Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Little Caylee: New Information

More than 200 pages of new information on the Caylee Anthony case was released today due to Florida's Sunshine Law.

The documents contain transcripts of the 911 call made by the meter reader who discovered Caylee's remains as well as crime scene investigator notes including lead detective Yuri Melich's notes on the findings.

*To my utter horror it has been confirmed that duct tape was indeed placed over Caylee Anthony's little mouth and to add to the horror of imagining a little girl being forced to be quite by placing coarse sticky heavy duty tape over her mouth, the monster who did this, sealed it with a heart shaped sticker. Yes. She placed a heart shaped sticker on the duct tape after she placed it over her little girl's mouth.

Caylee was placed first in a hamper bag (easily this bag can be traced back to the Anthony home), then placed in a plastic garbage bag and buried. Buried with Caylee was her missing back pack, Winnie the Pooh blanket and toys. Contrary to what George Anthony (Grandpa) said she was wearing, they found little white striped shorts and a 3T-shirt with several iron on letters.

Basically, this sick monster just threw her child away with all of her favorite things and buried her. Did she say a prayer as she buried her daughter? I bet this evil woman thought she was giving her a proper burial by adding all her favorite toys and placing a heart shaped sticker on her.

This brings me back to that poem she wrote and posted on on July 7th, shortly after I believe Caylee was murdered and buried but before anyone even knew she was missing.

I will leave you with Casey Anthony's cold words.

“On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken. Trust no one, only yourself. With great power, comes great consequence.What is given can be taken away. Everyone Lies. Everyone Dies. - Casey Anthony

*Edited on 2/8/09 to correct statement about tape.  Duct tape was placed over Caylee's mouth, not wrapped around her head as some believe.


Jello131991 said...

Where are you getting all of your information on Caylee? I'd really like to read everything. I've been interested about this case for a whie and just ran into your blog today doing research. You are doing an amazing thing. Again, just wondering where you are getting all the information. I'd like to read/hear the 911 calls, reports, etc.
Thanks so much.

Nikra said...

Thank you.

Usually Investigation Discovery website and local Orlando news sites. You can google the 911 call it should come up.