Wednesday, February 4, 2009

JonBenet Ramsey Case Back Where It Belongs?

The 1996 JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation has long ago turned cold.

The infamous claims of a botched crime scene and the umbrella of suspicion over the Ramseys, has for years been placed on a back shelf.

The Ramsey case was the very first case that pulled me into the world of true crime, if only to see this savage murderer brought to justice.

This beautiful little girl was taken from the world too soon and in a tragic, and evil way, but most surprisingly in her own home, under some very strange circumstances.

I have long flip flopped over who I thought was responsible. Who killed JonBenet? Was it a stranger intruder? John Ramsey? Patsy Ramsey? Her brother Burke? The Santa Clause guy? A neighbor? A drifter in the area? The one armed man?

The years of waiting never did bring any answers and Patsy Ramsey died of cervical cancer never confessing a single thing from her death bed as some hoped she would.

Back in 1996 the Boulder Police were ambushed and criticized mostly by John Ramsey's attorney and John Ramsey's friends. The investigators were dragged through the mud in the media, accused of only focusing on the Ramseys as suspects and botching the evidence and investigation. The Ramsey's went on a media parade claiming the police were ignoring vital evidence that pointed to an intruder. The Ramsey's claimed they were cooperating with the investigation and had nothing to hide, but behind the scenes, the statements were proven false. Countless tabloids were accusing John of raping JonBenet even though there were no signs of rape on the body. It was a circus made up of stumbling clowns, evil monsters, and greedy fat cats, all the while a little girl lay dead.

In 2002 the Boulder County District Attorney's office took the case away from the Boulder Police and began investigating themselves only to never solve the case and suffer a colossal embarrassment with the John Mark Karr fiasco.

Today in 2009 they decided to hand the investigation back to the Boulder Police.

I cheer and hope JonBenet gets her justice and I live to see it.

Should John Ramsey be nervous?

There are some hardcore supporters of the theory that the Ramseys are the murderers and then some hardcore intruder theory believers.

I am going to post a recap in the next day or so and hope to refresh my memory on the case that nearly destroyed a community and captivated the world.

BOULDER, Colo. — Boulder police are taking over the investigation into JonBenet Ramsey's 1996 slaying, six years after handing the case over to the Boulder County District Attorney's Office.

Police Chief Mark Beckner said Monday that he and newly elected District Attorney Stan Garnett agree the police department should take back the lead on investigating Boulder's most infamous unsolved homicide.

The department agreed to give the case up in December 2002 partly because of public criticism of how police first handled the case, Beckner said.

“If people felt it was better off with the District’ Attorney’s Office,” Beckner said. “We were OK with that because it was in the best interest of the case.”

But now, Beckner said he and Garnett agree that “a traditional law enforcement/prosecution relationship is appropriate in this and other cold cases.” His agency is eager to take over the investigation with new technology and expertise available, Beckner said.

“Some cases never get solved, but some do,” he said. “And you can’t give up.”

The department, he said, plans to approach the homicide as a cold case, and he’s invited a team of veteran investigators from several state and federal agencies to participate in an “advisory task force.”

The group will meet for a two-day “pow-wow” some time in the next few weeks to review all evidence in the case and identify additional testing that might be done and evidence that might be looked at.

The goal of the task force is to “explore all possible theories about what happened the night JonBenet was killed.” Beckner said he wants to go into the pow-wow “clean” and with no preconceived notions.

“We are open to all possibilities,” he said.

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