Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Corrie Anderson Is Missing Too

36 year old mother or three, Corrie Anderson from Jamestown, NY was last seen visiting a friend at the Lake County Dodge car dealership on Oct. 28th (it has been rumored that she was dating a gentleman who worked there).

Later that day Corrie missed a parent teacher conference and did not pick up her 6 year-old son from school.

On Friday, Oct. 30th corrie's car was found by a hunter in a field off the road by a gas well. Corrie was not in the vehicle.

Kenneth Anderson the husband who was about to be the ex-husband was questioned for a few hours and released.

Internet Rumors: A neighbor stated that a week or so before her disappearance Corrie came home and found that someone had broken into her home and rearranged her furniture, nothing was stolen, her furniture was just rearranged. This scared Corrie as it should have. Another incident about Corrie being threatened with a gun weeks before she went missing has also been circulating.

If you have any information at all, please call State Police in Jamestown at 665-3113.

I will keep you updated.


Delilah said...

It seems like there are "hot spots" where women are going missing or are being murdered by their spouses.

Right now they seem to be NY, NC, IL, and FL. Or could it be that they are doing better reporting? I don't know, but it seems to be an epidemic and just think of how many children are left behind wondering.

Nikra said...

Delilah - I wish I knew for sure if it is an epidemic or if it is just getting more exposure. You are correct about the hot spots. NC is a big one that makes me super worried.

Anonymous said...

Update on case: