Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer Rust and Her Babies

The above picture is heartbreaking. A mother's casket, surrounded by those of her sweet children.

I don't understand how a human being can hurt a child in any way, but to murder four of them in cold blood along with their mother is beyond belief. I say this to the monster who did this, these were not your children, these were nothing born of you, nothing good has ever come from you nor will it ever. You are a monster and deserve to be tortured to death and then burned before a screaming crowd.

Summer Rust 25, was found dead on January 12, in her Oklahoma apartment along with her four beautiful children, 7-year-old Autumn, 7-year-old Kirsten, 4-year-old Teagin and Evynn, 3.

Her 25-year-old dead beat boyfriend, who lived off of Summer decided he was going to end Summer's life for choosing to toss him out, not only did he choose to kill Summer, but he decided he would murder her children one by one, strangulating each of them. I will remind you that it can take up to 5 minutes to strangle someone to death, so this evil monster looked into the eyes of these children and continued to squeeze the life out of them. Then he fled to Texas where he bragged about killing Summer.

What could he gain from killing the kids? His discord was with their mother, not with them. Through this man's veins runs cold and icy water, not blood and he enjoyed taking Summer's life and the lives of her most loved babies. These murders were about the ultimate control. In this world there are too many stories like this, a mother, wife and daughter murdered by a man who once loved her. How can we stop violence against women?

I want you to look at his face and I want you to hate Joshua Steven Durcho as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

i hope this muther fu**** dies slowy and pain fully in hell!!evil son of a b****

Aprl Lowden said...

As the cousin of Summer Rust I believe that he will meet his maker its still hard everyday to know that he is still walking around and that our family had to be taken from us but soon he will get whats coming to him...

Amber said...

i was a friend of summer i've known her for a very long time..i knew joshua too and i hope he has to sit there and see their face's every single day for the rest of his days..the face's of those babies 2 whom were no older than my own.. it makes me sick to know what he did and why, i hope he suffers and will burn in hell for the rest of his eternal life..She meant so much to me and so many others..the death penalty is to easy for him that's what he want's and what he hope he get's so he doesn't have to LIVE with what he's done..I hope he doesn't get what he wants i hope he crack's and realizes what he has done..he will be remembered as a monster, but they will be remembered as friends, daughters, neices and nephews, and a son..they will be remembered as angel's.

mike Hutchison said...

This thing is going to get his at the judgement seat of God, he will Burn in HELL FOR Eternity and that's a long time, someone in prison will get him even if this thing is in protective custody.

Anonymous said...

I am just reading about this story and it makes me sick to my stomach to look at his face. I hope they punish his ass to the fullest the judge and the prisoners. I hope he suffers the remaining time he has left on this earth. The mother and those precious kids did not deserve the harm that was done to them. Nothing will ease the pain of the lifes that was lost but they are in a better place wrapped in loving arms where they will suffers no more.