Friday, December 12, 2008

Anthony Home Now a "Crime Scene"

After working all night and into the morning hours, the Anthony home was declared a crime scene last night. Crime scene investigators have completed their search of the home and have gathered from it, three vacuum cleaners, two pesticide tanks, a small pillow, notebooks, papers, some brown bags full of other unknown evidence and a few brown boxes of evidence.

Today investigators return to the wooded area where the bones of a small child were found early yesterday to gather more evidence.

The sheriff has said that an item that was found with the body gave them the clue they needed to get a search warrant for the Anthony home.

My guess is by taking the vacuum cleaners they are looking to match fibers caught on the duct tape that was found with the body to the carpet fibers and pet hair from the Anthony home.

If they match these fibers or even worse if they find pet hair from the Anthony pets on the tape or on the body, then it is without a doubt that Caylee was murdered by her mother and the link can't be denied.

The pesticide tanks they took is something important as well. Remember the cadaver dogs that hit in areas of the Anthony's backyard? Two separate dogs signaled that a dead body was in that backyard. This tells me that in the garbage bag with the bones there was some dirt and grass that was independent from the dirt surrounding the bag. George Anthony is a proud yard keeper, if the dirt in the bag matches the dirt from his backyard and even further the type of pesticide he used on that grass, then there we have another strong link to go with the cadaver dogs.

The sheriff saying that when they looked in the bag they immediately saw something that sent them to search the Anthony home, tells me she may have been wrapped in a blanket or with an item from the home, or she had clothes or jewelry that she was previously seen wearing in a photo at the home. (There are reports that clothes were found near the bag, but this has yet to be confirmed).

I want to say a few things.

To one of my heroes Tim Miller, who was recently ill, but still made his way to Orlando, on his birthday to stand by Caylee's side, who from the beginning stayed to search for Caylee even with the hollers and screams of cruel people telling him to go away, I want to say that you are an inspiration to many people and I hope you know that you are dearly loved. Please get well and take care of yourself, the missing need you.

On another note: I keep seeing commercials for the Larry King show about Cindy and George giving an interview tonight from their home (the current crime scene) to discuss the latest findings. I really hope they reconsider going on TV and just stay close and find peace in silence for now. I don't know if I can stomach seeing Cindy even now defending her daughter. I can't look at that frail woman with all of her anger. I am sure until the DNA comes back she will continue to believe this is not Caylee.

I want to remind you quickly about Casey Anthony's appearance and her form of dressing when visiting her lawyer after being released on bond the first time.

Does she look like a suffering mother? By the way those sunglasses were bought with a stolen check, we all saw the video of her walking up to the register and giving them the stolen check to purchase them and she still had the balls to wear them in public.

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