Friday, December 19, 2008

Rest In Peace Caylee Marie Anthony

The remains found near the Anthony home last week have been confirmed to be those of beautiful 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony.

The medical examiner revealed that there were no injuries to her bones and no sign of how she died, however due to the circumstances of the case, the evidence found at the scene and the condition of the body, she is listing the cause of death as Homicide.

How anyone could hurt a child and put her in a garbage bag and dump her in the woods is beyond my understanding. How a MOTHER can do this to her little baby girl is beyond reason.

My heart aches for what Caylee's life could have been. It is unfair and someone needs to pay.


Delilah said...

I am heartsick although all along I think we all knew this would be the outcome, as compassionate human beings we hold out hope against hope that we would be wrong.

May Caylee finally be in a place of peace.

May the rest of that family come forth with some truth or rot in hell.

Jello131991 said...

Casey Anthony will pay for what she did to this innocent little girl.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful little girl. She looks so full of life and she could have been somebody someday.

How in the hell could a mother live with the guilt of killing her beautiful daughter.

This breaks my heart.

Rest in Peace little Caylee.

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful girl. What happened to her is very sad and breaks my heart completely.
She is a little angel in heaven now. Her mother must pay for the terrible crime she has commited. I cant possibly start to imagine how a mom could kill this innocent, beautiful girl. I know justice will be done if not here on earth, in Heaven.

Rest in Peace little Caylee Anderson.
My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is happening. How much more sicker this world can be? I hope justice will be served,maybe not on the Earth,but I hope it will be served on the Heavens. Rest in peace,little angel.

Day-Pena said...

She was a pretty cute little girl, her heart looked full of happiness and love.... But her mother that i hate so much killed her! How could she what kind of sick person is that? But why why why did they let the mother go ? SHE WAS GUILTY! Rest.In.Peace. Caylee ... At least she is in a safe place where no one could kill her ever again! she's an angel! FREE!..Rest.In.Peace. Caylee