Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will George Anthony be the voice for Caylee?

George Anthony, little Caylee Anthony's grandpa and Casey Anthony's father is right now at this moment expected to testify AGAINST his daughter to a grand jury.

Today is the day most of us following this case were waiting for. Today the most important evidence will be presented to a jury selected at random , so far 9 men and 10 women. This jury of men and women will decide if Casey Anthony will be indicted for a more serious charge in her daughter's disappearance, charges like manslaughter, murder and 1st degree murder.

George Anthony was the only family member called to testify and most shocking NOT in his daughter's favor, but against her. There is no secret that Casey Anthony and her father did not always get along. On many occasions and through comments and text messages we have been privy to Casey telling friends that she HATES her father.

It is my suspicion that George Anthony was the only one who often stood up to his daughter and punished her and called her out on her wrong doings. In his first interviews with Law Enforcement he sympathetically told investigators that he DID NOT LIKE the smell in his daughter's car when he found it. He admitted to the FBI that his wife asked him to omit information.

Today George stands alone, his wife and daughter have been excluded from the secret proceedings of the grand jury. They will not be able to stare George down and make him feel guilty for telling the truth. He made a comment this morning to pray for his family and that this was the hardest thing he ever has had to do.

We can only hope that George will be Caylee's voice. It seems no one else in that family has. Something terrible happened to little Caylee and her mother is responsible, if not directly then indirectly and just as guilty.

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