Thursday, December 11, 2008

The lies were like punches to my face..

*Update: Just as I hit publish on this entry. The remains of a child were found near the Anthony home. The skeletal remains.

This is not personal and I have no right to interject myself in the lives of George and Cindy Anthony, but for some reason each time I see them and I hear them change their story and lie repeatedly, well it feels like they are punching me in the face.

I can't pretend or guess how it must feel to be the parents of a lying thieving and quite possibly murdering child. I don't know how my brain would react to a situation like this, but I would hope that throughout the process I could at least keep my honesty and story in check.

Caylee Anthony went missing on June 16th, but her mother decided she was not going to report it or tell anyone about her 2 year old daughter being missing. During the time her child was missing she was not living at home with her parents and they in turn were clueless. She was living with her boyfriend who only met and saw Caylee a handful of times before June 16th and never did see her after June 16th, which happened to be the very week his girlfriend Casey (Caylee's mother) moved in with him. Casey told her friends and family her daughter was with the "Nanny".

Had it not been for Casey's car being towed and Cindy's persistence on July 15th (an entire month after the last sighting of Caylee) in seeing her granddaughter, who can even guess how long Casey Anthony was going to keep the fact that her daughter was missing a secret?

In July we have the recorded statements made by Casey Anthony to two detectives, the entire interview was a waste of time, all of it, every word was proven to be a lie. She even admits on tape that she was lying to the detectives about where she worked and where she had last left her daughter, when asked why she lied, she says she doesn't know, that maybe she is trying to help them subconsciously, by leading them to places she thinks she may be.

Last night her parents were on Larry King.
Last night her parents changed the story again mid segment.

First we hear Larry King ask George Anthony if he thought it was strange that his granddaughter was missing for a month and his daughter didn't tell him.

George answers: "Not really" - really George you don't think that is strange? You think when kids are kidnapped that other mothers wait a month before admitting it to anyone that their child is gone and in danger? George I hope when you speak to other parent's of missing kids that you refrain from looking them in the eyes.

Larry King then asks: "Why didn't she tell you?

George answers: "Not Sure" - I agree I am not sure either.

Cindy Anthony then says that her daughter was scared to tell people where Caylee was and what happened because there have been threats to the family and to Caylee's life.

Larry King asks: "Threats by who?"

Cindy Anthony tells him threats by the kidnapper, she says again that Zenada Fernandez the famed fake nanny has Caylee and was making threats to the family and to Caylee's life if Casey tells the truth. However in her FBI interviews Cindy clearly states she doesn't believe there is an actual Zenada, but that her daughter is just speaking to her in code and is actually referring to her ex-boyfriend and trying to tell her that he is involved, but no, right now, in front of Larry, she doesn't say that, she sticks with the script of Zenada being real again.

Larry King asks: "For what purpose did she take Caylee?"

Cindy says she hasn't "sorted that part out yet" - yeah Cindy you better work on that.

Here is where it gets strange.

Larry Kings asks George where he thinks Caylee is right now.

George answers that she is with a loving family who is taking care of her, he hopes.

Cindy must have felt like slapping her husband, doesn't he know she can't be with a loving family if she is with a crazed kidnapper who is threatening to kill the Anthony clan and Caylee?

George keeps going off the script.

Larry King then plays the 911 call in which Cindy screams about her daughter's car smelling like a dead body. Cindy doesn't flinch while listening to the call, she doesn't cry, she doesn't blink.

Larry King asks: "Do you suspect your daughter or ever suspected her?
Cindy Anthony: "No. Casey WAS a loving mother."

A caller to the show chimes in to ask George in his personal professional opinion (he was a former Law Enforcement person or another years ago) what did he think about the smell in his daughter's car.

Now we all know (and so does the caller) that George Anthony told FBI agents who were interviewing him at George's request that from his experience the smell in the car was the smell of a dead body, he even went so far as to tell the FBI agent that he knows that smell and that the smell is something you never forget and the smell clings to you. He even says he pressed his nose to the floor of the trunk just to make sure he was smelling what he thought he was smelling. He admits to them that when he first went to open the trunk he prayed the bodies of his daughter and granddaughter were not inside. After this interview with FBI agents George Anthony became ill and threw up. We all saw it. It was released to the public we all heard George say that in his heart he must believe his granddaughter is alive for his wife's sake, but that deep down he knows something else.

And yet his answer to that caller was this:

"My professional opinion is I never knew how long it would take garbage to smell that bad.."

um what???

Next we have a caller who puts Cindy in the same hot seat. She asks Cindy why on the 911 call did she say the car smelled like a dead body and now she is saying it was trash, why did she change her mind about the smell?

