he gets what is coming to him. Justice for Michelle Young!

Stephanie in Seattle said...

Why is it so easy to get away with murder in this country? Our judicial system is completely screwed.

Department of Justice FY 2008 Budget Request:

Preventing and Combating Terrorism $227 million

Preventing Violent Crime $214 million

Drugs and Border Security $89 million

CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN and Obscenity (WTF?) $25 million

Judicial System Support and Incarceration $152 million

Enforcing Federal Laws in the Courts $33 million

Management and Information Technology $75 million

And supposedly the U.S. has the best system in the world... this world is so screwed. I think that "God" as many of you call it, created many, many universes with life... and ours simply failed.

Trust no one, own a gun and watch your child(ren) LIKE A HAWK. Civilized society? Pleeeeease...

Jello131991 said...

The part that hit home the most for me, is knowing that that precious little child was taking band-aids and trying to "make mommy feel better" or "save mommy." To "fix her boo-boos." How dare a man go free for a case that seems so obviously to damn him. I wonder about our society and our world sometimes. What are we coming to?

Anonymous said...

If you knew anything at all you would know that custody was handed to her sister the day the wrongful death suit was closed. Get all the facts before you post!