Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laura Garza

This story is unfolding in my own backyard and so I feel the need to dig deeper and put myself in the place of this young and very beautiful girl. I have been reading some angry comments about how she should have known better and I want to give it a different perspective.

The Reality:
Laura Garza is currently missing in New York City, she is 25 years old and moved here from Texas a few months ago. She settled in Bayridge Brooklyn and the media keeps reporting that she ventured out to be a part of the "city club scene".

I don't know what that means.

She went to Marquee one night, seems like a normal thing to do for 25 year old single girl.

The media adding the club scene thing is disappointing, because it seems they want to make the story more than what it is. I will not fall into that black hole of lets allude to the victim being to blame.

Before I continue, I want to be clear, this could have happened in Texas and just because she was new to new york city doesn't mean she was an idiot and made a huge stupid mistake in the big bad dangerous city. There are plenty of native girls who would do the same and could have easily been in her shoes. But it didn't happen to a native new york girl, it happened to Laura and her family and it is a nightmare.

Laura did nothing wrong and she did not cause this to happen, in no way is she to blame.

Women should be allowed the freedom of going out with friends and not having to worry about being kidnapped or raped and then killed, but in all honesty before we can solve this epidemic of violence against women, we need to see that there are real dangers out there and so as a woman you MUST worry, whether you are in New York or Texas.

It is unfair to blame Laura. Unknowingly Laura entered a boxing match as soon as she met Michael, she was up against a sick opponent, he had the advantage here and how can you fight something you don't know is there?

You may run into a hundred guys who are very nice and take you to have some breakfast after a night of partying and then put you in a cab back home. But for every nice guy there are at least 10 dirt bags and from those at least one is a sick twisted fuck.

Laura happened to meet the sick twisted fuck. Now, before you go and say, she should have seen it coming, please take into account that this man was a predator, he knows what to say and what to do to catch his prey, he knows how many glasses of wine or bottles of beer it takes, he has the words, he has the plan.

We don't know what he said to get her to leave with him.

The Suspect:
Michael Mele owned a Quiznos sandwich shop, he threw out cash like toilette paper, he drove a Jaguar, Bentley and Lamborghini at times. He portrayed himself as a high roller. He is not bad looking and is 23 years old. He had friends with him that night that could have confirmed his status as "the man". He is the son of a former transit cop.

So if you are Laura out and about and you meet this guy with his friends, how can you look at him and think "sex offender" (unless you are me of course, I first think sex offender and then I think serial killer and then slowly come around..maybe, but how can you call that a life? I am constantly paranoid..I digress).

Laura did leave with him. I am hearing there was also a friend with them, so no, she did not leave alone with him.
She is now missing.
He was the last to be seen with her.
She was last seen in his affluent neighborhood in upstate new york.

He cleaned his entire apartment with bleach.
He has no alibi.
His lawyer is refusing to let him speak to Law Enforcement.
He had scratches and bite marks on him upon his arrest.
He is now in jail on violation of his probation which was to stay away from alcohol, attend sex offender rehab class (yeah right) and report to his probation officer.

Why didn't his probation officer notify someone when he didn't show at their meeting or to class?

His offenses included forcibly touching women at the mall. He even followed a woman to her car and when she locked herself inside her car, he masturbated against her car window. He has charges of exposing himself to children under the age of 13.

Why is this man allowed to purchase and run a public eatery where he is in constant contact with women and children daily?

It is often said that sex offenders can't be rehabilitated and that their offenses only escalate. I am a strong believer that sex offenders can't rehabilitate and should be tattooed right smack on the forehead so that there is no mistake on their identity, but sigh, even evil people have rights. It continues to be a guessing game for the public and young women like Laura.

It looks like Michael Mele the son of a former transit cop, owner of a Quiznos, who drives around in Jaguars, just took it to the ultimate level.

I will keep you posted.

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