Now before I give you Cindy's answer, I want to tell you I fully expected her to say, she was mistaken, she was nervous and assumed the most horrid of things, that she was wrong on the 911 call and when she became calmer she realized she jumped to the wrong conclusion. I think I would have accepted any one of those reasons.

Cindy Anthony said: "I never changed my mind, the car smelled." and "The man at the towing yard told me himself it was the garbage that smelled." and "Every time I open my refrigerator I make a comment about how something died in there".

Larry King goes on to ask about the photo of Casey Anthony dancing at a club and grinding up against some chick just days after their daughter claims her child was taken and she was frantically looking for her.

Now in the past the Anthony's have claimed the photos were fake and actually taken before Caylee went missing, but that story was debunked because the photographer came forward and so did many of the other people in the pictures to say it was indeed the week after her child was missing.

So their new claim is that Casey was working and being paid to take those photos as a promotion for the club to entice people into going to the club, oh and that it was really only one photo.

Well, no there were a few photos, some of which had her sitting on her new boyfriend's lap. Also, let us not forget the many text messages that were released in which Casey is begging her friends to come to the club and party with her almost every night after she lost her daughter. Oh yes and the constant updates on her myspace page about how much fun she is having, oh and the tattoo she got, her nails and pedicures, her trips to blockbuster and her many nights of entertaining.

Larry King then reminds the Anthony's that even though they believe their daughter, do they not at least see how the investigators would suspect her of being involved, you know after all the lies and stuff.

Cindy Anthony replies a firm: "NO".

The point of this entire interview is in part to cast doubt about Caylee being dead. I think it is also aimed at those people who don't really follow every aspect of the case, or have seen the released FBI interviews. They want the uninformed public to believe the police have purposely avoided evidence that proves Caylee is alive. They say this entire thing is a miscarriage of justice. They say there is no evidence, we all know there is evidence that a dead body was in her car. They want you to hear about the many sightings of Caylee in California two weeks ago and then in Tennessee just this week and let us not forget the sighting at the Orlando mall not far from their home in mid November. Many times Cindy Anthony has claimed she and her daughter know exactly where Caylee is, but those statements have fallen away, why? Did they lose her again? They claimed to be watching the people who are watching them who have Caylee. What happened to those people?

Today, this week, they want you to believe the crazy dangerous nanny has been traveling all over the USA within days going cross country, all the while continuing her threats to kill the Anthony's and Caylee, but yet giving Caylee a loving home according to George .

How is the Nanny traveling? By train, bus, airplane? How long does it take to drive from Cali to Orlando and then to Tennessee?

I think what we need to do is round up all the women named Zenada Fernandez Gonzalez Rodriguez Jimenez out there between the ages of 24 to 30 and investigate them one by one.

According to Cindy there are thousands of them that the police have ignored.

To end this all, George Anthony is upset because no Amber Alert was issued for Caylee Anthony, he thinks the police totally screwed it up by not issuing an Amber Alert.

A simple google search will tell you the criteria needed for an Amber Alert in his state of Florida:

  1. There must be a clear indication of an abduction. - Casey Anthony it seemed never intended to report her daughter's abduction, it is incorrect to say she waited 31 days to report her child missing, because she never reported her child missing, her mother did after Casey refused to take her to see Caylee. There was no clear indication of abduction and 31 days from the day of the abduction, no one knew what to think and Casey's constant lies were very confusing.

  2. The law enforcement agency's investigation must conclude that the child's life is in danger. - Casey Anthony made it clear to authorities the very day she was being questioned and on the 911 call, that her daughter was just fine and she actually spoke to her that very day. There was no clear indication of danger.

  3. There must be a detailed description of child and/or abductor/vehicle to broadcast to the public (photo when available). - there was no vehicle description until days later and then again it had been 31 days since the person took Caylee, who and what are they searching for? After Casey gave them the address of the kidnapper and the description, the police discovered the address wasn't real and no one other than Casey knew this Kidnapper/Nanny. A release of a description of someone whose identity and existence is in question is not possible.

  4. The activation must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction. - Not once did Casey Anthony ask law enforcement to issue an amber alert, or the Anthony's. Not once in those few days did they ask why an Amber Alert was not issued.

It looks like the person to blame for lack of an Amber Alert is their daughter Casey Anthony, who it seems is to blame for everything, I am even inclined to blame her for my own troubles and for global warming.

My unimportant, insignificant advice for the Anthony's is, before you make the disappearance of your beautiful granddaughter a national and international joke, please reevaluate your position and try to be honest and tell the truth instead of putting up the smoke screen, because I am tired of being punched in the face.

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