Thursday, December 11, 2008

Has Caylee come home?

*Quick Updates:

  • Search warrant includes requests of photos. Could it be that Casey Anthony left a piece of jewelry on Caylee? Clothes?
  • The area where the body was found was about a 3 to 4 minute walk from the Anthony home.
  • The area could not be searched before because of flooding in that area, snakes and a makeshift gate that was put up.
  • The utility worker was driving and had to use the bathroom and made his way through the woods, he had a prodding pole and was looking for a smooth spot (he was not just taking a whiz) he saw a black garbage bag and kicked it for no reason and a small skull came out. He immediately called police. *If this wasn't divine intervention I just don't know what is. Last night Cindy Anthony said "there is nothing absolutely nothing that law enforcement has found that proves Caylee is no longer with us" - well it seems little Caylee stepped in to reveal herself.
  • Cindy Anthony still is adamant that this is NOT Caylee.
  • The Anthony's are not home yet from their trip to Cali to speak on Larry King
  • The Anthony home has been locked down and a warrant is ready to be given to the Anthony's to search their home again.
  • Jose Baez went to the jail to give Casey the news, he arrived at 12pm and left about an hour later. He did NOT go to the scene of the discovery.
  • There are reports that Casey Anthony is under psychological watch and that she is having anxiety attacks and trouble breathing in her cell.
  • Duct tape was found wrapped around the skull - may be over the mouth area.
  • The Bones were removed by Doctor G medical examiner and are being first taken to her lab and then will be taken to an FBI lab in Virginia.
  • Death Penalty could be put back on the table.
  • Deals will be revoked.
  • Trial will be delayed.
  • Sheriff is pretty sure it is Caylee but will wait until Doctor G confirms.
  • The scene is being dried out due to the rain and then it will be fully searched for evidence.

According to one of the most respected crime bloggers I know, it seems authorities believe Caylee Marie Anthony has been found.

A utility worker was in a remote area a half a mile from the Anthony home, when he discovered a plastic bag tied with duct tape. He lifted the bag and a small skull (my heart aches) fell out.

The bag was found in an area that could not be accessed at the time of earlier searches because it was under water and fenced off, due to some of the storms that passed through Florida.

DNA tests will have to be conducted to prove without a doubt that Caylee has been found.

The rumor mill online says this is a place where Casey used to hang as a teen.

I have been hoping for this little precious angel to be found and brought home to be at peace. So why does it hurt so bad? I am not even related to them, but I feel wounded and I am in pain.

How dare I, I have no right. But it hurts me, I am so sorry.

After all I have said about Cindy and George Anthony - I do know this will destroy them and I can't imagine their pain.

I wish them strength and clarity.

I don't want them to abandon their daughter, but I hope they want justice for Caylee.

Here is a quote from Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla both men have been looking for Caylee passionately.

Tim Miller, founder of the Texas-based search group Equusearch, said he had been called by law enforcement officials and told they believed they had found Caylee Anthony.

"The words were, 'Tim, it looks like we got her,'" said Miller. "I'm surprised. It was one of them cases I thought would have never been found… I thought the best thing that would ever happen is that one day we could go to a funeral and say good-bye to this little girl… and it looks like that will happen."

"I'm just overcome with emotion and grief right now," said bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who has been a major part of search efforts to find Caylee's body.

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