Friday, January 30, 2009

Having babies when you have no business having them.

Last week I read about a miracle that occurred in California. A woman gave birth to Octuplets. Amazingly, the mother was in good health and all the babies survived the delivery. I rejoiced in my head. IVF is tricky, but I don't expect many mothers to decide to eliminate some of the fertilized eggs to limit the births and lives. I feel for women who struggle to have children and IVF is a miracle in itself.

Almost instantly, the story of this woman began to unravel.

She is 33 years old and still lives at home with her parents in a 3 bedroom home.

I thought, oh boy, this poor family needs help.

Then I read that this woman in not married.

I begin to wonder, but still I find nothing wrong with a single woman wanting to be a mother and having medical intervention to achieve that goal.

I then read that this woman has six other children, yes SIX, two of which are 2 year old twins.

In addition, her family filed for Bankruptcy last year. It is also unknown where she got her fertility treatments or what sperm she used.

To recap:

A 33 year old mother of six, living with her bankrupt parents, with no husband, sought out fertility treatments even though she seems pretty fertile to me, and a doctor actually thought it was a good idea to implant more babies in her uterus.

Now suddenly this woman is like the third woman or something in history to ever deliver Octuplets.

The team of doctors who delivered them said they first met her when she came to them already 3-months pregnant, it is unknown who gave her prenatal treatment before this.

Suddenly, this family is propelled into the spotlight, their financial situation all over the news and people are throwing money at them left and right.

The rumor is that this woman works for a fertility treatment center. If so, it seems likely that she sought treatment at her place of work with the help of an associate.

Why did she do this? I suspect maybe she watches John & Kate plus 8 and maybe the Duggars - 17 and counting.

Did this family bank on banking on these Octuplets?

It would be sick if this was all a plan to get rich. It should be a crime if it was. I feel sad for those babies.

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Anna said...

It's disgusting I swear!
and there are people out there trying to have just 1...
makes me sick!