Thursday, November 20, 2008

"What to do when your child goes missing" - by Cindy & George Anthony

My stomach is in knots today.

Every single time I try to sympathize with Cindy and George Anthony they do or say something to send me right back to questioning them.

There is news and it is quite irritating and infuriating to say the least.

It seems George and Cindy Anthony have plans to eventually write a book about their ordeal, however according to George Anthony, the book will NOT be a tell all about them and their experience, instead the book will be an instructional book for parents on what to do when your child goes missing - SAY WHAT????

Am I loosing my mind?

I think the Anthony's have made every wrong move possible since their granddaughter has been missing and I hope this book is a list of their mistakes and how not to follow in their footsteps. I further hope the profits from this book do not go to the Anthony's but instead to a worthy cause and I hope that it does not go to the so called charity they've been hanging out with lately who is lead by a suspicious person and has not found a missing child as of yet, but has definitely made money off of them.

To add to the disgrace above the Anthony's now claim they have information that proves that Caylee is alive and that they know where she is, but they will not reveal that until a press conference they have scheduled for Friday, Nov. 21.

I think the normal response to such a statement is, why are you waiting to reveal such information, please give it to the FBI and let them go and retrieve your lost granddaughter, she has been gone far too long and your daughter is sitting in jail accused of her murder. I just don't see how there could be a more pressing time to get on with it.

Also, do you really need the press involved? How about you go get her and then alert the press when you find her and she is safe in your arms.

Meanwhile, Cindy Anthony gave a tour of her home to a reporter and during that tour explained how Casey Anthony was unable to sleep while she was home on house arrest and had to sleep in her parent's room, because her room was adorned with photos of Caylee and she how she slept with Caylee's teddy bear every night.

Hmm..interesting that she was sleeping with Caylee's teddy bear, interesting because Caylee had a favorite baby dolled she named "mama" that she carried around with her everywhere, this doll was found thrown in the backseat of Casey Anthony's abandoned-decomposing smelling- car. Why didn't she hold on to that special doll and sleep with it during those 31 days she claims her daughter was missing? Oh -yes.. she was sleeping with her new boyfriend instead.

Why wasn't baby doll with Caylee?

Me thinks the Anthony's are trying to sell their lying, thieving daughter as a good and caring mother.

I for one am not buying it, nor would I buy a book written by them and never will I donate to that charity hanging around the Anthony's. You know who you are.

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