Friday, January 23, 2009

George Anthony Has a Breakdown

*Update: George Anthony is in stable condition and is being kept for 72 hours at a local hospital in order to be sure he is not a danger to himself or others. It has been reported that a half written suicide letter was found in George Anthony's car. It has also been reported that George told authorities, "all he wants is to be able to hold Caylee's little hand again.."

I pray that George will find the strength to do right by little Caylee.

The grandfather of murdered 2 year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing yesterday evening by his family after he sent out a morbid text telling them he did not want to live anymore.

George Anthony's cell phone pings assisted authorities in discovering his location. He was found at a motel in Daytona Beach, it is unclear on his condition when found, but he has now been hospitalized.

My heart just breaks for him. Casey Anthony is to blame for the death of her daughter and now the near death of her own father. She can end their pain. She can admit her wrong and ask for forgiveness, but she will not, because in her own words "She is a spiteful bitch".

Updates to be made soon.


Mary Burns said...

I found your site when I googled a missing mom in our area (upstate NY).. thank you for the time you put into keeping things updated. Your blog is very interesting.

Poor George Anthony.. I don't think he can live with knowing what his own daughter did to the grand child he loved so much.

Nikra said...

Thank you Mary. I agree that George is having trouble believing his "beautiful girl" killed his little Caylee. How can any parent accept that?