Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gag Order Denied - New Documents Released

There has been a lot of movement in the case of missing 2 year old Caylee Anthony. Her mother sits in jail charged with first degree murder, while her grandparents are making rounds in the media trying to discredit the investigation as well as pushing their belief that Caylee is alive and no one is looking for her.

Shortly after the release of the FBI meetings with the Anthony's, they called a presser and announced a lead they had in the form of a photo of a child at a Florida mall that resembles Caylee. The picture was taken by an unknown person and sent directly to the Anthony's private investigator. The Anthony's claim that it may not be Caylee, but the point is there are people still looking for a live Caylee. They believe the kidnappers are feeling comfortable enough to bring her out in her own hometown because most people think she is dead.

I think this was an important move for the Anthony's. The FBI meeting between George Anthony and agents didn't go over well. George Anthony gives a lot of damaging information in his interview, he states he is convinced the smell in the car was of death and that his daughter is a great liar and has changed after the age of 20. He states she tried to keep him away from her car. He goes so far as to claim he MUST believe Caylee is alive for his wife's sake, but that the cop in him knows differently.

These interviews were conducted in July. George Anthony has changed his tune since then and claims his granddaughter is alive.

Cindy Anthony's interview was a mess of excuses for her daughter and claims of clues in her daughter's words that she only could figure out. She insist her daughter is speaking in code and goes so far as to explain her codes with the outcome of her daughter telling her the person responsible is one of her friends.

The State's Attorney called for a gag order, afraid that the Anthony's were going on their media parade to taint potential jurors. Casey Anthony's attorney claimed they were not and the gag order was denied.

More importantly 700 more pages of discovery documents were released to the media today. It is important to note that these documents were NOT leaked as the Anthony's would like you to believe. The Florida Sunshine law is in play and these documents are for public knowledge and need to be released when requested.

In these documents is new information, not good for the Anthony's or their daughter.

Here is a sneak peek:

Computer Searches: Google searches, investigators found that in March someone used Wikipedia to search for "inhalation," "chloroform," "acetone," "shovel" and "death." A computer forensics report from a Sheriff's Office detective states that on March 21, someone used other Web sources like, and for the words "making weapons out of household products," "chloroformhabit," "how to make chloroform," and "chloro2."

Also Neck Breaking was searched.

Family Information: Lee Anthony sends an email to a friend of Casey's telling him that Casey and her mother got into a huge fight the day before Caylee went missing and Cindy Anthony grabbed Casey by the throat and shook her.

A piece of paper in Casey's car showed Casey was repeatedly writing her name and adding her boyfriend of three months' last name to her name. There is also a mention of a friend stating Tony told Casey that when he planned to get married and have children, he only wanted boys not girls.

The documents also show there was no rotting pizza in the trunk of Casey’s car. Cindy has long claimed a horrible smell that detectives have described as the smell of death, was due to a rotting pizza. But the documents show there was nothing but an empty pizza box in a bag in the trunk.

Investigators say when George opened the car trunk at a towing company, with a towing company employee next to him, flies flew out of the trunk. The pair tossed the trash bag that was in the trunk into the dumpster. Later, when investigators went back to it and opened it, they found flies, maggots, and the empty pizza box.

Also released Wednesday, investigators say Casey's slacks, which her mother removed from the car and washed because they reeked of the same odor inside the car, were apparently the same slacks Casey was wearing on the day Caylee disappeared and is believed to have been murdered. Investigators did not ask for those slacks early on because they had already been laundered at least once.

This is NOT GOOD.


Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony is a chilling, chilling portrait of a sociopath. Her parents let her, figuratively, get away with murder all her life, obviously. Well, she grew up and into the logical worst potential of that: getting away with murder (or thinking she could) literally. And even more sickening and disturbing is the way her mother continues to try to "enable" and cover up for her daughter, even though she has to know that Casey killed Caylee by now. It is very heartbreaking and Caylee is the one who paid the tragic price for the deep pathology running through that family. So sad.

Jello131991 said...

In my opinion,
Casey, Cindy, AND George probably ALL were in on the plot to kill this precious little girl. George is probably the only one whose conscience got to him and that's why he wanted to commit suicide and got checked into the hospital. Why do they keep changing their story? What do they have to hide? Killing Caylee is the only valid reason for the story to constantly change and change and change.