Friday, November 7, 2008

I just have to ask WHY?

Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife Quiana were married less than 3 months when on Oct. 15th, 4 young marines, two of which were under Sgt. Pietrzak command, broke into their home in California and tortured them, raping Quiana and then executing them both by gagging them, making them sit on their knees and shooting them both in the back of the head.

They stole Quiana's engagement ring and a digital camera from the home along with other items, that investigators found in the homes of the suspects.

Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak was a health assistant at Riverside County Public Health’s Black Infant Care Center in Perris. She helped expectant African-American mothers give birth to healthier babies.

Jan Pietrzak born in Poland but raised in Brooklyn, met Quiana in San Diego before being deployed to Iraq in 2005. She waited almost three long years for him to return safe and sound and they were married, Quiana was accepted with open arms into the Pietrzak family. Pietrzak's mother is in total shock and full of hurt that her son came back from Iraq alive and she was finally able to be at peace, because he was home and safe, only to have him murdered in the safety of his home in such a cruel way by fellow marines.

I want to talk about these really disturbed kids who did this. These men were all under the age of 22 and all of them had these illusions and images of themselves as marines and killing machines.

These four youths claim, they only wanted to steal from the couple, but looking at what was actually stolen and the personalities these guys had online, that motive does not seem to fit the crime.

Pvt. Emrys John only 18 years old was named as the shooter by the other three men. If you look at this kid's myspace page it is very telling. He writes that he is a collector of knives and swords, that shooting shit and blowing shit up is a great stress reliever and a caption on one of his pictures says he is "chillin and waitin 4 da killin".

Next we have 20 year old Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, he has been named as the "entry man" the one that pointed a shotgun at Pietrzak to force their way into the home. On Tyrone's myspace he calls himself the "CripGeneral" again a reference to murder, death and killing.

On to 21 year old Pvt. Kesuan Sykes who calls himself "Psycho" on myspace has admitted he was the one that cut Quiana's clothes off with a knife.

The last Private Kevin Darnell Cox, 21 has not been found online yet.

I ask how could this happen? I ask Why.

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Delilah said...

There has been so much violent crime attributed to our Marines this year. Maybe it is being reported more and not kept hushed, or maybe it is just happening at an alarming pace because of this war they are coming back from.

This rape, torture and murder is a tragedy, and yet, I feel we haven't heard the last of these violent acts.

These soldiers are in a country where it is "normal" to round up women and shoot them for any little infraction. How can we honestly send young gang members over there and expect any more? They had no respect for women when they went over there, and less when they get back.

The recent cases out of Ft. Bragg, NC and now on the opposite coast had better be a wake up call to the top brass of our Marine Corp., and probably all branches of our armed forces. Something is going terribly wrong.