Friday, December 19, 2008

Who is the Meter Reader?

A new twist in the Casey Anthony case has now the potential of throwing another person into the hurricane of this circus. As soon as his identity is revealed every aspect of his life will be analyzed, dissected and distributed to the world.

On Thursday of last week, a meter reader called 911 and told authorities he went into the woods by the Anthony home to take a pee pee and he stumbled upon a bag which he happened to kick and a small skull happened to fall out.

As of yesterday, we know it didn't really go down like that. According to the Sheriff department at a news conference yesterday, they revealed that the same meter reader had called in "tips" about the same area in August. He called the crime line on August 11, August 12 and August 13.

On August 11 a deputy trooper responded to a call about the area, he arrived, but said no one was there to meet him, he looked around and then left.

On August 12 another trooper arrived and while searching he came in contact with a large snake and decided not to risk it and declared the area clear.

The August 13 call is still under investigation.

Along with the information about the meter reader being a former tipster, they also revealed that after clearing a portion of the woods on their grid system, they went back to a previously cleared area and found more bones. I am not sure why they think this is important to announce, unless they believe the bones are being planted by crazies.

Everything is unclear at this point and there will be another live press conference this afternoon at 2PM to make announcements about all of this new information.

There are some people who think the meter reader information is irrelevant to this case and will not matter, there are others, like me, who think otherwise.

The defense is going to have a field day with this guy. Depending on the outcome of the autopsy and the revelation of what evidence if any was found with the body, the defense can claim this guy had access to the body since August, that he had time to go back to the scene and tamper with evidence. That he knew the body was there and was free to come and go and touch and move things around.

Or they can say that the calls in August and the searches because of the calls yielded no body and that the body was never there and only recently placed there to frame Casey Anthony.

They will use this against the prosecution in some way, maybe also to show the incompetence of the Sheriff's department.

I am worried about this interfering with the case and putting a damper and doubt in the minds of the jury about the work of investigators.

What will we learn today at 2PM?

I will update this page after the news conference.

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